Fate of Mankind & Earth

The Original Sin “All things work together for good to those who Love God and walk according to His will.”

Mankind committed the mortal sin of eating and killing kind animals.  Taught from birth we thought it was normal to slaughter defenseless beasts.  And as God is the God of irony, the downfall of mankind is by the beast.  And that mark thereof.  “Taking beast attributes into our very physical make-up.”  What is done is done.

Still the Christians & media (TV Image of the Beast) cry out with fallen angel propaganda.  Proclaim fallen angel propaganda all you want.   But we have realized why the fallen angel desecration in mankind’s Genesess story is total bullshit.  How do we know?  Because we do have The Holy Spirit of God and this is our proclamation by His leading.  ‘Evil is as evil does’.

I have seen and been victim of evil much of my life.  God’s Holy Deity, Angels had no part in the dark peril which evil brought to my door step.

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My Dear Readers Times Are Hard

Beware of Angry Jane’s bad language.

Written By Jazweeh & Angry Jane.

To ALL those WHO BESOS REPRESENTS. You stoled what was the little piece of the American pie that the little guy had. We had Mom & Pop stores. And we sold on Etsy our crafts and our hand made items of QUALITY. You can run but you cannot hide from Almighty God. He’s coming. In a Way you think not. Your greed for power is on display for all to see.

And when Amazon steals ALL IT CAN STEAL from God’s children.  (The Beast) THEN My God WILL return and CRUSH not only his monopoly but his soul in the lake of fire with those he represents. ____Angry Jane

Perhaps this figure head of a guy. The alleged CEO will help me out a bit. The dark greed & power mongering that he represents have Billions maybe Trillions. While CRUSHING every small business & Mom and Pop Etsy Shop seller purposely.  It all started with their Covid bullshit.   

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End of Days Stress

For the 144/133 A Day of Repentance

Article for those who can see the mark of the beast on the foreheads & The Seal of God.  What we see also on our foreheads is anything that we put before Faith in God.  Do not condemn yourself.  You have not that right.  We do not have to stay in error.  We are not perfect.  For God is perfecting us gradually.  He knows what we need.  We are likely headed for transfiguration.  Most of the 144 have gone through a deep cleansing period since 2017.  We have addressed our emotional issues.  And repented of anything that brought us guilt.

Jesus & the Pyramid. I knew exactly what it meant.

End Times Stress

For us in the end of days we likely have some fear.  We know it’s close to Jesus’ return.  We fear we may mess things up and miss the high calling.  After all our track record isn’t so good considering our long prodigal son walk.  God saved us from hell on earth.

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