End of Days Stress

For the 144/133 A Day of Repentance

Article for those who can see the mark of the beast on the foreheads & The Seal of God.  What we see also on our foreheads is anything that we put before Faith in God.  Do not condemn yourself.  You have not that right.  We do not have to stay in error.  We are not perfect.  For God is perfecting us gradually.  He knows what we need.  We are likely headed for transfiguration.  Most of the 144 have gone through a deep cleansing period since 2017.  We have addressed our emotional issues.  And repented of anything that brought us guilt.

Jesus & the Pyramid. I knew exactly what it meant.

End Times Stress

For us in the end of days we likely have some fear.  We know it’s close to Jesus’ return.  We fear we may mess things up and miss the high calling.  After all our track record isn’t so good considering our long prodigal son walk.  God saved us from hell on earth.

But now we are in victory by Jesus.  We are set apart.  Still my flesh fears God may reject me or I may piss Him off and He puts me with the partially blind Christians.  Uhg.  Not to mention my on going harsh judgement of the vailed Christians.  I continually harshly judge those on youtube.  It’s a pattern I confess.  Still Jesus knows me and He has sealed me with His Love and His promise.  By Faith we are saved from death, the void of nothingness, and from hell.

I have seen the seal of God on my forehead for nearly 5 years now.  With the sweet comes the bitter.  I can also see the mark on men’s foreheads of the beast and it’s god.  I see also the locust.

I looked in the mirror & I could no longer see the seal of God on my forehead.

I went to God in panic mode.  Why?  What have I done?  God said to me “today ye shall live by Faith, for the just shall live by Faith.   Fear not Laura, the seal is upon your heart”.  I can see it so clearly in my mind’s eye.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

I looked in the mirror & I could no longer see the seal of God on my forehead.  Instead of the seal I saw Jesus kneeling before a pyramid.   I think I know what this means.  I fell prey to the magnetic & tempting sin of self sufficiency. 

Just as so many Christians are tricked into bible worship I was putting my faith in my actions of meditation and prayer over Faith in Jesus Himself.

I fear if I put anything before God I shall miss my high calling to the New Earth.  Jesus said this to me when I prayed about the missing seal. “It is I who hold you in my hands not you who hold Me.” 

I do not hold Jesus in my hands as if I may drop Him accidentally and slide into ungodliness & bondage or darkness!  He is the Mighty Son of God and I am held in His hands.  I am powerless except to trust that God has me and will not throw me away.  

Jesus is understanding and knows me better than I know myself.  He knows well how easily I slip into self sufficiency, false pride and a lack of humility.  I go from spiritual warrior to child of God and that, my friends, is not an easy balance.

Self sufficiency is important!   But putting the Gift of Eternal Faith in myself?…BAD IDEA.  But its very tempting because of human nature.  And it happens subconsciously.

A Day for Repentance the God Fix

Why did I see Jesus kneeling before a pyramid when I looked at my forehead?   I put too much weight on my own traditions/practice of prayer and meditation.  Do I worship meditation?  No.   But Anything a man puts Faith in that is other than God Himself is physically manifesting on the foreheads of mankind in picture form.   Usually above the mark of the beast (or seal of God).

I think what Father is saying is that at this point my actions do not  disrupt my spiritual calling.    I must with God’s help replace Faith amiss.  By by putting all my Faith in Jesus Himself.   The ‘once saved always saved’ has arrived.

Perhaps that is why now the bible states “Let the evil be evil still and the good be good still” the sealing of mankind is complete.  That won’t change.

Anything We esteem to put Faith instead of God will show on our Forehead Due to the end of Days timeline.

I lack humility at times.  Self sufficiency is vital but I must not put my Faith in me & my abilities.  Faith must be in Jesus who has shown me deliverance, healing, miracles, etc.  He is mighty!  Prayers are answered quickly in these times.

Solution: Pray now that ALL MY ETERNAL GIFTS OF FAITH AND of HOPE BE PUT by me IN JESUS/GOD ONLY.  Father I ask that you mold my heart into thy will.

Laura of Akron.


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