It is Science that Now Need to Learn from the Spiritual Teachers

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Science Cannot Conceive of What is About to Take Place.

Dear Mr. Science,

Greetings to you.  I greet you and yet you are the arm of much that is vile upon the Earth.  In the name of “curing Cancer” you have made more death so 1/3 of the Earth screams out by torture of your prolifics for hire.

White Angel Flies Now. With the 3 others pouring out the viles of supernatural change.
Blessed is the blue star Hopi prophecy.
Lake of Fire
Earth’s Aired Environment Transforming.


Had you found a rampant cure for disease in nature you would be quickly shot down.  Can’t patent nature.  All the chemicals are poisons.  And all the poisons are chemicals.  Can you not see that?  Mr. Science you are the enemy of mankind and of Earth.  If God does wield any wrath it will be for your benefit.

Your victims in the judgement halls shall be near endless in numbers.  Death upon death they will scream in horror of your works.

That which has already begun cannot will not be stopped or stalled by men.

Color and light, radiation is coming that will baffle the conceptual standards of elements.  “That cannot be” they will say as they adjust and bang on their meters of science that once was the cornerstone of their livelihood.

“That cannot be” they will say.  “We should be dead” they will cry out in horror.  Denial will be their best emotional tool.  Yet denial is their deception, clutching lies to maintain sanity?  It should not be so.

Had they learned from God as real science always has they would have been worked into the new elements and the new reality.  But instead they deny God and in so doing they deny their own eternal souls.  The life giving Spirit of Truth does not side with denial no matter the reason.

As the onion has many layers so too can a man’s heart, with work, finally embrace The Creator The God of Truth in spite of himself and in spite of fear.

Nevertheless their heart shall fail for fear of what is coming upon the Earth and has already begun.  Science can speculate but they have no idea of what is really coming.  And yet the elite have all the Truth in their hidden prophesies and yet indeed.

Perhaps Mr. Science your elite owners will lend you a hand and share those prophesies with you if not for their own selfish reasons.  For answers.

What is Coming?

The Gathering.  Sideways men will be pulled into another place/dimension.  Sideways their bodies shall turn to red ash/dust.  Their souls will either be judged or sleep in peace for a while, or be sent to nothingness, no suffering in any of it. Hell is for those who admit to loving their wickedness.  It would be better if ye were hot or cold but since you are luke warm… know the script.

There are two sides to hell.  One for the givers and one for the receivers.  Nevertheless there is time to repent while it is still day.  People who make others suffer and never repent are in trouble.  Everyone sins.  Will God destroy all? No.  But the self deluded who torture men in the name of science….telling themselves that they do good….these will end up in the receiving end of Hell.  If your blessed you will meet the lake of fire that destroys the soul entirely.  I would pray for that if I were at hopes end.  I have prayed for it.

God deliverers the wicked from the bondage of sin.  In Jesus name.

Where will the MAN Dale A A fect take mankind?


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