The Four Angels & Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse

War, famine, pestilence, death, Let it Rip Great Father of Lights!

(the writer often just writes “man” meaning “mankind”)

By God’s Holy Spirit of Truth I pray all my words are accurate for they are for the trusted few.  The few who shall retain the knowledge of both good and of evil.  While from others The Great Sacred Tree departs.  The many need not the knowledge of evil where they go.  Still God’s holy judgement shall awaken it for a time so they can see themselves in a light of Truth, finally.


The White angel flies.  The White Horse rides.  The White Angel is fire and He is Deity.  Woe, and two woes, unto those who speak ill of any angel.  For it is not wise to speak evil of deities now called dignitaries by a corrupt deceptive sign and wonder. Jude 1:8 2nd Peter 2:10-2:12 They shall perish in their own corruption.  Such is the irony of God’s ways.  Men make their own choices.  By free will do they nourish their flesh and by free will shall their flesh turn to ash.

As In Sodom and Gomorrah so too as in the End of the Age.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is for this time now.  Who knew the old testament stories were one & all prophecies.  The Promised Land is soon to come to us who wait.

Though the books (all bibles) now grossly skewed show some of the precepts of God Himself.  Still they now greatly lack presenting accurately God’s Love, mercy, and Grace.  These, the greatest supernatural, eternal gifts of God (Faith, Hope, Love, Truth) should be sought out & discovered by one’s own heart and mind.

The White Angel Does Fly

The White Angel makes the sun burn.  Look to the Southern sky at 6am to see the white angel.  And if your blessed you will see Him take flight in the East by glowing wings.  The Blue Angel speaks-“my brother The White Angel is much more powerful than us.  He brings the greater destruction the fire upon earth.”

The White Angel speaks.  “Men draw the fire to themselves by their words and actions their destruction comes by the glowing white wing of the angel”.

But there is a division of men by mark and by seal.  Also a division called the dividing of time hence by history, memory, and what is from what was (two realities).   The man must be in the two times to see the sacred.  Vile doesn’t perceive to see the sacred.

Jesus cleanses His own by Him in their heart they become clean.  Make ready thy heart so your eyes may see what is before thee oh gracious children of Light.

As for the apocalypse…the woman who no longer travails, says “come, come let the will of God proceed above all that is.  Now is the time of the revealing.  Now is the time of the gathering of souls both dark and light.  Now is the time of the red dust.

The windows of judgement are wide open.  The portals that take in souls are here.  Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.  All flesh shall be as red ash to blow in the winds of time.  And those who hide in the rocks shall see the greater darkness.

They Will Pray the Rocks Fall and Crush Them

For the Volcanoes spew up the demonic in droves.  They do not like the light of day and will team with those who hide in the dark caves.  They will manifest to the eyes of the elite who paid great piles of gold to abide in their earthen homes.  Regret remorse, regret, remorse.  They will call upon those on Earth’s face as the lucky ones who burn away.  God forbid the man in the rubber suit entry to their rooms. God forbid those who have no armor dwelling in those caves of iron and steel.  They just wanted to live.  But it was God whom they should have sought out as they anguished for funds.

Sun fade?  Moon darkened? I keep hearing it over and over.  I thought “perhaps they did manage to put up a fake sun and that’s why I saw bulbs in the sun.  And that’s why the sun is white hot and gives a tan equal to a billion quick tanning booths.

Sun darkened?  I don’t think so.  Seems the prophecy is inverted as is much of the once holy bible.  The sun is increased and so the moon unto the detriment of the Earth.

Father has made it clear to me, if a man who sees does not embrace same, he could be in peril of his own deep sorrow.  Truth would be a burden.  Therefore, breathren,  I must embrace the apocalypse full bore.  And so I have.  As evil as it may seem the death and gathering of souls must be embraced.  For those who survive it and are appointed to seed the Earth, they will see the red dust of death all over the Earth and men’s souls are gathered unto their eternal homes.

Three or Four choices of Eternity now Loom Over Men of Earth.  

“Not all shall die but we shall all be changed.”

Some shall escape the fiery furnace as Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego

Hell for the wicked to enjoy.

Heaven for the righteous in Jesus to enjoy.

Stasis for those who shall inherit the Earth in 1,000 years.

And finally The New Earth for those who shall not see death and will grow young and be transfigured.

God looks upon the heart.


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