Fate of Mankind & Earth

The Original Sin “All things work together for good to those who Love God and walk according to His will.”

Mankind committed the mortal sin of eating and killing kind animals.  Taught from birth we thought it was normal to slaughter defenseless beasts.  And as God is the God of irony, the downfall of mankind is by the beast.  And that mark thereof.  “Taking beast attributes into our very physical make-up.”  What is done is done.

Still the Christians & media (TV Image of the Beast) cry out with fallen angel propaganda.  Proclaim fallen angel propaganda all you want.   But we have realized why the fallen angel desecration in mankind’s Genesess story is total bullshit.  How do we know?  Because we do have The Holy Spirit of God and this is our proclamation by His leading.  ‘Evil is as evil does’.

I have seen and been victim of evil much of my life.  God’s Holy Deity, Angels had no part in the dark peril which evil brought to my door step.

Demon Realm.  Demons bad.  Men=bad & good.  Angels Good.

It’s demons who are the enemy of mankind although by our sin we summon them to ourselves.  By man’s sins demons gain power over them.  It’s that simple.  And those who have been delivered of demons know who and what the enemy is.

The name “Satan” is likely made up.  Though it is dangerously close to “Santa” the name that causes children to lose Hope in there being a real Jesus.  And lose Hope for Truth, after being lied to and betrayed by the one’s they Love and trust most.  “There is no Santa?  Then  by predictive programming there is no Jesus the traumatized child quickly reasons out.

The ruler of demon kind is a God who keeps God’s rules. This God of Hell is not a demon.  He is a God. Only The Creator God appoints God’s over Earth.  I fear I must not expose His sacred name this God who rules over the demonic realm.

How I know Fallen Angels Are Not My Enemy

I could tell you that I walked the story of Enoch communing with Angels.   And that I saw the fallen angels waiting to go home.   They had the hard job and volunteered to come to Earth to aid in the salvation of Israel opportunity for mankind.

These fallen who had to teach men certain evil on Earth so mankind could choose their own destiny.   Evil or Good.  I doubt you would believe my story.

Angels never took men’s choices from them.  We are responsible for our choice of eternal life.  Creation of man part II is spiritual creation.

#1 Evil demons have no authority to upgrade mankind to being part deity.  Angels have no authority to impart deity onto mankind by upgrading them to angelic form.

#2  Angels do not have DNA to mix with mankind.

#3 Angels if they were evil would not bestow the gift of immortality upon mankind by mating with them if it was possible.

Do you see how twisted this story of the fallen angels is.  Angels are helpers to humans.  Guardian angels bless us.  Please, the story of the fallen is under sorcery.  It’s appealing and men are deceived by it.  I was deceived by it’s allure for a time.


We humans are quite ignorant to think we have the authority to judge God’s Deity.

That skewed scripture has already come to pass as the whole world engages in judging God’s Holy Angels.  They say the Holy Angels are ugly and demonic.  That they appear as aliens.  They call them “Watchers”.  They are not Watchers.


Who Are The Watchers?  Reference the story of Job.


“Watchers are something quite different.”  And a mystery to me at this time.  I saw the watchers in a vision.  They do look like those alien pictures. Tall, gross.  But the Watchers are demonic not Angels.   They have obtained a rare ability likely with permission from God The Creator.

These few demons managed somehow to take corporal form flesh like form.  They are somewhat powerless except (maybe) for their evil manipulation of certain dark evil beast driven men in high places.  These Watchers will likely be the accusers of mankind at Judgement.   As they keep records of all our evil deeds and shortcomings.   Telling God “They did this and they did that!” as in the story of Job.   The Watchers hate us and want us annihilated I think.

How is all this error in Christians thinking happening?  What drives it?


Why Are Believers and those who inhabit Earth SO DECEIVED?

SUPERNATURAL DECEPTION ON EARTH IN THE END OF DAYS.  Many scriptures have two fold meaning.  Higher and lower due to the dividing of time.  Two times.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge”.

“The piece of the mind which surpasses ALL EARTHLY UNDERSTANDING.”  is higher thought given by God to certain humans.

The scripture aligns also with the “peace of mind which surpasses all Earthly understanding.” which God also gives.

The Dark Lord rides in force tonight.  And time will tell us all.

  1. Demons & The towers of babble which are skewing men’s minds and trading English for middle English.  The new desecrated dialect is the Dark Lord’s choice.  He enjoys using the Image of the Beast to gather synchronicities with reality.  Control language control power of language.  What we say has far more power than we realize.  The dialect makes many statements lies.  In turn this gives the Demons more power which they crave.  Demons need humans to gain power.
  2. I.O.T.B. Are the phones and the TVs.   As children we are set in front of cartoons lovingly by our most trusted care takers.  Therefore we cannot usually see how the TV has betrayed our trust.  Nor can we see our emotional dependency on it being and staying “good” to us in our heart.  These realizations of what TV has done to us and how take extreme emotional work on ourselves.  We would have to approach and tear down violently certain fears and our coveted heart level stories that make us who and how we are.  Most people cannot approach the TV & or the Phones for what they truly are.  Diabolical tools of evil which control our minds by our hearts.   So many Christians cannot see this Truth right in front of them.  Because they cannot approach their own fears to become one.  And so they remain stuck in the battle of flesh/Spirit while detained both emotionally and spiritually.
  3. The Towers of Babble Beast is brilliant in his manipulation of humans but now he has something far worse than the I.O.T.B. The Towers of Babble.  By frequencies and by waves of electronic fields he is able to deposit thoughts.   And to promote actions.  In some people he can put a voice deep within their own mind.
  4. The Mark of the Beast is already distributed. And by it he is changing humans into part beast (animal).  He has no intent or ability to make men upgraded to being part angelic.  Or is the threat called “the mark of the angel”.
  5. The Pale Horse Rides.  The many cannot see the pale horse.  The poison food.  The poison products even their clothing is poison.  The water additives.  All diseases (Can Sir etc.) are created by mankind.  The pale horse rides and has for 100 years.  And now a host of immune system disorders they are inventing & are cropping up.  Which of course they have a chot for.  Make no mistake.  Soon the Beast will release it’s “Microsoft immune system” replacement technology.  Taking full control of who and how men live.  As men’s ignorance allowed the in Jeck Shaun.  It crushes the very make up of human kind by genome deletion and new expression of remote genes which have no place in man’s body.  Why now?  They were finally (by demonic covenant) able to hack and deceive the immune system.  They can now enter the sale’s nuke Lee us.  That is why now.  That is why world wide solution was invoked.   It has alot to do with animals (beast) and nothing to do with angels.  Sorry.
  6. The humans are trained to demoralize one another unawares.  By I.O.T.B manipulation we become codependent controllers of others. In those we Love we are always looking for a way to compare others to them.  Making ourselves somehow superior in our minds we are desperate to be good.   We seek dysfunctional ways to break the cycle of guilt, shame, and self condemnation.  We struggle to show that we are good by putting down others. Or perfectionism, or people pleasing, or become mean violent oppressors.  The programming is fixed.  But we can build bridges over it.  See https://recoveryfarmhouse.com & .net
  7. The Locust has flown and abides on the faces of mankind while it’s partner is perched on the head in the hair.  Both demand more deception and I do not know what they are feeding mankind but it can’t be good.  These are the two end of days demons unlike any other demons.  They attached to the M.O.T.B. on the foreheads of mankind.  They attached to those who do not have the seal of God on their forehead.
  8. Jacob’s trouble is for Israel (the overcomers).  And we hope it’s nearly finished.  Israel has been living prophecies for over six years now.  It’s quite miraculous.  By Jacob’s troubles the Gentiles are without excuse.  Meaning God is fair.  He would not (apparently) cause Gentiles to endure tribulation until the end without putting Jacob through his own troubles.  And they have been many.
  9. Great Tribulation  by great trib. Many Gentiles and unbelievers will finally call upon God to save them.  TRIBULATION is for salvation sake.  Has it started for the Gentiles?  Absolutely in many ways. But will they finally drop the vail that is hiding so much from their sight?  I don’t know.  God is humane to allow the vail to remain on the Gentiles.  Truth can be very hard to work through when it’s intense, vile, and genocidal in one’s face.  Not only that.  Seeing into the supernatural realms require God’s help at every step for emotional tolerance and behavioral adjustments and acceptance.


What then?  Given all the evil built up against us what can we do to escape it?

Choose God.  Be transparent with yourself and with God.  “God makes a Way when there seems to be no way.”  We are to be overcomes by allowing Him to mold us and form us into who we really are.  Who we were created to be.  And He gives us the authority to crush the serpent of evil.   What is the deterrent of becoming an overcomer?  Fear of losing what we think we need.  Fear of becoming who we think we don’t want to be.  And fear of God’s wrath & power.  So we keep Him at bay.  We never find the Holy Grail of Truth (usually).  But some do.


And Believers are saved by Faith through Grace of God.   It’s fairly easy (we think) to be saved.  But being an overcomer requires a life long journey through The Will of God.

It’s almost over.  The Ark of the Covenant is the Arking of the Sun (we think). People’s dreams call for a nuclear blast. But we think the end will come on God’s terms.  The fake sun will ark not being able to hold the wattage and current which the evil men want to run through it to likely burn the humans alive.  Hell yes the sun is turning on us.  The fake sun.  God’s sun has gone dim.  These bastards plan will back fire on them.  While they are betraying every rich man who buys a cave dwelling to escape the radiation (they think).  They are deceived also.  Few will survive what’s coming and only by God’s hand will any flesh survive.

ITS THE HARVEST AFTER ALL  The mortal must now put on immortality and the corrupt shall put on incorruptions.  It’s all in prophecy.  




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