Are Humans Supposed to Kill & Eat?

In these last days many of us realize we should have never eaten flesh of animals.  And are being cleansed from it.

Here is revelation I believe from the higher realms of wisdom & knowledge.  “Wisdom proclaims in the street inviting the many to gain what she bestows.  And yet she is utterly ignored by most.  For it is by their eyes and ears that they learn and grow in the acceleration of carnal knowledge.

God’s Wisdom is much higher and comes by His Spirit.  For most spiritual wisdom is difficult even impossible to attain except they become the clay in God’s hands.  Perfection is nary an illusion for human kind.

Having said that…The Genesis Story is that Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of both evil and of good.  And by that she broke God’s law of His only commandment.  “Eat not from the tree of evil”.

There are two trees I believe and they are separate.  Actually with the tree of Life these is a third supernatural tree.

But wait a minute here…I don’t believe eating from the tree of evil was the original sin.  No.  Not eating an apple of evil.  That part was a prophecy a mystery I will reveal later in this article.

My reasoning is this, If God really created Adam and Eve perfect she would never have been taken in by the serpent.  So first of all “knowledge of evil” was always going to be part of the creation of mankind part two.  Man’s spiritual creation.

They may have been somewhat immortal however.   But in a paradise beings DO NOT…


If we humans were not programmed from birth to slaughter & eat meat we would likely see and realize just how grotesquely diabolical it really is to eat living beings for lunch.

Furthermore is surmise that killing animals for food was one of the original worst sins just after murder of Abel and the lies.  These actions likely brought even summoned the first dark demonic beings to Earth to inhabit mankind.

Generational curses then began.



To save the few they had to become the few

Was the process repeated?

The beginning from the end.



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