My Dear Readers Times Are Hard

Beware of Angry Jane’s bad language.

Written By Jazweeh & Angry Jane.

To ALL those WHO BESOS REPRESENTS. You stoled what was the little piece of the American pie that the little guy had. We had Mom & Pop stores. And we sold on Etsy our crafts and our hand made items of QUALITY. You can run but you cannot hide from Almighty God. He’s coming. In a Way you think not. Your greed for power is on display for all to see.

And when Amazon steals ALL IT CAN STEAL from God’s children.  (The Beast) THEN My God WILL return and CRUSH not only his monopoly but his soul in the lake of fire with those he represents. ____Angry Jane

Perhaps this figure head of a guy. The alleged CEO will help me out a bit. The dark greed & power mongering that he represents have Billions maybe Trillions. While CRUSHING every small business & Mom and Pop Etsy Shop seller purposely.  It all started with their Covid bullshit.   

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