Some Tips for Health Food, EMF, Remedies

Solutions to Health Problems Given by The Spirit

This article will be on going where I will post survival tips, plant identification, edible plants and more as I am lead to.

Now that most areas have 5ghz smart meters on your electric pole that was analog.  Now it sends not your electricity by wifi but rather the info about you electric use by wifi to powerful signal gathering routers on every block.  You can see them on the electric poles down the road by an arm w/a white box on it.  Those are the smart meter routers.

Your new smart meter for electric use that doesn’t require a meter reader is sending the router info about you and in doing so polluting our natural earth resonance of around 8 hertz (hrz) to an unnatural frequency of over 5GIGAHERTS.  Each gigahertz is 1,000 hertz.

5g Safety for Pregnant Women, Adults, and Children

Understanding EMF


Our bodies were not made for this and must be protected.  If you get short of breath or feel shakey #1 get the hell away from the meter on the pole or router or cell tower.

#2 buy some organic lemons and real organic honey, and either sea salt or pink salt.  Put some warmish water in a glass 2 cups or so.  Add all the lemons juice and 4 or 5 spins of the salt crusher dispenser, then a tablespoon of honey.  Stir well and chug.  This should straighten out your bodies lack of …magnesium or potassium and electrolytes.    This concoction does to your body what supposedly Gatorade used to advertise it does but we know Gatorade is toxic.

Eat Live Food as often as possible including nuts (not peanuts GMO has trashed them all).  Eat raw vegetables, make smoothies using frozen bananas with fruit vegetables and nuts, add organic flavorings.

Bottom line drink herb teas eat real food, the less meat the better, find out what weeds/plants you can eat locally.  Learn the terrain.  Grow your own vegetables and fruit tree.  We are living in tuff times.  Make your house safe or at least make your bed safe from EMF.  Buy canopy or make one that blocks or reflects emf….

Learn and prepare to survive with no electricity and no grocery stores and no running water.  Also of course prepare spiritually with all your heart, mind, and might.

Pray ye escape the Great Tribulations that we believe is coming within the year.  We are in pre trib, see the signs.

If you want to prepare emotionally see my and .net websites for learning to process emotional trauma and recovery from addiction and the beast system both.

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