Please, Don’t Sleep with Wifi Router on!

The Lord has shown Jazweeh that not only is 5g very dangerous (please log in to your router and turn off the 5g capability while leaving the 2.4 on.  Noone in your home will notice the difference.  Stick a ethernet wire from your laptop to the router that will make it easy to login to the ROUTER no wifi login this is different.  You need the brand router default username and password, most likely it’s “admin” and “password” then change the login info so you don’t get hacked.   The usual login link is or  Again you can look this up as a router default login info by brand router.  This information is hidden from the public and kept quiet by router companies.

Furthermore the Lord has shown me that 5g is dangerous because demonic entities will be able to flow in and out of it controlling the realm of 5g at a demonic level.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO SLEEP WITH WIFI ON EVER.  Just unplug it if nothing else.

The 5g software will be set to work at the 5ghz channel. That’s why we turn off the 5ghz channel at the router level.  There should be 2 checkmarks for you to un-tick in router settings login.

I am not going to post a video for this.  There are thousands warning us against wifi , 2.4g and 5ghz radio frequencies and radiation emissions.  Unplug your router at night.  Hard wire everything.  Don’t even use wifi.  Your stuck with getting hit by it when you go out keep your home safe.  Especially if you have children.

If you learn how to go into router settings online you can turn off the 5ghz since that’s the one that 5g will be running on.  No one in the house will know the difference.  There are settings also to turn off wifi.  Get the default router username. And then the default password by brand of router.  THIS ISN’T A WIFI PASSWORD IT’S DIFFERENT.   It’s your system control for the router that you can pull up online.  You need to change the defaults anyway or anyone can hack into it easily.  Just search “router default passwords my brand router”.  And go from there.  If you need help message me.

Our bodies are electric.  Do the math.  Why did they have to set frequencies to match the water molecule and the oxygen molecule in our bodies. Do the math.  Listen here, they people running things are not like us.

They want you dead.  They are not going to tell you that people are dying.  They will cover it up.  Satan is at the helm.  If these days were not shortened NOONE would survive.

Unplug your router all together before you go to sleep.  Plug router in ONLY WHEN IN USE.

Put on the whole armor of God that you will be able to stand.

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