The Mark of the Beast, What to Expect

It breaks my heart to see the children in the grocery store buying poison food.  They have no clue as to what High Fructose Corn Syrup will do to their endocrine system.

They call it “juice” as if it had some fruit in it.  I wanted to shake the children and tell them “YOU MUST EDUCATE YOURSELF ABOUT FOOD, YOU MUST RESEARCH WHICH CHEMICALS TO STEER CLEAR OF BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.”  I look at their bodies, humans should not look like that.  And it’s not their fault.  They have been lied to and brainwashed by commercials, media, and trust in human nature.

Don’t ever judge those in corporate power by your own proclivities and heart.  They are not like us.  They worship money and are steered by greed, they rationalize by the population (which is probably a lie anyway 8 billion my ass).

The elite say this about us:

“for the greater good we make people sick so they die in our place” and for the greater good, we stock our own cabinets with more than we could ever eat or drink.  By our accumulation of funds and goods we have power and security by our own hand.  Are we not better than they?  Are we not the chosen of the King and the Pope?  Are we not entitled to the fat of the land and the best crops?  The slaves are as our dogs, they deserve no more than scraps from our tables.  Drops of blood from our goblets will keep us young says the witch.  We must oppress them lest they rise up and kill us.  We must make them stupid so we can be smart, and sick so we can be well, and poor so we can be rich, and diseased so we can have eternal life. ”

These elite have magicians and witches at their beckon call.  The witches deceive them and drain their life force slowly, very slowly, for their own agenda.  The magicians will serve the elite as they beguile them and betray their red trust.  In that day the trust will fall to the ground and the sorcerers will kill them and  lie them down under a thick cedar table and scream crying “my master has fallen, what will I do”?  The dark lords will have the wealth and power of their masters that is just a matter of time.  And then who will rein in these dark hearts?

I speak of the ruling masters of the Earth, every one of them with their sorcerers.

When the silver cord breaks, and time stops, and the towers of truth open their windows and doors allowing all truth to be see,  then the Spirit shall return to God who gave it.  But not before the judgement of mankind.

More on the topic of the Mark of the Beast tech. Jazweeh was afraid of taking the mark unawares. So she asked God for identification to know who will create the marks tech implant. The answer is on her website.


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