“Redeem the Time” is a Statement of the New Gospel & New Jesus

Learn to pronounce
the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.
“God’s plans for the redemption of his world”
saving/freeing from sin
the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt.

The Beast is coy.  The beast system is brilliant in mind control and the motive is to get YOU to LOSE YOUR SALVATION by sin & grave spiritual error.

What is Redemption Truly?

Now-The Lords prayer is changed from “trespasses” to “debts”.  This speaks volumes of the motives of the beast.  The new gospel is more about payment and legalistic remission than Love and Forgiveness based on relationship.  If the beast can put you into legalism then you no longer rely on the Loving relationship of God.  But rather you are then relying on your next report card to not have an “F” under the “sin” column.

We are saved by Faith.  Without Faith it is impossible to please God.  By Faith we walk through the fear of living in the shadow of death.  By Faith are we healed and by Faith we are saved from sin, death, hell, and the grave.

What is Grace?  As children of God we have favor with God.  When we draw nigh unto God He draws nigh unto us.  God dwells in the praises of His people.  Faith without works is dead and Grace without Faith is also dead.

Legalism & Grace

Redemption is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is a grace filled act because we are not incurring the allotted punishment that sin invokes. The result of sin is consequences that are not good even unto death.  Some sin is not unto death.  Love & Grace together Cover a multitude of sin. Without Love Grace is also dead.

The greatest gifts are Love, Faith, and Hope.  The greatest commandments are that you Love your brother as yourself.  Godly Love is an action not a feeling.  Show respect.  Do not be hateful toward a man.  And Give charitably when you feel led or when you don’t.  Treat others by considering what you would want in the same situation if the people were reversed.


To redeem time you have to go back in time and pull it up again, renew it ect.  Furthermore redemption is a word of salvation and time has no soul therefore cannot be “redeemed”.  Jesus did not die for time.  He died for His own children to redeem them from the Earth and to forgive them.

Mind Control

The phrase “redeem the time” is catchy and Christians who wear a mask will begin to parrot it.  Preachers will parrot the term.  Expect to hear it over and over and over until you begin to say it yourself.  Its sin program making redemption something other than what it truly is.

The English Language is Under Attack being Turned to Lies

There is a great attack on the English language right now.  Every book of importance is being changed.  Our vocabulary is ravaged and made blunt.  The words of God are sharp and powerful capable of waking up a man’s heart and mind.  The blunt words in the book that was once holy are devised to keep you asleep and to fuel your hate for others.  For this purpose language changes are invoked.  Do you remember the word “involked” ALWAYS HAD AN “L” IN IT.

Hundreds of thousands of words have been changed and corrupted to make our language blunt and devoid of the Powerful words of God.  But the new M.E. language is devoid of Truth.

This phenomena of supernatural changes to books far and wide, is part of the Amos 8:11&12 prophecy of God’s words being nowhere to be found in the end of days.  And the “strong delusion” that people do not see the drastic vocabulary changes everywhere.

Become Transparent with God

The sleeping and the lost have no idea that they prefer lies over Truth.  Jesus is the Truth therefore if the enemy can detour you from Truth in your speech your actions will soon follow.  Then your protective belt of Truth will fall to the ground.  Keep Truth in your heart at all costs!  Because if the belt falls next the breastplate will fall and your heart is exposed….Pray ye NOT be deceived every day pray this.  Confess to Father your weakness, fear, and distrust.  If you don’t get real with God and expose your fears to Him then your not offering your whole heart to be formed as clay in His hands.  We must confess that which we want NOONE to know and we must confess to God that we have not been transparent with Him about trust.

If a man cannot see his own heart how then will he give his heart to Father?  Father wants us to be real with Him not sanctimonious or disrespectful.

Take it or leave it, Jazweeh___________________________________

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