BigSib (Brandon) from YouTube Makes Blatant Pyramid Symbol He May be Illuminati Shill

BigSib Brandon is also saying that we should all “Make the Bible our Living Trust Document”  All 66 books.

All exposure is good exposure in the media right?  Lets see that pic again.___

Just he facts maam'
All actors shall be judged but first they will be imprisoned in the halls of the dead to wait and wait and wait. Jesus has the keys. The crooked gate with its crooked key WILL NEVER WORK.

Brandon notes on his channel he is into Hermeneutics lets try and figure out what that means.

1. Roots: Philosophical Hermeneutics

The term hermeneutics can be traced back at least as far as Ancient Greece. David Hoy traces the origin of term to the Greek god Hermes, who was, among other things, the inventor of language and an interpreter between the gods and humanity. In addition, the Greek term ἑρμηνεύω, or hermeneutice, is central to Aristotle’s On Interpretation (Περὶ Ἑρμηνείαςas), which concerns the relationship between language and logic and meaning.

Hermeneutical approaches to meaning are thematized and utilized in many academic disciplines: archaeology, architecture, environmental studies, international relations, political theory, psychology, religion, and sociology. Specifically philosophical hermeneutics is unique in that rather than taking a particular approach to meaning, it is concerned with the nature of meaning, understanding, or interpretation.


From Joshua the impaler to the new gospel of a rage filled deceiving God with payback feeding your children to you out of vengeance Lev. 29:26.  The book errs in retributions and Jesus with a whip calling for the slaughter of anyone who doesn’t agree with He & them. “Yashua” translates Joshua in Hebrew.  Look it up.

Please note:  You are saved by FAITH in Jesus who took the keys to death and hell from the bowels of the earth that by Him overcoming death we also accept the Keys and overcome death and hell by faith in(not on) Him and what He did.  He was not a blood sacrifice nor are you saved by Grace.  You are however forgiven by God through His holy Grace.  Grace is to escape a deserving consequence.  Faith is to believe in that which you do not see with your eyes.  Grace is also unmerited favor.  Amazing Grace reaks of forgiveness..

PLEASE Note:  We at Jazweeh adore and relate to Richie from Boston’s Channel as we see it.  He has taught us many facts.  We

believe Richie is ardent in his research by listening to the theories, statements of BigSib….why not?  He presents many delectable facts.  However its easy to read it seems by Richie’s body language that the jury is still out on some of the statements Brandon makes in their subjective interviews.


Bottom Line Brandon is suggesting we make bible our living trust document.  Seemingly to worship the book with its new M.E. corrupt bible changes and sign your assets away over to it making it our Idol.

You Be the Judge of disinformation, Problem/solution agenda.

Idolatry is one of God’s most abhorred sins.  So if Satan can lead you into idolatry of the book you can bet he will do it in a cunning way.  SPIRITUALITY is not a legal status BRANDON.  Faith cannot be bought, Love cannot be measured, and Truth comes from a heart of purity.

Brandon Claims Trump declared the U.S. a Jewish country and that since we are all under Jewish law now we need to make a living trust signing all our assets over to The Bible as being our living trust document. Would this veg legal act of submission make us slaves to the old impossible to fulfill/obey old testament Mosaic laws, Priestly and Levite Laws, legalities of behavior, law and severe PUNISHMENT and even the Noahide Jewish Torah Laws as the Jewish extremists see fit?

We are all very tired of being lied to over and over from birth to now. The TV is full of propaganda. Finally we found Youtube with real people and some Truth. But seems that too is being stolen away from us. Please be patient to watch until the commentary and Brandon flashes the pyramid symbol Illuminate. He is also telling you to turn your assets and body by a “living trust” to All of the Old and New Testament as if it were a will and testament and a living will.

My guess is this guy Brandon is an attorney, he wishes to put FAITH into LEGAL FORM which is absolutely ridiculous and evil.   As if you could bind the Holy Spirit by Legal courts.  As for this living trust business its so complex and complicated it is created so WE CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE DOING WITH OUR ASSETS AND MAYBE EVEN OUR LIFE ITSELF.  I call “RED FLAG”.

What is a “Living Trust”?

“Your living trust document creates your trust, but it is not functional until you actually transfer ownership of your assets to it. Find out how to transfer different types of assets and whether you need legal assistance.” Here legal zoom is saying to make a L.T. valid you sign all your assets over to IT.
Further more:
Changing Ownership of your valuable from YOU to the Trust Document itself.  And God only knows that that means.  The Bible owning all your assets?  Its fairly ridiculous.

Sign Away all your Assets to the Document of living trust, all 66 books of it?   Say what?  In Brandon’s words “The Bible is your living trust document”.  Even if the Bible were still Holy which it isn’t, what would be the purpose to intermingle MAMMON and legality of assets with what is supposed to be a spiritual text with Life giving information.  He who prints the book owns the book right?  So how would that fit into this strange legal binding official concept?

“When you transfer assets to a living trust you are changing legal ownership of your assets from your name to that of the trust. Most people create a living trust with themselves as trustee,(a trustee in not an owner) so you will still be able to use and control your assets,(gee really how nice, fargin lawyers!) but they will technically be owned by the trust(document). When funding a living trust, ownership will be transferred from you to (Your Name), Trustee of the (Your Name) Living Trust. Note that items in the trust will continue to be assigned to your Social Security number. To get started, (according to legal zoom) you’ll want to make a complete list of the assets you want to transfer so that you are sure you don’t leave anything out.

So a living will is for after your death A LIVING TRUST PUTS YOUR ASSETS INTO DOCUMENT OWNERSHIP WHILE YOU ARE ALIVE.  How would this work?    Ya gee well the Bible owns all my assets….while I am alive…Makes no sense.  Brandon is making the book God.   He is turning the book into a literal IDOL people!

Perhaps we shall watch his next explanation of this to say what in the hell he means by it.

A living trust (sometimes called an “inter vivos” or “revocable” trust) is a written legal document through which your assets are placed into a trust for your benefit during your lifetime and then transferred to designated beneficiaries at your death by your chosen representative, called a “successor trustee.”


He is making a point to say “look at me I am being targeted as a hate speacher” See he knows we are not going to buy his Noahide concepts trampling our Faith, Love, and Hope=Salvation is of Jesus NOT some legal document.

What Is a Living Trust?

A living trust is a legal entity created by an individual to hold and own their assets after they transfer them into the trust’s ownership. This property is typically invested and spent for the benefit of the beneficiary, who is typically the trust maker — the person who created the trust — at least during their lifetime.

A trust is managed by a trustee, and the trust maker also usually serves in this role, at least when the living trust is revocable. Different rules apply to irrevocable trusts. It’s common to name a successor trustee as well, someone to step in and manage the trust should the trust maker become mentally incapacitated and unable to do so.

A living trust helps manage your affairs while you’re alive and well. It also serves to maintain the status quo while you’re alive but not so well and at your death. Your successor trustee will disperse the trust’s assets to your named beneficiaries when you die, or they might keep the trust up and running according to your wishes.

Thank you Pastor for use of your video.  If you object just email me and I will remove it.

Ouch Richie! Oh he's just scratching his nose says my friend....really, and he doesn't know what this means? He's not experienced with this?
No biggy!  At least he isn’t flashing the masonic symbol.  Hey!  Everybody is allowed to have a bad day and as long as he has been working for us I suppose many have treated him like shit.  We Like you around here Richie…STAY REAL!

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