Richie From Boston Shill or Saint?

Richie From Boston may have the Mark of the Beast

by Dorothy Ruth Stirrum.

The fallen angel wings or goat shape on the foreheads of many men everywhere may or may not be the mark of the beast appearing supernaturally on the foreheads of men in these end times.  This in no wise nullifies the right hand mark of the beast prophesied to buy and sell the forehead mark is separate.  You decide.  See mark of beast photos here and more below.

For those who have been lied to all their lives and now see, we must vet our info we must weigh all things that we take in.  That is what this article is for, to weigh and come to your own conclusions.  We all make our own choices. I am merely presenting evidence and theory.

Perhaps its a reach?  After all there are muscles in the forehead its just a little ironic that in the photos of these men it appears as fallen angels wings with head lowered in shame, or the goat head shape.
RFB is allowed to be human. And we are glad he is human. We conclude he had a bad day.

Please comment below to respond to this article.  Guest Writer- Miss Dorothy Ruth Stirrum.

Richie is neither novice or amateur concerning Youtube.  He is expert with 350 thousand subscribers and when he shot the bird it pissed me off (okay yes pissed-off but temporarily…then I began to understand and empathize with his plight of truth).

With over ten years experience on YT he blatently SHOOTS HIS AUDIENCE THE F**K YOU sign….you can bet he knows what he is doing.  Come on buddy, you have 4 other fingers you could have used.

Then there is this,  BigSib is moreso a blatant shill who WILL & does throw at us passive aggressive insults, and indoctrinational programming while we listen and watch.  Big Sib blatantly does the pyramid sign see here.

Below are instances of a strange manifestation on the foreheads of men.

Fallen Angel Satan Mark of the Beast

Sib sports the BLATANT PYRAMID sign.

BigSib/Brandon Is in the CORONA-COMA

Now hear this, Richie has since dis-fellowshipped Big Sib openly for being in a corona-coma (& he is in a coronacoma so here here Richie!) during the takeover of our rights.  It is not for me to judge truthers.  I merely present the facts here.


This is what I think.  I believe Richie is a real person with real motives who despises what the beast system is doing.  After all he shot a bird NOT a masonic symbol. If I were in his shoes I may also do the same thing.  You can imagine all the attacks this man gets and he still insists on being forthright with truth outting the beast.

Not to mention SO MANY have fallen head deep into the Corona-coma and Richie seems to be now among the MINORITY who are outting the motives of the elite for the shut down of our economy.

My hat is off to you Richie!  You keep up the good work. And [I feel ya] by golly because getting pissed is part of the human condition and this “bird” shooting shows that you are just that….BEING REAL.

Give Richie a break he had a bad day and is showing us that indeed he is HUMAN.


The PRAYER symbol invites your empathy of course.  Is it authentic or a manipulations?  You decide.
Most likely Richie doesn’t know what this symbol means in spiritual warefare.  This is the sign of the claw it rips, it grabs and its used in binding, its an attack in spiritual realms by spirit/demon/& Holy Spirit led MATURE spiritual warfare its used often by both teams. SIDENOTE:  People- don’t think there are not prayer warriors who are very animated and very mature in Jesus who in their warfare against evil lead by The Holy Spirit use hand movements. I have seen it first hand.   You think all prayer warriors are on their knees?  Not anymore!  The time for intercession is passed.  Spiritual Warfare is for the age of judgement grace age is passed.  These Holy Spirit warriors do not attack flesh they bind and cast out the powerful demons that give witches and sorcerers their power.  Yes they get very animated and will do the binding, ripping of demons with the claw.




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