Emotional Condition of One Who Sees

The Many Signs and Wonders around us 

Hi everyone who subscribed. I am grateful for you all.  Very grateful. (forgive the redundancy of my message for those who have read many articles here already I do repeat myself from time to time.)

I want to run by you my emotional processes for sharing sake.  I learned not to hold things in by shame and I learned that my human emotions are natural and NOT “bad & wrong” as the beast system taught me they were.  I also learned that sharing my heart with an empathic listener is healing and relieves fear.

“The Truth shall set you free”.

The signs and wonders are in the link above.

Now I am fortunate enough to have a partner who I can pretty much tell anything and be helped to figure out WHY I AM SO ANGRY!  Anger is my go-to emotion when perplexed.  Anger without enthusiasm is depression.  I must have an outlet in perplexing times.

What is Fear?

Behind anger is always, always fear this I know.  In comes the fear programming for those who don’t know that in spite of the labels “chicken, pu***, yellow belly, panzi, woose, woosie, no backbone” and on and on the fear programming goes hanging a noose (nuce) on the very emotion that keeps men alive.  Fear programming stabs a pointed spear into the hearts of every child who knows they are afraid.  Hence we become demoralized and hide our healthy fear.  No fear no courage, know fear know courage.

Okay (that paragraph was for those who have not learned that fear is part of the human condition and happens for a reason a good reason.)  But but but the naysayers scream!  “The Lord does not give us a spirit of fear” they scream.

A Spirit of Fear

Yes I know….a spirit of fear is paralyzing, causes panic attacks, anxiety, and debilitating depression from this deliverance is needed.  Or just continue going against it resisting do opposite of what the fear says and that also will deliver from it.  I am not talking about a spirit of fear. I am explaining natural fear that doesn’t paralyze etc.

How I am Handling The SUPERNATURAL Signs and Wonders

If it were only the usual wars, rumors of wars, persecution of Christians etc. I would be convinced we are in the time of end.

Mainly the one sign and wonder that triggers my amazement and anger (yes anger, hear me out) is the supernatural bible changes.  These are the most in my face signs/wonders and like a knee jerk reaction I get angry out of fear.

Granted, make no mistake, I am very grateful that Father allows me to see these changes and would not change that.  I want Truth at most any cost.  But I am dealing with the fact that very few others I know see the bible changes much less know the KJV the way I do/did.  Others are simply not going to relate to what I see.  I seldom go out around people anyway, I was blessed to find one person out in the real world a real person of close family who sees the changes, thank God!

Validation is good and a relief for us

Being human, I need validation for such as this.  There is plenty of validation online thank God but usually those close to us are not going to either know the bible like we knew it or they are not going to be able to let the book go as we who see the blasphemy of it had to do.   Pretty much I believe everyone who sees the S.B.C. has to go through a letting go period since the harlot church has basically tried to coax us all into book worship.

We Cannot Open Anybodies Eyes

If a man(kind) holds the book up as an idol he just isn’t going to see the evil and blasphemy in it.  He will rationalize the blasphemy as not meaning what it says.  And he won’t know the book as being different.  I think those who knew the book and still believe it to be “same as it ever was” are getting some kind of lies put straight into their heads via wifi.

So we who see have got to be the bigger man, and as my mother taught me “let each man reach his own level of incompetence”.  We just cannot open anybodies eyes.  They have dropped their belt of Truth.  The only people whose minds we can change will be those whose eyes are already open and just have not looked yet.   We need, I need to exhibit acceptance for where these people are at and what they do not see.  Otherwise I may stir up contention.  The dividing of time has occurred (another end times prophecy fulfilled).  The goats are now in another timeline than the sheep.  Hopefully many are not goat’s at all but are rather sleeping sheep partially awake, and will wake up.  The majority seem to believe we are close to Jesus’ return but they still worship the book, an idol.

What am I Afraid of?

First of all, faith and fear DO DWELL TOGETHER in the same body contrary to the great harlot’s teaching to demoralize us calling us all faithless because of our human condition that includes fear.  How dare they!   I submit the parable below to the harlot preachers!

[A man is attacked, he has a knife at his throat.  Next shaking with fear he prays silently to God for his life and limb…Need I say more? Faith & fear together.]

Fear of Death

My empathic (to a point) partner says “something happened to you physically, what happened because it is death that you fear.”  He says I fear death and I think he may be partly right.  Death is the mother of all fears.  There should be no shame in that realization, my gosh its fear of the unknown, moving to the next life, are we good enough, can we trust God enough?  And on and on fear of death rattling around in my subconscious, sure why not, as it prompts me to anger.

My partner doesn’t realize what I have seen.  He thinks maybe I am hiding some illness that has made me fear death.  Granted he watched me go through the great awakening of 2017 suddenly changing my diet completely to vegetarian and now praying regularly outside under the stars.  He doesn’t know that I have watched the KJVB on the shelf change supernaturally from day to day.  He doesn’t realize I am out every night watching a horizontal moon that was always vertical.  Watching two new stars that flash and dance and have wings of angels sporting red, and blue, and white lights with binoculars.  He doesn’t realize I saw the Revelation 12 prophecy come to pass.  And that Amos 8:11 & 12 have also come to pass.  That Daniel and 2nd Thess. 2 “they preferred the lie” and “then the strong delusion” have come to pass as well recently.  Not to mention the abomination of desecration now called desolation of God’s once Holy Book “The Holy Place” nearly thoroughly fulfilled.

Bottom line my partner doesn’t realize I believe as much as I am capable of believing that we truly are in end times.

He has not seen my visions and he has not dreamed my dreams.  He is not in prayer daily so carnally he is trying to help me understand myself with limited information.  I told him today “booth” is now in the KJVB and Jonah built a booth to shade himself….so why would he need a gourd? But that’s a sidenote.

There is No Wrong Feeling But still I feel like this.

The Implications of End Times are no Laughing Matter we SHOULD be solemn & grateful but rejoicing?  No. We do not rejoice if we know what is about to come upon much of humanity and much of the earth. The four horsemen are no joke and right now the black horse rides.  Famine is already riding.

Those Christians on youtube who are projecting onto us joy, joy, joy, about end times are either acting or they are horribly misguided.  It is inappropriate for a believer to rejoice at the impending death of 1/3 of humanity and in bad taste.  (granted take your joy when its given there are exceptions to every situation).    However the chosen, take on the countenance of Jesus and I am certain Jesus is very sober minded about what He is about to do, its not party time.  The blind and lost must become desperate so their souls will be saved and it may very likely kill them.  We are going to see some death before the rapture I think.  Therefore we are not in party mode are we.  This countenance is actually showing us who is acting on YT and not authentic.

Damn Right I am Afraid and with Good Reason

The prophecy and times we are in means 1/3 of humanity, 1/3 of the green of earth and 1/3 of the waters will be compromised. So naturally my flesh has fear of the unknown.

Not to mention here…..the financial situation people losing jobs like snakes shed skin.  God is helping us to rely on Him.  The beast is not our provider God is. He is our Father and He will protect us through this.  Ten thousand may fall at your right and ten thousand may fall at your left but YOU MY FRIEND shall not be touched by the disasters that are coming.

Know this, its okay to be afraid better to tell Father we are afraid so He removes it than to wear a mask and fear multiplies in us.  Then ego steps in to cover up the whole mess.  That is what the beast wants. For us to hide our fear from God.  Do I trust God?  Yes Do I have faith that is 100%? No.  Do I fear and does that fear mean I am not trusting God?  Probably…I trust God but after this experience up and coming I will trust Him more.  As long as we are in flesh we will feel the flesh.

The Usual way Humans Increase Faith is by Going through Perplexing Situations with a Godly Outcome.

That is just the way it is.  Why?  Because we are in the flesh.  We cannot shut off the flesh.  Sure we can act in great faith, men do.  But still we will lack faith by our human condition.  We are both.

If your reading this you most likely have already expelled most sin from your life.  You are no longer struggling with sin and being ravaged by Satan.  The chosen have come out of great tribulation which was our growing up.  It was hell on earth.  The hell and judgement that are about to jerk the masses into faith we have already experienced by our allowing God to make us the clay.  That which we have already come through, being overcomers is about to come upon all of those who avoided Him continually.

So, pat yourself on the back.  We are under divine protection.  This website is geared spiritually for the 144 and The Bride only.  You were targeted from the get go because I believe, at one point the beast knew who were candidates to be God’s chosen.  Your choices toward God caused you to fit into the mold of the chosen.  It was not written in stone.  YOU PUT GOD FIRST.  Now they must learn the same.

You have the belt of Truth on your waist and that is why you see the SBC.

I am writing this so you will know as long as you are in the flesh you will feel the fear and its okay.

Solution.  Write a fear list, allow yourself to be vulnerable ask God to remove the fear.  Always be real with God, trust Him by your confession.  Don’t let the beast mock and taunt you.  God has finally shown us who we are.

Thank you for your work for the kingdom and for me.  Thank you!

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  1. Wow,
    I thought I was the only one staring at the bowl moon. The part that bothers me is that no one cares? Like the moon is on its side and no one cares?

    Thank you for your insight. I was definitely led here. I kept saying to God that I wish you could just talk to me and tell me what you want?

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