What is the Corona Virus? Finally I Got the Answer.

Famous Tom Wheeler Speech Decoded.

Search Tom Wheeler on youtube to see the 5g speech I speak of.

By listening to the insane maniac Tom Wheeler in his famous speech on implimenting 5g with no standards.  I believe the speech famous in the truth community was a call for the great exodus of the elite.  A great important message to those who have bunkers in the mounts of Gilgash and so on they call Mount Mashu protected by the gods of old from the epic of Gilgamesh.

Tom Wheeler emphatically spoke in code I believe to the very elite.  The one percent of one percent.

Mount Mashu is the great “cedar mountain” which the hero-king Gilgamesh passes via a tunnel on his journey to Dilmun, the Garden of the Gods, from Mesopotamian mythology. This occurs after leaving the Cedar Forest where Humbab was.

Gilgamesh’s journey to Dilmun was twelve leagues long, through the mountain in utter darkness. Before that at the entrance to the mountain, two Scorpion-Men stood.  Story at link below.


Here are the word phrases I decoded said by him.

  1. Stakes in the ground
  2. new antennas that aim and amplify signals
  3. mass deployment of small cell towers.
  4. cornacopia
  5. tens of billions of dollars
  6. 5g will cause small cell cornacopia.
  7. signals go through physical objects
  8. Build out
  9. massive deployment
  10. damn important
  11. us companies “1st ut of the gate”
  12. Stay out of the way
  13. Two years

Now given these word terms I will now decode them by spiritual insight.

    1. People will die (stakes in the ground) namely the slaves.
    2. To aim and amplify is to make emf a weapon of mass destruction.
    3. A. mass deployment is a military term meaning its on, war. B. “Small cell” means small cell lung cancer to be exact.
    4. Cornacopia translates into CRONIC CORONA by its letters.

Chronic corona virus means that this minor flu going around will end up being chronic. Peope keep getting it over and over again until it causes lung Cancer.
See Cure to chronic corona that morphs into Cancer here. This cure is by vision and intuition not a prophecy or medical advice. But the longer I use it the more I believe its helping my lungs.

Clearly Something is Seriously Blinding People from using their Good Sense.

The Cancer statistics (Already without masks 1 in every 2 people WILL get Cancer) masks make the risks for Cancer far higher from taking in air through the toxic mask than falling ill to the flu.  This doesn’t include the marked health risks from rebreathing of dangerous bacterial waste and the lack of oxygen/rebreathing of carbon-dioxide etc.

Masks are made of carcinogenic fabric w/detergents, chemical sizing, smoke retardants, and other toxic microfiber.  By the end of the year 1/3 of humanity will fall ill from wearing carcinogenic detergent masks over they nose and mouth.

5. The tens of billions will be made by Cancer Industry.

6. Again “small cell” & Cornacopia = cronic corona causes small cell lung cancer.

7. Obviously the emf penetrate the body.

8. Build out is code for the great Exodus to hit the bunkers and caves.

9. Massive deployment is military again but he used it as a call to the elite to the bunkers.  I believe they are in their bunkers now.

10.  Damn important.  Again thats code to the elite. The exodus.  Politicians NEVER BUT NEVER CUSS IN THEIR SPEECHES.  This is to be sure all those with bunkers hear.

11. First out of the gate meaning the U.S. starts the exodus to their bunkers.

12. stay out of the way…its on this means nothing stops them.

13. Two years.  The elite believe 1/3 of mankind can be killed off in two years.  Maybe they even believe they can kill Jesus off and that he will be returning during the next two years.  I think Jesus will return in 2024 not 2022.  I believe the miss-guided elite think they have found the crooked gate to eternal life by their gold magical coin.

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