Mandela Effect Finally Explained

My thoughts on the Mandela effect and the massive amounts of bible changes that very few people even see. There are four groups of people Those who see miraculous signs and wonders and believe we must be in end times. Then there are those who see changes in reality yet they seem asleep and unaffected. They will react with “what can I do about it”, or

“It’s not my problem its not my circle”. And there are those who deny any changes have happened or are possible at all. They only believe what their eyes can see. Excepting stuff like air, and electricity. The fourth are people who see the signs and wonders but are not sure what to make of them.  They are not necessarily familiar with much prophecy and these are those who are on the cusp of salvation.  If they seek God with their whole heart He will answer them.  We must get very real with God and use Truth to approach Him with respect and ask for Love, Faith, Hope, as that we be not deceived.  And pray that He teach us.

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Those who are the 144 know what is going on.  They have been following Jesus for a very long time and are mature in Him.  They have been activated and see by The Holy Spirit the changes God is showing them.

The 144 by no means will appear to men the way religion paints them.  If your 144 you have probably been called Satan many times for your great faith in the supernatural things of God.

So my theory is this. Yes the dividing of time prophesied of in the Bible that was called previously “two times” has taken place. We are living among people in another reality.
According to our frequencies, vibrations, and spiritual condition we may be in either reality. Furthermore our behavior defines our frequencies.

So the separation of the goats and the sheep has commenced in a far more supernaturally advanced way than we ever imagined Father would pull off.
Is He not amazing?
Jesus is Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, Chosen One, Emmanuel, King of Kings, Lord of The Heaven’s and The Earth. Blessed be Him who comes in the name of The Lord.
There is now another permanent frequency added below the Schumann Resonance in Earth’s atmosphere that’s not going away.

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