How to Survive the Great Tribulation

The Elite Have the True Prophecies of Old

And perhaps they are warning the masses of what is to come in their own Hollywood way.

What can I say?  This is a prediction not a prophecy.  It is a vision that may or may not come to pass.  If it does you would be wise to learn of the solutions I have.  For they are the only solutions and the include a priority.  Seek God with your whole heart mind and soul and you will find Him.  Choose your daddy.

Think “Bird Box” terrifying with Sandra Bullock.  Her and her children survived a great global earthly manifestation of a spiritual scourge.  They survived because they covered their eyes and did not look at it.

Truth In Plain Sight

What does that tell us?  The scourge causes people to harm themselves.  It has no power to harm people directly.  It uses their fear and makes them panic killing themselves and others, quickly.  The delusion/illusion was SO STRONG that people didn’t think they just reacted.  Why?  The TV will tell them that its the “Covid Insanity” causing men to see things that are not there.  Ya, they also say that God doesn’t exist but if you believe that, well you may as well quit reading now because protecting yourself in the end of days depends on you believing in the super-natural.

Do I have to remind the unbeliever that “electricity is invisible YET you use it every day euphemism”?  Do you not see God in nature?  My God do you really believe if you blow up a junk yard a mark four mustang with pin stripes will fall from the debree oh they tell me its “debris” whatever?   Our English is destroyed.  But I do veer off topic.

THEY ARE MAKING GOULS I MEAN FOOLS OF YOU AND STEALING YOUR SOUL TO BOOT.  Who is they Laura E?  Those who will NEVER show their face and own everything. That is who the “they” are whom I speak of.

Sorry for the sarcasm. I have had three years of invalidation toward me concerning spiritual matters and I am angry at the blind and the 1/2 blind Christians on YT who refuse to think out of the box.  I said to myself at least the 1/2 blind Christians see the end times signs (some of the signs) even though they cannot see the most stark and obvious signs because of the strong delusion.

I Will Pour Out My Spirit Upon All Flesh in The End of Days

God has poured out His Spirit on ALL flesh.  What does that mean? It pertains to the end times truths.  The purpose of the pouring out of the Spirit is so men will dream dreams, see visions, see signs and wonders and awaken to the times we are in.  THAT is why God poured out His Spirit upon all flesh.  So they would SEEK GOD AND FIND JESUS.  To give mankind a chance to repent and see truth.

The Armor of God is the protection against monster looking holograms of Satan.  If monsters appear before your eyes it isn’t Covid hysteria. It is the orbs that many have seen.  The creatures within the orbs are spirit as of yet they are locked in the bubble orb.  When the right ritual is carried out many will die.  The blood ritual will release these spirits.  Then they take on any hologram image they choose and target people.  Fear will insue and the people will self destruct for fear.  Meaning the spirits have no power to kill the flesh.  But the people when in panic cause accidents that both kill themselves and those around them.  Mainly it will start with mass car accidents because that is how the demons can kill more people.

The orb demons must be invited to earth to manifest in the natural.  How?  The great blood ritual in DC will accommodate the needs of the dark spirits.  This great blood ritual article will not be released until July 11, 2021 at 2:49am.

IF a man has faith he can move mountains and he can destroy the hologram monsters that appear before him.  By using spiritual weapons against spiritual creature he can prevail in the end times horror.  However it is likely that many of the elect will choose to leave earth at the coming of the blood ritual in DC.

Think visualization of weapons by using your connection to God He will supply all your needs.  Open your mind by quieting it first. Meditate on one high thought.  Do this over and over and over until one thought becomes an empty mind.  Use your own voice in your mind to accommodate God’s voice or your spirit guides voices.

Why your own voice?  Because God does not allow your mind to be invaded by alien voices.  If that were so people would have been driven insane.  You accommodate the voice of God by allowing His servant to speak in your mind by your own mind’s voice.  Now begin to honor what you once called “imagination”.   No not delusions of grandeur or “vain imaginings” these are the beast’s phrases that keep YOU from honoring God’s voice in you.

Oh God would talk to me…really?  Would The Creator of man leave you without The Comforter or His direction?  Problem is you were taught that all the powerful things of God are either made up/stupid/ or evil itself.  Like my own mother who believe for the powers of Satan more than for God.  If you have tongues a higher language then surely it must be Satan cause God can’t and doesn’t give men spiritual gifts anymore.  Okay??????  That is how you ostracize yourself.  By listening to the beast.

Do Not condemn yourself for it…you have been deeply programmed for years on end since birth…programmed for weakness.  Programed unto lies.  And programmed unto a paradigm of powerlessness.

It takes meditation to override the lies of Satan.  Do positive affirmations daily in the morning set on you being good and right and God infilling YOU with truth and light.  He will empower you in the end times in a way that used to take years.  Why?  Because you no longer have years.

The best you can do is accept God into your heart and get to know Him by prayer and meditation.  Step 11.  Work the 12 steps and clear the wreckage of your past so you can have better vision and clarity. Nobody wants to be a warier really.  But war is upon you I surmise.

You cannot fight spiritual entities with carnal weapons.  Put on the whole armor of God.

Why The Church is of No Use Against End of Days Demons

The elect will be raptured unless they choose to stay.  Therefore it will be up to the 1/2 blind Christians who do not see the supernatural changes to the bible and are following the wolf to wake up and fight the monsters for the people of earth.

The new bible reeks of glory for men.  These Christians want to be heroes glorified, and heroes so shall they become IF they do whatever is needed toward God The Father to have their eyes opened and to learn of the weapons of The Spirit.   Big “if”.

Problem is God’s chosen follow Jesus wherever He goes (as it should be) and the 1/2 blind do not.  They are now following 1/2 God 1/2 wolf.

Why do I call them 1/2 blind Christians?

Because they see we are in the end of the age but they cannot see the signs and wonders before them.  They do not know blessing from blasphemy.  Its not that Jesus never knew them as much as “they never knew Jesus”.    They know not he voice of The Good Sheppard. So they follow the wolf who stands in the holy place. (the abomination of desecration, the desecration and soon desolation of God’s inspired words on earth given to mankind.)

Therefore they cannot fight these demons with spiritual weapons of old as they are greatly deceived.

The Strong Delusion

At this point a new ager would be more likely to embrace the Love of God and learn the weapons of The Spirit because their mind is not tainted with lies of the church nor are they under the prophesied “strong delusion” that targets professing Christians.

Church lies are lies that strip the spiritual power from Christians.  Changing Faith to Grace and Hope to blood and omitting all together God is Love making in their minds The Punisher.

If blood was the answer to death and the solution to hell then old testament Passover is the directive.  Making law the bottom line and denying “Saved by Faith”.  Faith in what?  Saved by Faith in God/Jesus/Love/Hope and forgiveness.

Grace and blood are the new gospel.  Faith and Hope are the foundation of the gospel of Jesus.

Jesus has left the book to the wolf who is making it vile.   Jesus’ words are disappearing from the bibles daily YET the Christians still call it “The Word of God”  that is blasphemy.  They still follow it as a sacred document of truth lifting it up as God Himself should be lifted up and praised.

Their hearts relish the words of the wolf that are hateful, mocking, and ritualistic.  The book that now honors traditions of men above Truth itself.

End of the age Monsters will appear as real.  Lies appearing as real.  Tricks of Satan, he never did have any real power.  It was all smoke and mirrors and the elite jumped upon the mirror of lies as their thirst for money and power exceeded their morality and good sense.

For the very people who perform the blood ritual to bring the orb spirits through the door will be deceived by them.  Once those monsters get in every man and woman on earth will be on equal ground.

How to face a hologram of an oncoming train and not kill yourself in the process.  I don’t know that I would face it without tripping over myself and I have the weapons of The Spirit.  And am practiced in them.  Overcoming our own eyes as to affect our emotions is not an easy task.


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  1. Hello,
    I have seen every thing you have spoken about except the monster.
    Sometimes things will make noises around me and I thought I heard a demon scream once while I sang a praise to God.

    But most of all I see all the changes in the bible, movies, products everything!
    I even have a mark of Jesus on my forehead which blew my mind when I read a article about it on here.

    I always have been more into praying and talking to God then reading the bible. But Eya showed me the changes and I looked it up and can’t believe it? It’s incredible. Born again Christians won’t believe me about the Lion and the Lamb even though show them it.

    I feel protected by God and have confidence in Jesus but my soul feels heavy for the lost. I think I may have been chosen to pray and intercession for people? I don’t know exactly what kind of warrior I am? But your words helped me. Thank you. I do not know what to do with the bible? Should I burn it? Should I keep it? So many questions.

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