WORMWOOD Will Fulfill Most Remaining Prophesies

By Angry Jane [still angry.]

All Has Been Revealed that Can Be Revealed to Humans

False prophet and antichrist listed below.  Popes don’t prophecy do they?

Written by Jazweeh the Scribe of God

We do not know if either the forehead mark or the Locust abomination causing the strong delusion means a soul is eternally lost.  We hope not.  We write it as we see it.  Everyone who sees the end times tribulation
have the opportunity to be Tribulation Saints making them equal by works of Faith to the 144 & 133.  Works follow Faith do not minimize the works of the Holy Spirit.  Do not minimize the greatest thing a man on earth can do...
To die so others may live is a great Love.  'Love' the eternal gift from God that parallels Faith itself.  To minimize works is to minimize works of Faith & of Love.

About the end of days of course.   I know more now than ever before.  All has been revealed and its written below.

I realized something when writing this article and listing the prophecies below that are already fulfilled...My God, its a miracle in itself that I remember all these prophesies from my in depth bible study days back in the 80s and 90s.   

After I received The Baptism of the Holy Spirit at age 30 and God gave me several out of body dreams that all pertained to this time, NOW.  So I was led in the late 80s to 90s to study study study with my paper 'Strong's Exhaustive Concordance' (yes a paper book from the 80s before Strong's was a thing) and my trusty Thayer Lexicon in Greek.  And my interlinear Greek New Testament.  And my mainstay The leather bound, name engraved, Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible in King James Version OF COURSE!  I was what you call today a "King James Only" reader.  Though I dabbled in the NIV for old testament helps.   Genesis was spelled different back then.  Genesess is how I remember it.   Makes sense that the word "gene" is in it.  The English language is changing dramatically everywhere.  ALL Books have change with the Mandela effect.

Now I have a Hebrew Lexicon of the old testament as well.   Back then there was NO GREEK OLD TESTEMENT WRITINGS NOR DID STRONG'S OVERLAP THE CODED NUMBERS.  THERE WAS NO HEBREW NEW TESTEMENT TRANSLATIONS.  However I am pretty certain that history has now changed.

We know of the many prophecies that have come to pass in the last 5 years. Here are some of the prophesies fulfilled.  Wormwood is the Blue Star/Kachina

We know about the dividing of time and that God has set apart in a different reality structure those who believe & know Jesus.

The 144 already had the vail lifted.  We know about the consummation-overspreading vile abomination of desolation sucking the faces and minds of the many & changing their memories to match the vile supernaturally changing bibles.   It is the vail, locust from the pit.

We also know that due to the strong delusion most Christians cannot remember The True Bible when it was a Holy Bible.

We know that the tree of the knowledge of Good & evil is being withdrawn from those who cannot be trusted with the knowledge of evil.  Now we question this, by the Lion in the cave who gave us new eyes we question “why did Satan say knowing good and evil you would be as a god?”  Do not all humans know this?  Yes we are seeing the tree withdrawn by the actions of the many.

“We shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed.”

The Head Wound

What is the “head wound” to the Antichrist? (antichrist & False Prophet are revealed below).  The pie to the face of Bill Gates that the whole world saw was a representation to us of the head wound prophecy that the first beast incurred.  We are not privy to exactly what was done against the first beast.  But you can bet it was a wound.

Remember the antichrist is representative of many united antichrists who serve one cause to yield power over all of mankind.  They are corporations, funds, TV programming, money, government, witches, sorcerers, and children.  Many fall under the power of the first beast or they die.

The Prophecy (not parable) of the Talents

We know of the new distribution of spiritual gifts, the prophecy of the talents.  Come to find out “talents” are talents.  Spiritual gifts.

Now we the elect, chosen of God have stepped into…by our choices the template of God that is the predestined aspect of the 144.  The 133 have also been chosen who go before the throne.

The prophecy of Jonah happened in June 11, 2021.

The famines are here because of food prices and the devaluation of the dollar.

I Have Come to set Family Members One Against the Other”

The division Jesus mentioned of families being divided has taken place because of the Mandela effects.  Those who see them and those who deny them.

We know the sheep and goats, wheat and chaff are now separated at least emotionally.  And surely spiritually.

You Shall Not Suffer from the Second Death.  What is the Second Death?

The elect will not suffer from the second death…all the elect have already died once at least.  Known or unknown.  They died most commonly because “they loved not their lives…unto DEATH.”  We used to think this meant all of their days but it means they died because of their loathing of this world and by the lies of evil.

SIDENOTE ON EVIL (we would say "Satan" but at this junction we are not so certain of what part Satan actually played in the evil structure.   We do however believe he is doing exactly what he is supposed to do.  We believe now that all he did throughout mankind is set the stage.  While men carried out the real evil.  We are not so certain that Satan is the Father of lies.  We think perhaps a demon is actually the father of lies not an angel.  We think if mainstream makes him the scape goat, and they do.  That perhaps they are just mocking and insulting God's angels who do the will of God always.   After all its demons that cause all the problems.  I know this first hand.   Why would an angel be ruling over demons giving them their playbook?  It just doesn't add up.  Not that the angels didn't fall.  Just that they likely fell to Earth in God's will not outside of God's will.

WE KNOW MEN HAD TO HAVE EXPOSURE TO EVIL SO THEY COULD MAKE THEIR CHOICES FOR ETERNITY.  And that its part of the creation of man process to choose our daddy and our eternal home.

“Whom do you serve?   Soromon!”  (Lord of the Rings).  NOT!  We think there is more to this Solomon stuff than meets the eye.

The New Gospel & The New Jesus 

The new gospel and new Jesus are clearly (to us) here.   Grace & blood new gospel of doctrines of demons.  And new Jesus is “Yashua Hamasheeack” meaning “Joshua bringer of curses”.  Not to mention the bible is now split into a “rightly dividing”.  They did this to rationalize the many lies and contradictions now in the books.   Pauls gospel for instance.  They are saying Jesus’ words were only for the Jews born of Israel…Hebrews.

Who Were The Two Witnesses

The two witnesses were killed in the street while the whole world watched (by cops knee on chest happened twice).  The rest of the prophecy now comes into question because it did not happen the way the book said it would.  We think it was embellished to begin with in the bible.  Meaning two were killed in the streets while the whole world watched.  One in S. America and one in N. America by cops with the knee on the chest.  But they were not resurrected, at least not that we can see, yet.  But we do know at least concerning George Floyd he was a born again witness for God before they killed him.

One world money system is the dollar.

One world government

is obviously here since all countries are dancing to one minstrel.

Dreams and visions are here in mass.

Who Is The Woman of Revelation 12?

And if she is “the church” as Christians proclaim then who, prey tell is the the church?

It is revealed to us who the woman of Revelation 12 is.  She is many.  She is the few.  The intercessors of God.

Revelation 12 sign is fulfilled both in the Spirit and in the astronomy of 2017 Sept. 23rd. Research it.  The woman is/are the intercessors of God who have already birthed the end times requirements by their labor, heavy burden FOR SOULS and great travail.

Now the intercessors who pray by godly dialects (extensive gifts of tongues not just utterances they speak in many languages of God & man) are giving the announcement of the second coming continually.  No more praying for souls.  This sign is one of the most absolute because it comes straight from The words of The Holy Spirit.

Regular prayer is so very important and we are not downplaying the prayer by one’s own native language.  But when intercessors pray it is The Holy Spirit and it’s a whole other level, type, method, of prayer.

After all “God hears our weakest prayer”.  Men fear what they do not understand.  Instead accepting the gift of tongues being real and True of God, they fear because they do not have the gift.  And so they must call it evil.  But not all are the hand brother.

“Men Shall Fear that which is on High”  All script shared is by heart verse memory.

Men fear that which is on high was in Ecclesiastes.  Take your pick, the sun is white bright cooking earth itself. Barometric pressure is changing dangerously.  Weather is extreme.  We have “charged clouds” in Florida.  I have seen twice the entire night sky turn blue with total cloud cover and odd lightening.


The Spectacular and Endless Mandela Effects

Men blind themselves to the Mandela effects that are signs and wonders EVERYWHERE for the laymen and unbeliever to see.  When a man had a video where a witch cartoon said “mirror mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all?”  And then history changes, along with his old video.  This man tends to say “wow we truly do live in a world of supernatural, perhaps God is real.”  The Mandela effects are causing a great Faith movement.  This is why google must downplay it as “false memories” and belittle those who follow it.


LIKE THE ORACLE OF OMAHA a powerful and rich man. He is wealthy enough to be a “kingdom” on Earth.  He is the king maker who made the anti-christ.  The Oracle of Omaha makes ENDLESS public predictions made to come to pass by his own financial monopolies.  Who is the Oracle of Omaha?  He is one of the richest men in the world.  Look it up.  He is Warren Chinese Buffet.  (coded)  War On Buffet.

Anti Christ put into power by the False prophet is clearly revealed.  While most preachers try to pin “false prophet” on the popes who NEVER PROPHESY ANYTHING….The Oracle of Omaha sits in his prediction seat ruling pretty much the entire world on the back of Bill Gates whose mother by the way is Mary.

Who is the Oracle of Omaha??   He is one of the richest men in the world. He is a well know false prophet who does predict publicly OFTEN and has done so for years?   War On Chinese Buffet of course.  He Put the vaccination man INTO POWER by giving him most of his money. GATES FOUNDATION.  Gates of Hell.  BILL THE THIRD GATE.


That ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION IS 85% APPROX. COMPLETE FULFILLED BY THE VILE CHANGES TO THE KJVB.  But the vail is over 99% of Christian eyes. I do apologize but you likely will not remember from day to day, week to week nor year to year what the articulate, poetic, near perfect, literary masterpiece “The Holy Place Bible” in front of you used to say.   They change pretty much DAILY and not in a good way.

AMOS 8:11 &12   God is removing His WORDS from Earth.

Christians call the Bible by (one of) God’s names “The Word of God”-Graven Image, blasphemy.

People worship the bible over God and over Truth itself.  They believe anything if its in that book, right & wrong does not matter to them.

The Forehead Mark of The Beast

Another BIG ONE!  The mark of the beast is on the foreheads of the many.  The elect can see it blatantly with their eyes.  It’s invisible to the many.  Again many Christians have the mark of the beast.  Just because you cannot see it on the foreheads doesn’t mean you have it.  Those who have the mark will have to die for their Faith in God.  It is a great honor to die for your Faith.

The Mark on the Right Arm or Hand

The other “mark of the beast” on the right arm…in the right arm, the action Jackson nation as “quantum of conscience” calls it is here.  Give it time…many will not be able to buy or sell if they don’t have proof of the Jaxination.  The Back Scene.   Likely the rapture of the elect will take place prior to their condemnation and persecution or imprisonment.


We now believe the rapture is for the elect only.  And that not even the children will be raptured.  We believe the days of the great suffering are going to be shortened by the Blue Star (Wormwood) because God will send his holy angel who is already in the sky.   She holds the sword of God to dash the earth asunder possible at Jerusalem.

God will split the Earth right between Mt. Carmel and Mount of Olives.  The bible used to say it.   Jesus will touch down one foot on each mountain.  That’s my history.  Well not history lol.  History is gone now changed  in Bible’s to one mountain.  Now the book says He lands on only one of the mountains.

When the blue star comes many will die and be delivered to their eternal homes.  Escaping any further persecution the beast might have in store for believers.  This in itself is a form of rapture.  To see the blue star explosion is to see deliverance by God.  Then comes the lake of fire for the faithless goats.

Signs in the Sky. 

Sun white hot.  blue Kachina.  Red Kachina both HERE.  Horizontal moon and more.


The only prophecy left unfulfilled that I remember relates directly to the “WORMWOOD” prophecy which will cause a snowball effect of prophecy fulfillments.  Mainly the disaster prophecies.   All of the worst of the worst remaining apocalyptic disaster prophesies shall take place once The Blue Kachina, The Blue Star, takes her dive to Earth.  She will split Jerusalem by The Sword of God.

There Will Likely Be No “I Told You So” Moment regarding the rapture.

I believe the 144 will be forgotten instantly.  Why would God start revealing things now?  The strong delusion is a vail that sits on the heads of most people.  It is the locust from the pit and it has the power to infuse history, and thought.  It is vile.  I am saying the locust is already here.  The seals are open.  The security seal if off the bible.   And the Father of Lies has ahold of the many by spiritual mind control from dark entities.  If your Faith can take you past the strong delusion where you will not deny God and take the mark to change you into a beast then your soul will be saved.   They will die either way.  But its their soul that matters & is precious to God.

Wormwood & Rapture

Before Wormwood drops and the blood is spilled the elect will be raptured but not all at once.  Nor will the children go.  Only the elect will be raptured and they will be as if they never were.  No one will remember them.  There will not be an “I told you so” moment for the elect.

God will take up the elect in a whirlwind of circles and bubbles up into a cone.  They will go to the lighted place.  They all have already seen it happen.  Each one was already given visions or dreams even out of body dreams showing their rapture to come. But they didn’t know what exactly the dreams meant until now.

Jesus stands at the open door waiting for the children of God.  He smiles.  He is so precious.  So calm.  He has not a worries.  He knows that He knows, that He knows.  We shall dance.  We shall dance the dance of victory and of peace.  We will know as well as we are known.

The great evil power on earth The Beast will be put down.  No more will wicked men rule.  This is why the elite hate both the 144 and God & Jesus.  They covet greatly the power and God threatens that.  The evil countries all of them are preparing to kill Jesus and to destroy the Blue Angel.  They will fail miserably.  For God knows their thoughts.  They cannot vail themselves from the Most High God or those He appoints as protectors.

All The Elect Are Already Sealed

The seal of God is on the foreheads of some Christians.  The elect can see it.

God has sealed His children.  Evil has sealed its children.  Believers have Jesus on their foreheads while the rest have either the goat symbol (goat head shape) or the fallen angel wings head lowered in shame or no head visible it shows on the forehead now as a protrusion or discoloration of wings.

His Elect Have Shared in His Suffering

The sufferings of Jesus revealed as being to those His elect who see and know many Truths yet must watch the blind and lost whom they have no power over.

What is The Image of The Beast

Phone/TV or both are the image of the Beast obvious to us.  And many prefer the lies it spews.  The cell phone is in their hearts and comforts them.  If you have not fallen under this dependency on phone or TV then you are rare.  I would like to say the image of the beast is the phone and not the TV but I would be rationalizing my own fear.  I watch TV alot when I am working.


We think there are two restrainers.  One the conclusion of the 2nd beast restraining the first beast.  Common sense.

The lesser of two evils, the restrainer has left the building.  In a vision I see a man in a black top hat..rich and powerful (the second beast).  He fell in Love and left all his power and idols behind him.  He no longer fights evil therefore evil no longer answers to evil.  The restrainer is as powerful as the antichrist and held him back for years on end.  Then man in the top hat has now gone fishing with his lover.  So evil is unrestrained.  And of course it could be The Holy Spirit who influenced the man in the top hat.  But we think it was likely power and greed that drove the restrainer to hold back the first beast.

We have the evidence that the corporations who now rule all governments are no longer accountable to anyone.  Someone has let the dogs out.

That’s it folks.  All that is left to come is wormwood and its consequences.  It will kill 1/3 of everything.  Purify the earth.  And all devices will be trashed.  There will be a new Earth soon.  Many of the 144 shall be Guardians of The New Earth—“Shalamar” The abode of Love.


What about the masses of humans on Earth?  Who restrains them from acting out as animals any thing they might desire?  You know what it is.  It is their conscience. The conscience is the 2nd restrainer.  Everybody has one.  You don’t get a conscience by receiving the Holy Spirit.  You seek God because you have a conscience in the first place. Or am I the only one who knew right from wrong even before my baptism of the holy spirit?

Christians have no clue what the Holy Spirit does because they do not have it, most of them anyway that are on Youtube.  Otherwise they would speak truth instead of parroting each other relentlessly.   Especially concerning the mark of the beast and that parrot narrative so commonly profused.

My theory.  The back scene will sear the conscience like a hot iron stealing men’s knowledge of good and evil.  The sacred tree withdrawn from them.  Hence the restrainer lifted off of all who take it.  Who knows where it will go from there.  They hide what’s in the shot.  One thing sure, it’s making the un back sin ate Ed sick by their shedding.  But with your genome in their hands only God knows what their real plan is and it ain’t pretty.

Remember they poison our food.  The want us sick with Cancer or worse.  The ruling class consider us a Cancer.  What do you think they are capable of concerning genome directives?   They have the keys to the cells nucleus.  CRISPR was a genome hack tech.  No longer do they need to hack with the em are en aye.  They have the golden keys.  I suppose they plan un making mankind turn on one another by the psychopath gene.  Remove one line of cells and infuse another.  It’s public science completely doable.







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