What is The Back Scene Doing to them Long Term

Back Scene=code words for the mark of the beast

They have become the H444.   For it is the unclean dead man’s spirit that abides in them and will dominate.

Granted children I myself have my own sins.

My point is this.  Jazweeh let me know that she is seeing an oddity among the spirits of men.  She feels everyone’s spirit.  Its like a personality of its own that precedes the man’s flesh.  She can drive down the road and feel the lively spirit of men walking, riding, on the side of the road.  It’s not emotion it’s something else she feels.  Each man is individual, one of a kind in spirit.  And they ALL, ALL, ALL have (or had) the Bimbah (A Hindu word.  Christians terminology for this word is stolen) in them.  Bimbah is the Divine presence of God in men.  The word is quickly disappearing from the internet.  Scrubbed by those who hate God.  The Bimbah is the spirit of life and each man has his own according to his blood & DNA, cells, body etc. in him.

The Spirit of Death

The Spirit of death is not bad or evil.  Without death men would not be able to move on naturally into their eternal homes.  So the Spirit of Death comes to help a man usher into the next life.  He serves man.  Or man gets trapped by death, and put into the hallways of death where he awaits judgement.  Or death may take a man to a comfortable sleep where he awaits the resurrection to go to the New Earth.  Whatever the destiny of man Mr. Death helps that cause.  Why am I explaining this?  Because I want to make a distinction in the next paragraph.

What Is Happening to People Who are Back Scened?

Lately Jazweeh has been feeling a spirit in men (mankind) that makes little sense.  It is a dead man’s spirit.    First she felt it in someone close to her and she ignored the feeling.  Then she felt it in another family member.  If you felt a ghost rush through your body that is what Jazweeh is now seeing projected in mankind.  This is not THE SPIRIT OF DEATH who helps men cross over, oh no.  What she feels is the way a man’s spirit feels after his lively spirit has left his body.  There is no goodness in these people anymore.  Void of the life giving divine presence of God they are empty vessels with souls framed for the lake of fire.  These people are the walking dead with living bodies.  Devoid of what was their lively spirited personalities.

Yet they still have their intellect, their emotional survival skills and possibly their emotions.  One older woman who Jazweeh said starred and loathed at her from across a table.  (she was nothing like she used to be).  Jazweeh felt some kind of strange hatefulness coming from the older woman who took the back scene.

The woman no longer had her own lively personable spirit inside given from God Himself.  It was as if the spirit inside her knew Jazweeh’s heart that is Emmanuel-God in us.  Not Jesus of course but Jazweeh was anointed with a strong Holy Spirit indwelling.  By it she feels people’s life force.  She used to think everybody felt it.   And that it was common to feel people.    She has the gift to also feel like other people.  Father says that-part of her gift is for future use.  Its likely a protection discernment gift to know the intensions of men toward her. on the New Earth..we don’t know for sure.
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Confirmation of the Dead Man’s Spirit Dwelling in The Back Sin Ate Ed.


God Help Us All

Today Jazweeh saw yet another man with a dead man’s spirit in him at the local post office.  Clear as day she felt his spirit as if he were already a ghost dead.  That is the fourth time since the back scenes that she felt this phenomena.  No one absolutely NO ONE had the spirit of a dead man in them before the back scene was given.  Jazweeh knows spirits like she knows hair color.  She can translate into words what she feels by these spirits.

The One Exception

Once long ago Jazweeh sat by the side of an elderly woman as she left this world by death.  Oddly enough, back in probably the early to mid 80s she was lead to try to comfort the woman as she left this world.  Jazweeh distinctly felt the elderly woman’s spirit already gone from her body even though she was still living.  I don’t know why it happened like that.  And then there was the horrible instance when she felt she had to put down a sickly puppy.

God forbid brothers & sisters,  I don’t think she will ever cease to feel the great pain that killing brought her.  She greatly regrets it and knows it was not her place to do so.

Clearly animals have value and dogs seem to have their own lively spirit of life in them.  She felt the puppies spirit leave his body when that happened.  Yes it was said the puppy would not survive as it was but….yes “but”.

God Showed Me What I Would Feel Like If I Took The Mark (back scene)

When God showed me what I would feel like if I took the mark of the Beast it was absolutely the WORST feeling I have encountered in life.  Had Jazweeh been near me she would have felt that same dead man’s spirit in me temporarily.  Father let me feel like an empty vessel for about 20-30 minutes. (granted I don’t think the dead man’s spirit entered me I was just EMPTY of my lively Bimbah The Divine presence of God).  It was a warning not to take the mark.  God warned me that the mark IS THE BACK SCENE.

We reason out that maybe these people, the walking dead never really embraced the divine presence.  And perhaps that’s why they don’t yet “want to die and can’t” Rev..  Because believe you me, I could not live long in that empty vessel condition that I was shown.  Its in my article on “why some people get paranoid on pot”.

The White Train Took My Divine Presence of God Temporarily

Long story short, I believe God wanted to show me what its like to take the mark of the beast.  I accidentally ingested a very very strong THC under the guise of pain relief “CDB Oil”.   Horrifyingly the white train was sent.  The substance somehow made me vulnerable spiritually.  It took my own divine presence of God from me and I felt like I was dead inside for 30 minutes or so.

The vision of the white train was just like a scene in ‘The Mummy’ movie when Imotap became mortal temporarily.   The Train I saw coming,  rushed through my body, at heart level & took the divine presence into a safe place keeping it safe in the white train.

It was given back to me in a few minutes.  THANK GOD, Lesson learned!  Needless to say I never used CDB oil or anything like it AGAIN.  A very good friend who I do trust, told me it would help my pain.  He said it was half strength with “very little amounts of THC”.

To be perfectly candid, I believe the experience, though absolutely dreadful, was meant to happen, I think my friend did it by accident.  He had several strains on hand.  He is often lead by the Spirit of God, I believe.

Remember the parts of the Bible in Revelation that said “those who took the mark will want to die but death will be far from them.”  What could this mean I have pondered.  I think I know.

The Forehead Mark of The Beast

They took the mark.  Their individuality to a point, is stripped from them.  They have now a dead man’s spirit as if they were ghosts.  They are the walking dead.  Zombies without the live flesh eating parts.

Coupled with the abomination of desolation perched on their heads they are now controlled by evil itself.  They are compliant, brain washed, and absolutely docile.  They believe anything that the consummation tells them.

They can be made into an army I am guessing.  They no longer know evil from good.  The tree of life is withdrawn from them.  The infestation of the locust happened when they absorbed the mark on the forehead.  The spiritual mark of the beast.  There are two “mark of the beast”.  One visible and one invisible.

Only God knows what these people who are controlled will do when commanded by the creature.  Was it the locust army or will the humans be a locust army.  Maybe both.  I figure they will agree with about anything in the name of their god. (the book)  Furthermore, fear drives men to do vile things.


It’s slowly starting already with those who got the first chots. Hitler doesn’t have to make his gas chambers.  The powers that be now have a numberless army of billions at their command.  How long until these dead men’s bones are ordered by the evil locust to turn on those who are free.  Those who still have the divine presence of God.  And even those who have The Holy Spirit of God.  By the way The Holy Spirit called “The Comforter” is not in everyone.  Nor is it some automatic download when you say the magic words of the copy paste gospel.

That isn’t how it works.  The Holy Spirit is given for supernatural power to increase the kingdom of God.  Its not the same as the divine presence of God that is in every human.

We Don’t Know Who Is Controlling The Masses or Who Commands the Abomination of Desolation.

But whoever is controlling the Locust from the pit, is also controlling those who are back scened.

The strong delusion lies over casemated to most of mankind and most Christians.  It is a vail making them blind to evil. It is the downloads to their mind.

I had visions, out of body dreams of these times.  The blind church, my own ascension, and Mother God were all shown to me pertaining to the times we are in right now.  When you have out of body dreams, you never forget them.  Neither do you ever doubt that you are not your body.

Therefore when someone like Apostle Paul is quoted and says “I was caught up unto the third Heaven and heard things I should not have heard, weather in the body of out of the body I do not know”.   Be sure he was NOT out of his body.  Had he been he would have categorically known it beyond doubt.

What Next on Earth?

We think the next prophecy to be fulfilled will fulfill the rest of the prophecies by its coming.

The Blue Star is coming closer and closer, they cannot stop it.  We believe she is an angel and will fall to Earth sword before her stretch out.  She will slice the earth like butter, as Wormwood.  Her name is not wormwood.  But she will cause the bitter waters.  And the end of days apocalypse of disasters.

We think the Blue Kachina with crash into earth creating the lake of fire quite literally.  This event “The Event” the New Agers call it, will bring the rest of prophecy into fulfillment.  I refer to all the scary parts of prophecy.

The Mandela Effects are here.  They are the many many signs and wonders that people are waking up to.  Let’s hope they take heed that all is not as it seems and call on God.



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