Truth In Plain Sight—-Who Is the Antichrist & False Prophet?

Written by Angry Annie the Lone Scribe of God

“Watching the Worst Holocaust Play Out”

Does it not stand fair to say that he who represents those who push, manipulate, trick, and adjure the masses to take the mark of the beast, the ‘back scene’ would be the antichrist?

Those who created the mark of the beast are likely the antichrist?   He whose mother’s name is a befitting “Mary” and was directly put into power by a true false prophet who makes regular public word wide predictions?  Maybe its just too obvious for Christians to see.  After all the words “antichrist” and “false prophet” are quickly fading supernaturally from all bibles.   Go figure.  The words are being confused and replaced by “beast, dragon, red dragon, man of perdition”, and more.  Only the few seem to be able to see and remember when the KJVB was The accurate & Holy Place of prophecy

Warren Buffet The Oracle of Omaha gave Gates foundation most of his money.  Its all over the internet.  Such a loving philanthropist should be mentioned and thanked, right?  After all their eugenics programs are all about saving us and our children.

Oh how we love to see Buffet’s endless financial prophesies fill the pages of the internet.  Oh how we Love that Bill Gates himself whose mother is Mary is so loved by the Prophet and Oracle of Omaha that selfless acts of allegiance follow his shadow of dark works.

Feel the word itself—“Omaha” it simply rings of the most wholesome state in America doesn’t it?  Don’t you just get a feeling when you hear the word “Omaha”. Ya that’s the program & spell.  Fitting name for a Prophet “Oracle of Omaha”.  By the way “oracle” is now in the KJVB along with other magic and mythical words.  (sarcasm, anger, truth).

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