DEW or Directed Energy Weapons. THE BATTLE IS AT HAND

Be Angry and Sin Not

Forgive my angry tone.  I am obviously frustrated because so few Christians see we are at war for our souls and our bodys now.

Most Believers are Blind to Spiritual Warfare

I asked God “What % of Christians are fighting in the battle at hand?”  I saw a number in my head that said “less than 1% even know they are under attack”.

Supernatural Bible Changes are happening daily

Can you see it?  How brilliant!  A war by which the victims are completely oblivious to their wounds, their children’s battle wounds and scars, and the families total diabolical brainwashed mentality.  Yes, our enemy is cunning baffling but NOT ALL POWERFUL.  The Lord thy God is who we serve and He IS ALL POWERFUL.  Even the bible changes say that the antichrist will have “all power” and not one Christian reading over that scripture which I have seen, and there have been many on youtube, notice the lying blasphemy of that scripture.  Lets go over this KJV scripture that has been changed.

8And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: 9Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Don’t believe me?

#1 “Wicked” is capitalized. Really?

#2 Okay it was never “spirit of his mouth” give me a BREAK!  It was “by the Sword of His Spirit”!  By the sword of His
Spirit shall Jesus CRUSH the antichrist.  Notice the insult?  The word “mouth” has been multiplied all over the KJV Bible in disgusting and conspicuous ways.  I mean come on this makes it sound like Jesus is going to eat the antichrist it’s disgusting.  Think about that “the spirit of his mouth” wtf is a spirit of a mouth?  There is NOT SUCH THING in scripture. But there is a piece of our battle armor that is called the “Sword of the Spirit which IS The Word of God” and is the words of God Himself.  This Bible change renders the POWERFUL battle scripture impotent.  And that my friend is the point.  Do you SEE?  Do YOU SEE?

#3 “Satan with all power and signs”  need I even explain this one?  There is only ONE who has ALL POWER and that is The Lord God Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.  This Bible change again hand “all power” to Satan blaspheming Him who truly has all power, Jesus The Son of God will defeat this lying antichrist.

#4  Furthermore the lying wonders are the bible changes and the wicked one is sitting in the Holy place already as Satan sits in the Holy Bible.

#5 “deceivableness” is not a word.

#6 “they received not the love of the truth” should say “they loved not the truth”.

#7  The strong delusion is upon us as people believe the Bible with its lies.

#8  Don’t be book worshipper, worship the Lord your God and Him ONLY shall you serve.

See EYA on youtube for more blasphemous and ridiculous word switches, nonsense verses, scriptural change blasphemies, and spelling and grammar errors galore all abounding in the King James Versions of the Bible.

Directed Energy Weapons of Mass Destruction

Crazy!  I woke up thinking about “” and the fact that he prompted me to download his videos before he got ousted from YT censorship.    Thing is I was converting videos for my business of exoticwear outfits and in the process I accidentally converted and uploaded the video here.  This made the second time God put this video (below) which I do have permission to post, in front of me today as important.

Please don’t judge me

Sidenote; Please don’t judge me for being a seamstress who makes sexy outfits.  Jazweeh is a woman of God who has many dreams and visions.  She allows me to do the work on this website as she is much older and present to me her visions to post.  She doesn’t judge me for being a seamstress of exoticwear.  She knows my past and my changes.

I have been called “Satanic” for using Crystals in meditation in Christ

I used to be a stripper.  God pulled me out of that business into sewing a very long time ago.  The seamstress is written of with great honor and respect in Proverbs.  It’s no wonder God made me a seamstress and gave me my own business at    I have been called “Satanic” by many so called Christians in my walk.  I use crystals which are exalted in The book of Revelation as sacred and “OF GOD”.   Even Heaven itself is made up of sacred crystals, why would I consider them evil when they vibrate at a healing frequency.

Crystals are Heavenly and pave the streets of God’s domain Revelation 21

Satan does not get to hijack the sacred creation of God called crystals.  These rocks vibrate at a frequency that is healing to our bodies and Satan has convinced all of the church that they are “evil” witchcraft.  Witches eat steak does that make steak evil?   Can you say “traditions of men?”  Try to convince a Christian that crystals are of God and in the book of Revelation spoken of HIGHLY.  Jasper, Sadony, emerald, ruby, onyx, and even gold, quartz and the like…oh yes and the purple one….ahh Amethyst.

Christians are so afraid of being evil that they don’t look at the scripture to line it up with what they believe. But rather they are brainwashed against the MOST POWERFUL TYPE OF PRAYERS AND against spiritual warfare itself.  All crystals are is a tool just like a prayer cloth as Apostle Paul used them.  Furthermore what about a cross?  Is a cross evil?  Maybe.  How about anointing oil?  Is that also evil?  It’s another tool of faith.

Satan wants you complacent

Christians are programmed to sit and wait for the coming war…..what’s the song?  “If I hold my peace and let The Lord fight my battles victory, victory shall be mine.”  REALLY?  Well guess what?  THE WAR IS AT HAND.  The war is ON right now people and if you are NOT engaging in REAL SPIRITUAL WAR PRAYERS then your on the bleachers watching the game go by with a pair of binoculars that don’t quite work very well, at best, if you can see at all.


THE WAR IS ON NOW.  Our people are being destroyed NOW for lack of knowledge.  Our people don’t see their Bible being perverted. Most people are blind to the supernatural bible changes.  My God, nobody is going to outlaw the Bible in this country, why would they?  It’s already corrupt and changed with Satanic invoking scripture.

I am sick and tired of hearing complacent Christians talk about how the war is in the future and the attacks will be to come and that God is the only one who is supposed to fight in this war against both OUR SOUL and our body.


I ask God over and over “Why Lord, WHY don’t Christians on YT see the drastic Bible changes?  Why Lord don’t the Christians on YT see that the battle is NOW at hand?  Why Lord can’t the Christians see that we are attacked at every turn?  The food, the water, the clothing, the furniture, the air, the airwaves, the wifi, the trains and their demonic HORNS that blast our cities night and day with horrific radio frequencies, sounds that make us sick and lonely.

Why is it my friend that every time a train comes through my town the birds hide and become alarmed.  The horn spews its sounds all the way through a fifty mile radius no where near the supposed danger zone.  Not to mention, they claim the horn is for safety reasons to hear the train coming BULLSHIT!  The train itself can be heard for miles without the damn blow horn.

Why does the train horn make you feel lonely?  Frequencies have different effects and different HZR.  Why do they blast a horn when we can hear the train itself for miles around without the damn horn?  These are the things we don’t pay attention to.  These are the things Satan attacks us with frequencies.  Wifi is just one of the many frequency attacks that are going on.  It’s always to protect the children so we don’t question it BULLSHIT!   I am sick and tired of the poisons the beast system is throwing our way.  Do you know that they spray on your furniture?  Anti inflammatories are Cancer causing and they know it.  WAKE UP!  We are at war and you should be praying with diligence and authority.

Trains carry hexes

Please pray against these hexes and spells that are being implemented in your town.  WAKE UP!

Furthermore every look at he writing on the trains that most think is just Graffiti?  WAKE UP!  That graffiti is spells that cover every city that train goes through.  Seems the evil one is far more diligent in this war than God’s children trained to be pacifists.  “BE ANGRY AND SIN NOT”  Be angry brothers and sisters because your brothers and sisters and being killed all the day long by these evil spells.  Most Christians just walk away and say….God protects me…God will fight my battle, God wants me to Love, Love, Love.  But do you Love your brother while he lays in the hospital with Cancer due to some toxic poison the enemy has tanked him with?  How long would you allow your children to be stabbed before you would jump into the battle yourself because that is what is happening.  Our children ARE BEING KILLED ALL THE DAY LONG by evil devices.


The time for prayer on our knees if OVER.  We should be pacing when we pray.  We should be praying in tongues binding and casting out at every turn.  Are you a sheep for the slaughter or are you a Lion in the end times battle?  The reason YT allows Christian videos is so they can deceive Christians into thinking that anything involving battle is wrong somehow, or Satanic.  Anything “negative” is Satanic.  And that we are supposed to just accept and even be blind to the present day holocaust.

Love love love, what if they said that during the last holocaust?

In AA they teach that page 417 Big Book,  “if something bothers me then its because something is wrong in me”. Are you fucking kidding me?  That recipe says that we stand against nothing ever no matter how evil it is.  If we are unhappy with the slaughter of the unborn children then clearly something is wrong with us.  If we are unhappy with the implementation of DEW weapons used in California something is wrong with us.  Don’t be brainwashed like those who are made into robots in Alcoholic Anonymous.   Take the deprogramming but do not upload to your brain the traditions of AA that will blind you.  Watch in the 12 step threads and recovery groups how defensive many people are of AA.  That defensiveness is key to their blindness as they are diverted to “fight or flight” every time a new idea is introduced to them that does not line up with AA tradition.  And I don’t mean the 12 traditions, in AA there are “traditions of men” that dominate meetings and are accepted as fact because they are parroted over and over and over in meetings. You will know these lying traditions by their deceptive nature.  They are untruths.  I covery these at in depth one after another.

My fight for truth in Alcoholics Anonymous didn’t go so well

By exposing lies in AA I pissed off more people than I can count.  See  The Big Book isn’t the liar, its the hearsay that is perceived as actual program which is not in the Big book at all.  These are the traditions of men that pollute the 12 step programs.

I was deprogrammed by the 12 steps and therapy, but I didn’t stick around to be reprogrammed by AA traditions of men that spew lies in meetings.  It took seven years with therapy and self examination to deprogram my original program called  “I am bad and wrong”.

Proof that a man believes he is “bad and wrong” is his defensive behavior.

If you are an addict in recovery you can receive your deprogramming away from the beast system by working the 12 steps at length and in depth.  If you get the right empathic deep group therapy along with it you can be deprogrammed from the brainwashing that says “you are bad and wrong”.

We all pretty much ALL feel we are bad and wrong and wear a mask to show a face of a person who we believe is better than showing who we really are.

The real challenge in life is to become who we really are and drop the shame game.

This “I am bad and wrong at the core” brainwashing happens to us at a very early age and is subliminal.  The program happens in a very cunning way so we WON’T stand up against Satan’s demonic beast system that is killing humanity. Most have no idea they are programmed.  Most people would get angry or laugh if you told them they think in their heart that they are bad and wrong.  But their defensive actions speak otherwise.

But if you do go through this 12 step reprogramming do no accept being programmed by AA into the ” I am the only one who can do wrong”.  See they do lots of self examination but they never address the trauma of wrongs suffered.  WRongs suffered are where our true addiction roots lye.  We must address wrongs suffered in our fourth step and yes learn to forgive but never forget.

Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy YOU and those you love.

Moreover the beast system is blinding the masses to the point of complacency and dielectric shock symptoms.  It’s as if we were all put through electroshock therapy and then programmed with lies up lies.

Satan does not want us to know about frequencies.  He is the Prince of the power of the air…waves.  That my friend is Biblical.  Satan uses the airways like Patton used his blow horn to give out orders for battle to crush, kill, and destroy.

When the scripture says “your enemy the devil roams to and fro upon the earth seeking whom he may DEVOUR.”  This is NOT a metaphor.  Your enemy the devil wished to sift you like wheat.

Luk 22:31

And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:

Luk 22:32

But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

The warning from Jesus about Satan and the spiritual warfare at hand and endless.  Babies don’t fight in wars.  You must grow up now especially if you see the Bible changes this means that you have the Holy Spirit which God gives to those who ask.  As I said I asked God WHY people can’t see

Today I woke up thinking about the fact this guy was ousted from YT and probably Deborah Tavares as well as they were working together on some conspiracy projects.

I have all the videos the guy from a plane truth mentioned as important.  Apparently The Lord wants me to educated myself on these DEW weapons and some of you also.  It’s a very horrific and scary topic that understandably NOT MANY want to endeavour into and explore with an open mind. I wish I knew the man’s backup channel off hand but I don’t.



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