The Spiritual Veil is Rent (Ripped)

The Veil is Ripped

The Spiritual Veil that was placed by God for our safety and protection between Earth and the spirit realms has been compromised by mankind and fallen angel technology, I believe.  The veil that was “rent” when Jesus himself was crucified was spoken of as being in the Holy of Holies in the Temple building footnote (Mandela effect Bible changes now call it “holiest of all” or some crap).  The veil was placed to keep the spiritual realms at bay along with the unclean spirits that abide in places like the “In between” for those who died and are stuck between Earth and their next home due to some emotional hard wrench that is keeping them to confused to move on.

How did the veil Rip?

I can guess that also CERN (for CERN information: See Anthony Patch Videos the older the better) and their endless bashing of atoms and smashing of molecules has something to do with the thinning, ripped, and compromised vail situation.  Surely between the “lying signs and wonders” of the mandela effect Bible changes and the signs in the heavens, and all the other prophetically fulfilled scripture we are in fact in end times.

Also the radiation of emf, elf, rf, caused from so many cell phones and routers along with cell towers are part of the disruption of the veil.  But clearly God has allowed humans to make their own bed.

Experience with a Dark Plasma Orb

Now having said that, today Jazweeh saw an orb.  Not just your common run of the mill light orb.  No this was at sunset.  First she saw flashes of small fire like lightning instances dancing in the air.  It was as if there were tiny lightning strikes without the thunder.  The flashes were so quick they were hard to see.  They came in microcosms of events.

Then she witnessed several plasma looking holes in the fabric of the sky.  Imagine if there were little cloud shaped widows that were slightly different in color than the rest of the sky.  The plasm even moved a bit changing shape slightly.  These plasma holes/windows then turned into orbs.  Not light orbs which so many people are seeing and filming these days.  I myself filmed some lights in the sky that looked like stars and then once I watched the video they were orbs.  The camera eye is different than the human eye when it comes to spiritual visuals.

These orbs Jazweeh saw as she watched the sunset, right after it went down, were like unto round ball windows.  Bubbles even!  Yes they resembled bubbles but were more glassy she says. Imagine a glass window in the shape of a clear watery ball that moved like a floating bubble.

The “In Between” is a place for some of the unbelieving  dead who should have gone to the grave

Inside the ball was a man’s head.  Jazweeh saw it and quickly cried out “Jesus!”.  And the orb then left.  She noticed that the plasma windows were forming in other places inherit to turn into these orbs or rather allow the orbs to come through.   The man’s head looked confused he was lost.  He looked asleep as if he didn’t know what was going on.  He appeared as a man who was thrown into a dimension he did not understand nor should be in.

Jazweeh asked our Lord for an interpretation to the event.  Mind you THIS WAS NOT A VISION, THIS WAS A TRUE EVENT ON 2-21-19 sunset.  “Where was the man from?  Is the abyss open?  Is he a demon?  Can he hurt humans?

Are the Orbed Creatures Evil?

I speak here of dark orbs.  I am not sure yet what the light orbs are but will find out.

No, he isn’t a demon persay, at least not the one I saw but he was an unclean spirit that you do NOT WANT inhabiting your space or body.  Use the powerful name of Jesus to expel these unclean spirits.  They are unclean because they have rejected their own Creator and God.  Also they are dark because they have been stuck for a very long time in the in-between (between heaven, hell, and Earth) where they progressively morph into darker and darker entities forgetting their humanity the longer they abide there.  They should have been put in the grave but for some reason they got mixed up and end up in a space of wandering aimless confusion only feeling the need to escape that place.  I am not sure how they get through to us other than the veil is rent.

If these dark unclean spirits are coming through I do expect also for demons of monstrous proportion to also come through.  They are liars.  Demons are liars and their appearance is a lie as well.  Use the name of Jesus against them to cast them away from you.


Many people are seeing orbs these days.  Leave it to the beast system to supply a way to blame humanity for the orbs by saying they are manifestations of our emotional condition.  The New Age metaphysical speaker I happened to hear today on YouTube was trying desperately to explain away the orbs as being a part of us, the living’s emotional condition per say.  He said that we will be seeing our own dark side manifest in an orb, as a “monster” and he further said, accept it as you and “Love it” and let it come into you and inhabit your body.  DO NOT DO THIS PEOPLE. These entities are out of their true environment.  This is a desperate theory of a man who is understandably unwilling to accept that there resides a war for his soul.  And who wants to realize they have a mortal enemy?  But anyone who is really self aware and has been through the hell many of us have, will finally engage in spiritual warfare or they will lose their soul.  Many will be overtaken by these incoming displaced entities and it will get worse and worse for the unbeliever and the froward souls as end times progress.

Furthermore, my spirit is secure in my body bound with the silver cord until death or translation.  We do not… except for out of body experiences by which our consciousness travels, manifest outside our bodies.  I can tell you this by intense emotional trauma processing experience that any dark part of our emotions that regurgitates out NEEDS TO STAY OUT and it won’t smile back at us in the process of its departure.  We humans DO NOT MANIFEST EMOTION IN THAT WAY, ever.  Plus for further evidence if you see one of these dark monster or dark unclean spirit orbs during the day you will also see the other effects I described just prior and after.

The holes seem to come in groups.  The plasma holes where the orbs come through from the in between, and the mini bright lightning effects that precede the event are proof the orbs are not from us.


Does this man on youtube know anything about orbs really?  God showed me and Jazweeh what an orb can be and that other monsters will be coming through the ripped veil and YES demons also….and this man on “United Intentions Foundation” says take them into yourself as part of you.  Also he said we are all creating our own reality.  Really?  Hmm I thought God Created the Heavens and the Earth not me.  How come I can’t “intend” a pile of money?  Tell a drug addict he can intend his way out of addiction.  There is only one way for deliverance that is by God, even Higher Power works in AA to keep people sober and they often find Jesus in the process but “intending” NO.  Addiction is spiritual, emotional, and programming of mind control.  It takes a three fold deliverance to overcome addiction.

We have power in Christ do not be the hand of your own demise because your too afraid to accept have both an enemy and an armor to defeat that enemy.

Ask God for the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth and grant you the power to cast out demons from Earth.  Men are the ones who get the gift of casting out demons by the laying on of hands.  My teacher of spiritual matters said woman have a certain vulnerability and mustn’t lay hands on men in that way.  Something about our periods.  But we CAN cast away and cast down demons from around us and remotely from others.  If we have the Holy Spirit often with the evidence of tongues and Love.

I did catch a light orb at night on video but youtube blocked it for copyright.  I still have the video and will be posting it another way soon.

No Quarter Led Zeppelin

Close the door, put out the light
No, they won’t be home tonight
The snow falls hard and don’t you know?
The winds of Thor are blowing cold

They’re wearing steel that’s bright and true
They carry news that must get through, oh
They choose the path where no-one goes
They hold no quarter
They hold no quarter, oh

Walking side-by-side with death
The devil mocks their every step, ooh
The snow drives back the foot that’s slow
The dogs of doom are howling more

They carry news that must get through To build a dream for me and you, oh, oh, oh They choose the path where no one goes They hold no quarter They ask no quarter They hold no quarter They ask no quarter Yeah Without quarter, quarter, yeah (without quarter) Without quarter, quarter, quarter Taking no quarter Oh, oh, oh (hear the dogs of doom) (no, never quarter) I hear the dogs of doom are howling more



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