Fallen Angel Propaganda is Big Money!

Article by Angry Jane


That demons below and Angels above have equal names and mirrored existences.

Where there is an Azazel below.  There is an Azazeliel above.  God made three realms of Earth in perfect balance.  However middle Earth where we are is completely out of balance with evil dominating.

Demon Azazel/Azazeliel


Angels are not flesh to be tempted of demons.  They are spirit. They are not in a position where they need to choose between evil and good.  They are already in eternity.  Holy Angels do exactly what God Almighty made them to do.    They are good ministering Spirits.  And have many helps for mankind.  Every person has an Angel to get to know.  There are NO EVIL DARK ANGELS.  Not even Lucifer.  Fallen means they had to come to Earth for a mission.  Calling an Angel ‘demonic’, is a contradiction of terms and blasphemy toward God’s Deity to say they are evil.


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The Dividing of Time into Two Times (Realities)

Jazweeh’s Believe it or Not

Please readers forgive my redundancy of articles.  I am having trouble letting go of trying to wake up Gentiles to what’s happening on Earth.

We are in two separate realities.  The dividing of time into two times as was once prophesied in all bibles occured back in 2017.

Daniel 7:25
“And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

We Israel have watched as nearly every prophecy in the bibles and those we thought were history came to pass one after another in real time. Not on the Image of the Beast TV picture show fables.  Israel the people the people (not some geolocation or religion) We do not get our prophecy from Tv.

Granted the Watchmen was the TV and quote it’s fake politics because they are unable to see the miracles in plain sight.  Just as the unbelievers cannot see them.  However they have an anointing that makes them KNOW that Jesus IS RETURNING.  The many Watchmen are the sign of Jonah.

MIRACLES in real timehttps://jazweeh.com/a-z-fulfilled-prophecy-from-2017-forward/ not TV.

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Don’t Give Up Before the Miracle Happens!

To the Gentiles and Israel the Children of God

The New Earth is coming.  God’s promises are not empty promises.  We have suffered the agonizing prophecies.  Now we hold on to Faith & to Hope for the good parts to manifest.

What is done in the Spirit WILL manifest in the carnal world.  The task of the Spirit has announced Jesus’ return for nearly seven years.  There are around seven months left in the timeline.  We Hope that now we can enter into Jesus’ rest for a while.  Before the good parts of prophecy are fulfilled.


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Faith Vs. Works. Shalimar The New Earth.

God’s Promise of a New Earth Is Already In the Works

By the hand of the beast and the eternal Faith & Hope of the Godly God’s will is done on Earth.

When the Harvest is finished then Shalimar the abode of Love, the New Earth, comes.

The sanctified, holy, unstoppable prayers of Faith have gone out to set in motion by God’s hand destruction of the beast system.   You see God gave all His children a part to play in bringing down the beast.

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To The Gentiles! Good News!

In the Wake of Pain the scribe Writes.  If you’re Israel perhaps you will relate.  Or perhaps you will understand.

I am Israel.  The troubles are/were horrible.   We were pushed to our limit.  Consider Job and what his wife said to Him.

“Curse God and die”.

Israel did not curse God but we were taught by our horrible pains of child birth, finally just how the Gentiles are so enthusiastic about what Jesus did.

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Seek & Ye Shall Find

To Lions of the Tribe of Judah.

Lions and Rubies Lions and Rubies.
Will they burn or do they yearn for God?
Angels pour their magic red flaming dust. What’s bad for the Serpent is good for us.  If in God we do trust.  That’s a must.

Knock and it shall be opened unto you!

The time has come oh Father of Light.  We wait we wait for your Glorious Sight.

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The Hour of Our Deception is Over. Light Workers Rise Up & Roar as Lions

The Wise Shall Understand the rest will not see.

From the Heart of the Seer comes God’s Truth.

They shall learn who they are.  And mount up with wings as Eagles they shall run and not falter, they shall crush & overcome the serpent by talents of God Almighty.  And by the breath of God with their Breathren they stand firm on foundations of God by FAITH & of HOPE.

They drink at the well of power.  They rode the sacred mule.  And they met Jesus at the well of souls and the wells of Love.

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Why are Wildfires & Unbearable Heat Surfeiting The Earth?

Wildfires as they call them in the news are now all over Europe, and the U.S.  New York is burning.

Are you a spiritual man/woman/youth?  If not you won’t like what I have to reveal here.   You will likely label us “crazy” or “Satan”.  But spirituality is another topic.

The Problem Is Very Evil Men & Women

Make no mistake the fires and heat are not your fault-first of all.  The corporations have endorsed and promoted excess waste.   The production of unnecessary, useless, metal & plastic products of all kinds are polluting throughout the Earth.  The corporations are primarily responsible for the state of pollution that our Earth is suffering.

We the people never should have trusted the greedy men of Earth to produce our food.  Big mistake.  We should not have been mind controlled by the Image of the Beast to buy their products of waste and greed.  We put the bastards into power by buying what they sell.

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Do Not Be Deceived Into Worshipping The Modi of Blood

Who is the “Modi”?  The modified Jesus.


The Blood God Modi

“Jesus did not come into the world to condemn mankind, but rather He came so mankind can be saved”.  God sent His only begotten Son into the world so we could believe in Him by putting our Faith in Him, seeking Him, & have Life more abundantly.”

Now that many Christians have taken the mark it seems their minds are going reprobate.  As the bibles magically change before the eyes of the children of God the supernatural & on going desecration of God’s words gets more and more blasphemous.  Even perilous.

Now that the bibles (babbles) are telling the many to take their Eternal Life bringing supernatural gift of Faith from God to be put in “BLOOD of flesh”.  Rather than in God Himself well, such instruction is a snare to one’s soul.

And so the Watchmen who don’t know their right hand from their left (Jonah) proclaim the worship of blood on youtube.

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Fate of Mankind & Earth

The Original Sin “All things work together for good to those who Love God and walk according to His will.”

Mankind committed the mortal sin of eating and killing kind animals.  Taught from birth we thought it was normal to slaughter defenseless beasts.  And as God is the God of irony, the downfall of mankind is by the beast.  And that mark thereof.  “Taking beast attributes into our very physical make-up.”  What is done is done.

Still the Christians & media (TV Image of the Beast) cry out with fallen angel propaganda.  Proclaim fallen angel propaganda all you want.   But we have realized why the fallen angel desecration in mankind’s Genesess story is total bullshit.  How do we know?  Because we do have The Holy Spirit of God and this is our proclamation by His leading.  ‘Evil is as evil does’.

I have seen and been victim of evil much of my life.  God’s Holy Deity, Angels had no part in the dark peril which evil brought to my door step.

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Are Humans Supposed to Kill & Eat?

In these last days many of us realize we should have never eaten flesh of animals.  And are being cleansed from it.

Here is revelation I believe from the higher realms of wisdom & knowledge.  “Wisdom proclaims in the street inviting the many to gain what she bestows.  And yet she is utterly ignored by most.  For it is by their eyes and ears that they learn and grow in the acceleration of carnal knowledge.

God’s Wisdom is much higher and comes by His Spirit.  For most spiritual wisdom is difficult even impossible to attain except they become the clay in God’s hands.  Perfection is nary an illusion for human kind.

Having said that…The Genesis Story is that Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of both evil and of good.  And by that she broke God’s law of His only commandment.  “Eat not from the tree of evil”.

There are two trees I believe and they are separate.  Actually with the tree of Life these is a third supernatural tree.

But wait a minute here…I don’t believe eating from the tree of evil was the original sin.  No.  Not eating an apple of evil.  That part was a prophecy a mystery I will reveal later in this article.

My reasoning is this, If God really created Adam and Eve perfect she would never have been taken in by the serpent.  So first of all “knowledge of evil” was always going to be part of the creation of mankind part two.  Man’s spiritual creation.

They may have been somewhat immortal however.   But in a paradise beings DO NOT…


If we humans were not programmed from birth to slaughter & eat meat we would likely see and realize just how grotesquely diabolical it really is to eat living beings for lunch.

Furthermore is surmise that killing animals for food was one of the original worst sins just after murder of Abel and the lies.  These actions likely brought even summoned the first dark demonic beings to Earth to inhabit mankind.

Generational curses then began.



To save the few they had to become the few

Was the process repeated?

The beginning from the end.



Who Is Israel the One Hundred & Forty Four Thousand?

The Lions from the Trible of Judah.
Perhaps all of Israel are Leo but its likely not all Leo’s are Israel.  It’s also likely that the dates of the true tribes days of birth and signs are skewed.

To be sure- those proclaiming themselves to be “Israel” by heritage.  The bearded men who oppress women & worship a wall must be born again.  Its very late in the game.  And baby believers are not eligible at this time to go through the whole life lessons that Israel has already experienced.

Religious unbelievers who deny Jesus The Son of God….these are the Pharisees.  They betray human kind.  The Harlot is religion.  The beast is/are the corporations who poison the masses.  Are they one in the same, the Harlot & the Beast? They have joined forces and are now a one world order of law.  These traitors will soon be thrown into the Lake of Fire.  Their unity brief.   And their rule is merely a means the an end.

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Why Is The Earth Burning?

Strobe Lightning. The New Normal in Florida is Causing Coronal Discharges/ozone (O(03)) and plasma fires.

scienceamerica.com articles that state St. Elmos fire is PLASMA.

 wikipedia article confirms the plasma in a naturally occuring corona discharge.  The violet flowing event shown below is a corona discharge.  Which is now happening naturally in the atmosphere.  No metal rods required.

Based on my new information of plasma associated with natural occurring coronal discharges I now know why the trees are burning from the inside out.

Soft disclosure now reveals a new type of fire.  St. Elmo’s plasma fire is like a microwave effect it’s cooking trees from the inside.  And sometimes not even touching the outside of the tree.  It melts metal, bathtubs, does not burn like normal fire.

Why Are There So Many Fires Now and More Coming?

THE NEW FIRE is Ruining Our Air Quality.  New fires caused by Corona Discharges on Earth Occurring Naturally are turning Oxygen to Ozone.

Oxygen is 2 Oxygen molecules.  Ozone is 3 Oxygen molecules.  When the corona discharge happens the O (02) Oxygen regular breathable SPLITS.  Ionizes.  Corrupts into a split and that extra particle O(1) joins with a regular O(2) and becomes O(03) OZONE not good toxic.  Some articles on the topic say it splits then recombines.  They make it sound like Oxygen (good) goes back to being good oxygen after the corona discharge.  Not so.  With the corona discharges now happening naturally.  More and more Ozone is being created during storms and during times of ionization of the air.  Meaning more fires, un-natural fires.

“That does not sound good!” says the guy.

Earth burning because of it.  Well at least now we know why!

One Source

Strobe Lightning Is Caused by Radiation Overload on Earth’s Surface.

I walked outside of my house during a light sprinkle of rain.  Thunder was about over.  Yet I was startled by an eye shock of “strobe lightning”.  This is the lightning that doesn’t strike as a rod high in the sky.  But rather it travels close to Earth exploding like a tiny bomb.  And then producing a flash of strobe with a violet to blue corona discharge accompanying the lightning.

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Fallen Angel Technology..

Or Demonic “Covenant with the Many”?—–Jazweeh

Massive Campaign of Fallen Angel Propaganda.

Who is Satan really?  Because I have not met him.  Furthermore NEVER have I been attacked by Angels.  It’s demons who infest mankind.  And its demons who tempted Eve.  “God does not tempt mankind.”  I do not know who the King of Demons is but He is not an Angel.  And the term “Angel of the bottomless pit” is likely skewed and changed as much of the babbles are changed.

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Soon The Holy Spirit Will Leave this Earth (2023)

This may be Jazweeh’s Last article if hosting for websites can’t be paid by June 7th.  Donations are accepted.  I can only assume that if God is letting these sites go….then my job is over.  Unless a miracle comes since I thought I had another 60 days to go on Earth.

Farwell Readers no money for hosting. Unless I get some donations. (unlikely)

The Last (Third) Trump Call Is Next.


Judging from the end of days events and miracles very few people will go in the rapture.  And far less people will notice the rapture or miss those who are gone.  On the most part we surmise that its most likely that nobody will even notice the raptured have gone.

Why won’t they notice?  Because the strong delusion has the minds and memory of most Christians.

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