Why are Wildfires & Unbearable Heat Surfeiting The Earth?

Wildfires as they call them in the news are now all over Europe, and the U.S.  New York is burning.

Are you a spiritual man/woman/youth?  If not you won’t like what I have to reveal here.   You will likely label us “crazy” or “Satan”.  But spirituality is another topic.

The Problem Is Very Evil Men & Women

Make no mistake the fires and heat are not your fault-first of all.  The corporations have endorsed and promoted excess waste.   The production of unnecessary, useless, metal & plastic products of all kinds are polluting throughout the Earth.  The corporations are primarily responsible for the state of pollution that our Earth is suffering.

We the people never should have trusted the greedy men of Earth to produce our food.  Big mistake.  We should not have been mind controlled by the Image of the Beast to buy their products of waste and greed.  We put the bastards into power by buying what they sell.

By crushing independent farming on Earth and forcing both parents to work we were cornered into allowing them to provide our food.

Furthermore being dependent upon greedy men who hate us gives them the chance to poison mankind.  And make no mistake they have been doing just that for years on end.

Fire’s Caused by the Four Angels

Internal tree fires are now common place.  St. Elmo’s fires are all around God’s Earth.  It’s prophesied that God will destroy the Earth by fire.  These fires are not the old normal fire.  They melt metal and burn & annihilate cars and bathtubs.  When the fire is over there is not frame of the house standing.  News channels lie like hell.  They will not bring you Truth.  Truth now must come from those who wear the belt of Truth by The Holy Spirit of God Almighty.

Read on.  It is written or was written that the Four Holy Angels of God will pour out viles of end days tribulation upon the Earth.  And they are.  Mainly the Red Kachina is the most destructive of the Holy Entities.  He does not look like the other angels.  He is a force to be reckoned with, powerful, and loyal to God Almighty.

What is the Red Kachina pouring out?  Magic.  He is pouring out magic in the form of Ferrous Iron Oxide.  The media calls Him “Venus” but that ain’t Venus.  Not for a minute.

Those who have their memories in tact know that the new stars are here.  And that there were never any stars like now, that are as bright as a moon.  Yet many have succumbed to the towers of babble and the iron rod rule.  Many have succumbed to reprobate minds.  The goats are spiritually useless humans who have no spiritual name or identity in Spirit.  Sheep have the opportunity for eternal life.  Do you see the signs and wonders now called “mandela effects”?  Or is all same as it ever was, same as it ever was?

Never the less, the ferrous Iron Oxide is flammable unto St. Elmo’s fire.  Cause Corona Discharges and explosions in factories.   Any production factory which produces steam or fire and heat is subject to exploding because of the ferrous Iron Oxide throughout Earth.

Fuel for St. Elmo’s fire is in the air, and it’s inside of trees somehow.  It’s in the Earth and is shooting up.  Earth is getting fueled daily from above and from below.  Fuel the fire by Iron Oxide-ferrous/ferric.

“Venus” (the new bright and morning star) Is Made Up of Iron Oxide.



How do I know this?  First you can see the viles being poured with binoculars.   And the Red Kachina appeared with his sister “Blue Kachina”.  She is more mild mannered and speaks to the chosen few.

Since they are calling the Red Kachina “Venus”.  They are also revealing it’s surface content.  They say Venus is made up of Ferric Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) , and Hematite.  The tail of a comet spewing it’s dust is the carnal way of looking at it. Jazweeh gave a prediction a few years back of “Red Dust”. Egypt suffered from lung issues with five thousand hospitalized (allegedly) because of it a couple years back. Furthermore we predicted and gave the words of the Angel testifying of pouring out red dust upon the Earth.

The Fourth Angel Brings Fire to the Earth (Jazweeh Predict. Fulfilled)

The New Earth is Coming! 

The good new is that The New Earth is Coming!  But not before the old Earth melts away like quickly decomposing food.

God is not punishing people.  He is provoking them to Faith.  And if they have no Faith their souls shall be extinguished in The Lake of Fire that’s coming.  Temperatures may be 80 or 90 degrees.  But because of the electrified air it’s much hotter than that in real time.


The prophecy goes that the Angel is commanded not to kill all the green grass and trees with foliage.  Not until all are sealed and marked.   The mark of the beast, and the Seal of God, went out 6-7 years ago.  How do we know?  The chosen can see the marks on the foreheads of mankind.  Along with whatever they worship over God Almighty.   Stamped right there on their foreheads.  It’s quite odd to see.  The gift is akin to tea leaf reading.  The reading of abstract shapes as if they were a picture book.

By the Grace of God the chosen know a man’s first love and if believers have the Eagle on their forehead, they must be purified by fire.  Another prophecy in Bibles.

The 144,000 Chosen of God

“Some will be cleansed and made white, purified.”

The elect are already purified we are pretty certain they have fulfilled the law of sin and death already.  Recently.  Have all the elect overcome together as one?  Not as one yet.  But we supposed the purification was likely synonymous for all the chosen few to go through generally at the same time.

Who are they?  They are not Gentiles or called “the church” or “the body” or “the bride”.  They will not call themselves any of those common labels Gentiles use.  The “chosen” on Youtube proclaim that they will be trained in battle.  And maybe they will.  But make no mistake, if your 144 your already well trained in battle.  And have been waging spiritual warfare for many many years.  Especially since 2016-2017.  So the elect are already trained.  And they will likely ascend for more intense learning and bodily improvements.

“For the mortal must put on immortality and the corrupt shall put on incorruption.”

They are the woman of Revelation 12.  They are the Fig Tree. They see the supernatural prophecies being fulfilled.  They also know who the Antichrist is (there are many).  And the False Prophet.  They see the towers of babble effect upon the many.  They also see the magic deceptive signs and wonders which are making the many delusional.  The Locust has flown on the winged abomination.  And when it tried to consummate with the elect they crushed it.  While the many never saw it coming in the night as they slept.

And so God’s training empowered the chosen to crush the Locust when it came with it’s flapping grotesque and vile wings.  The creature is disgusting to them & from the Pit of Hell.  God does not lie.  Therefore as the many never Loved God’s Truth.  The few see the famine of God’s words.

Yes they see alot.  This is the testimony by the words of Jazweeh the one chosen who fulfilled the law of sin and death.  And now she walks in the Spirit.  Written by Laura E. author of “Paradise for the Hellbound”.



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