To The Gentiles! Good News!

In the Wake of Pain the scribe Writes.  If you’re Israel perhaps you will relate.  Or perhaps you will understand.

I am Israel.  The troubles are/were horrible.   We were pushed to our limit.  Consider Job and what his wife said to Him.

“Curse God and die”.

Israel did not curse God but we were taught by our horrible pains of child birth, finally just how the Gentiles are so enthusiastic about what Jesus did.

Please pray for us for these troubles have nearly brought us to our end.  Between the poverty and the physical pain…we never thought we would again have to endure this pain.

This is good news because surely the coming of Jesus won’t be long now we Hope?

We ask “how long will you leave our soul in hell Father?”  But we were in Acheron the River running next to Hell.

We harshly judged the Gentiles because we have been revealed by God so much Truth/knowledge in the last six plus years.  We screamed at the TV preachers for their ignorance.  We screamed at the Watchmen for no have our knowledge.

And only talking about what Jesus did on the cross.  We repent.

It is not their calling to gain the knowledge we gained.

God showed us why the Gentiles harp on the cross.

Do you understand that knowledge was our passion?

Father asked us if we wanted knowledge or Love.  I chose knowledge.

This is where knowledge of Truth if not tempered with Love can break a man.

Causing harsh judgement.  I am in pain and request your gracious prayers.

God showed us that Love is The Greatest Supernatural, eternal Gift that Jesus Himself had.  And that is how He was able to withstand pain unto death.  By Love for us.

For we have not struggled against death in our recent trials.  But all of Israel had to die to rent the vail.  Yes I died once.  The vail had to be ripped between the two realms for Israel to learn the mysteries of God.

Yet for now it seems we paid a high price (temporarily) for our knowledge.

What mysteries?  They are all over my websites.  But we warn you “evil is as evil does”.

And most Christians have already labeled our belief’s “Satanic”.  Understandably because God is both Ironic and he despises greatly Legion who is “Religion”.    All bibles contained great Truth.  And big lies.  If you worship the book and Beast you will likely despise what God taught me.

Every time I say “Jacob’s Troubles is over” after I endure another one I am show otherwise.  God help me I am at my limit.  This showed me the depth of Jesus’ Love.

Pain showed us the depth of Jesus’ Love.  Right now I do not even want to be in this world God forgive me for my flagrant disregard for the gift of Life.

Must we sit at death’s door again?  How can I now appreciate life itself?  Please God Almighty not another lesson.  Please I fear I would curse God if I was to go through another episode of lessons.

Gentile you are blessed to not have to go through Jacob’s troubles.  And now we finally pray for you.  That you will NOT have to endure “great tribulation”.

Is Great Trib the same as Jacob’s trouble?  Some say it is.

But what did Job’s wife say?

“Curse God & die.”

I did not curse God but I did want to die.  Being very angry at God I asked Him why Israel must suffer for her lessons.  I had no idea that I had not “come in” yet.  I was too busy learning at the feet of Jesus to realize that I did not have the level of the understanding of Love which Jesus showed me.

Israel is stubborn.  And don’t think for a minute that Israel is some geo-location.  Though our blood is defined by the beginning from the end because of our choices (we think).  Still I always had the bloodline of Israel the people.  How do I know?

In 2017 God my Father showed me who I am without a doubt.  He does not leave us in confusion.  He does not leave us to be tempted passed what we can handle.   Though it is the flesh which tempted Israel to scream at God.

Consider the relationship of your Father.

I get the feeling that He put us through the trials at generally the same time.  That we came in together perhaps.

I think I was once a Gentile.

I am born again again.  “Come In” means something else.  All of Israel were born again at the age of around 27-30.  Since then the lessons began.  A treacherous prodigal walk at which time we died.

God brought us out and delivered us (see my testimony) after about three & a half years.  There are no true Israelites that I know of on Youtube.  Only Gentile Watchmen.  They say “2030” but they do not know Israel has already gone through Jacob’s Troubles..  We hope to God there is no more but we don’t know for sure.  It feels like we got our final lesson of Jesus’ Love for us.   Hence

Israel will come in last.  We though we were “in” but it doesn’t mean “saved”.  It means to be spiritually ready finally.  The Watchmen were given a gift of Love to preach the gospel in Truth.

How could Israel be saved without the gift of knowing Jesus’ depth of Love at a deeper level?  Answer- John 3:16.

Don’t expect the bearded religious men to act in accordance with scriptures about Israel or God’s chosen.  Most of them not all worship the Beast and it’s Image (TV – phone).

Except they come in during the great trib. and they may need to renounce Legion/Religion.  Salvation is open to all people on Earth.   Judaism is a religion.  The lineage of the Pharisees.





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