Seek & Ye Shall Find

To Lions of the Tribe of Judah.

Lions and Rubies Lions and Rubies.
Will they burn or do they yearn for God?
Angels pour their magic red flaming dust. What’s bad for the Serpent is good for us.  If in God we do trust.  That’s a must.

Knock and it shall be opened unto you!

The time has come oh Father of Light.  We wait we wait for your Glorious Sight.

We have all grumbled in the wilderness.  Father knew we would.  The exodus is continuing as it should.  Nearly seven years are passed the end is almost here.  By the coming twilight of God’s miraculous sign we shall see into His new light to shine.

When Jazweeh said “2024 April 8 The New Earth shall be ours” it was too long for the watchmen to agree with.  However now that the eclipse of 2024 is near the watchmen will line up proclaiming it a high watch time.  But Jesus is already working in His chosen.  A work that is unparalleled in spiritual blessings to human beings.  The perfect is coming.

“Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed”.   During the twinkling of the eye comes God’s promised blessings.   And the mortal is putting on immortality bit by bit.

“Twenty four before my love and you’ll see…I’ll be there with you!  Yes-Fragile.  Roundabout.  The words will make you down and out (mandela effect/towers of babble dialect desecrations)……in and around the lake mountains come out of the sky and stand there……Ten true summers we’ll be there and we’ll see you!”

Poem of the Hunger  & Thirst for Righteousness

We tone and try and dream and die but forward we walk and talk while they stalk and stain.

Yearning to see our sacred place of dreams and visions by teams of decisions made right.  And wrong.  To leave this world we must we must.  For seeking out The Way of trust.   Trust in God does not come by lust or play on a tray of gay songs of rust to dust.

By sacred trials, hunger and thirst searching searching righteousness first we pray not curse.  We pray and thirst pray and thirst please show us the first the first the first.

Seek and seek for living water.  Seek and seek trial and fodder.   Trial and yearn.   He’s coming we know the signs He shows us all around.

The sound the sound of ringing and rhyme the end the end of time by time He’s here.  In part, He’s here.  Yet the second portion is illusive to us so we thirst for more our lack is with us today.  We wait for the promise the promise the promise.  Our lands that’s Home.

It’s nearly time for song and rhyme it’s nearly time for joyous chime and magic bells of ring and rhyme it’s nearly time.

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