Were you Led to Pray Tonight? If so….

On 11-8-2018 at around 7pm The Lord God Creator of the Heaven’s and the Earth led Jazweeh to turn off all the lights and electronics in the house, walk in the dark to her room and pray on her knees.  He led her to listen to the sound of the rain and thunder.  He told her to listen to the voice of the wind as it speaks. (surely if the people do not praise God aloud the rocks and stones shall rise up and praise Him.)

The Father told Jazweeh that this night His Spirit is travelling high and low near and far upon the face of the Earth, high above the Earth and under the Earth, even upon the face of the deep to mark all those who are destined for Jacob’s trouble.  Do not think Jacob’s trouble is for His chosen.  NO!  The trouble’s will come upon those who have rejected God and His Son Jesus.

The word “Lo” was never in the Bible until the Bible changes occurred.  But that is another matter entirely.  “Yea” has been replaced with “Lo”.

He showed Jazweeh those hiding in the mountains with exquisite accommodations that they enjoy even now as they test out their bunkers.  These elite make ready places of high refuge and they are living in them even now to tweak them for surety that they will suffice when they close the great doors and fear sits upon the land.

The younger heirs of the wealthy mock and scoff their parents who make them live in these bunkers to test them out.  “It (the apocalypse of end times) will never happen Dad, your wasting my time and your money!”

Jazweeh watched them as they drank wine and ate meat served on silver platters.

The word “bread” in the King James Version of the Bible has been changed to “meat” all over.  “take meat” always said “take bread”.  Do you remember this?  If you do, your chosen of God.  Rejoice now.

They drank from gold goblets while the Spirit of God passed over their heads marking each one of them for the worst trouble imaginable.  Unlike ever before. As it is written.

“I saw their heads dusted with a red powdered substance invisible to mankind as the Holy Spirit crossed by them.”  The red dust was invisible to them and it will settle on their heads marking them for disaster.  But what’s more it marks their homes for destruction.

God showed Jazweeh how simple cracker-box trailers with believers inside will be protected and spared from God’s wrath.  Howbeit the wealthy will sit back and call us “trailer trash” as we survive in our tin cans the most catestrophic of events.  The simple will confound the wise.  That is the “wise” of this world.  carnally wise.

These simple dwellings will not be touched, while thick iron doored covens dug deep into the mountains will be crushed and destroyed along with their inhabitants.  IT HAS BEEN DECREED.

This day if you felt something strange, something weird that provoked you to prayer, let it be known that the Spirit just as the Spirit of Death the day of passover, passed by the homes with lambs blood on the doors, this time that same Spirit marked mankind for Jacob’s end times troubles.

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