Holiday of Repentance September 18th-19th Sunset Yom Kippur

Repentance is it an annoying burden or a Gracious Gift?

I say the latter.

Repentance is a gift that will not always be available.  If ever your heart is convicted please take advantage of that burden lest you fall deeper into error and sin.

Today is Yom Kippur according to some calendars a holiday of repentance

September 18th 4:19am for whatever reason I heard drums faintly beating in the far distance sounding to me like the warning of Jesus’ soon return.

Look to the Skies Brothers and Sisters

Furthermore….I looked to the sky and again I saw the New Star that I believe is the warning star of Jesus’ return…..& warning of the great tribulation and impending rapture that will take place at the time of the kick off event disasters.

The new star shines in the southeastern sky and blinks like a red white and blue (that’s right) Christmas tree in the sky.  This star is unprecedented in beautify and vivid light.  There has been and never will be another like it in our life time.  CNN should be showing it to the world but instead they are silent of course.  You can see the colors with the naked eye.  And if you use binoculars its a brilliant color and light show.

Also, I woke at around 2 am with the sound in my ear “menorah” said the angel of God.  What?  What’s a menorah I thought?  Sounds like an umbrella drink on the beach ha ha!

Menorah is this:

Jewish tradition religious candlesticks

Well I don’t have a candlestick stand like a menorah but I can make one!  As long as one candle is higher than the rest I figure its a menorah.

I AM NOT JEWISH.  However Father has told me I am from the tribe of Judah and He has provoked me for at least two years in a row (maybe three if memory serves) to honor September 18th by fasting and the lighting of candles and prayers of repentance on my knees.  The only times I honor religious holidays of any brand are when Father provokes my spirit to do so.

To the Accusers of The Date Setters

I also felt as if the drums had something to do with the candle lighting.  As if it was a protecting ceremony from the wrath of God events that are to come upon the earth in less than 2 years time by my own prediction (guess).  PLEASE ITS NOT A SIN TO GUESS DATES NOR TO ANTICIPATE WHEN.  As a matter of fact those who accuse and finger point at the date predictors are playing Satan’s advocate by playing “the accuser of the brethren”.

The accusers lack understanding and are looking for someone to blame.  If they were of God they would know the anticipation that the sheep feel and understand why they guess add times and talk of season’s.  For even the Apostles themselves asked Jesus “WHEN WILL THESE THINGS OCCUR?”

Even Daniel after he received prophecies asked the angel “when will this happen?”  The angel answered:  Seal up the words Daniel.  This even is for a far off future generation.

Well the seal is off the book.  The prophecies can now be understood and the bible KJV especially has fallen into the hands of the wicked.  The wicked one is now standing in the Holy Bible.  If you know the personality of The Father and of Jesus you can easily pick out the corrupt scripture by its very nature.  Its that easy if you have The Spirit of Truth in you.

This paragraph is NOT aimed at sincere prayers “Prayer out for Display”

To all you You Tube channels who like to put your prayers out for display that thousands will hear and see them…..I no longer allow such prayers in my home and mute the TV when they occur.

Why would you do that Jazweeh?  I am a warrior in Jesus.   I do NOT risk careless word curses from people who are not careful with what words they pray.  I pray MY OWN PRAYERS THANK YOU.  And I would appreciate it if you actors of prayer and deceivers of men would also GO INTO YOUR CLOSET…..AND PRAY WITH HUMILITY as Jesus explained.

Is it a sin to pray on TV?  NO, granted motives are key.  The tell is weather or not the prayer is done in sincerity or in false pride and for display of ego.  This is the key.  Be careful what you agree with which comes out of the mouth labelled “prayer”. TV evangelists especially will lead you into rip cord prayers that set you up for a slip spiritually.

Do you hear the drums?

Do you see the star?

Do you see the Bible changes to the KJV?

Are you Mandela affected?

Then you see both “signs and wonders” as in the skies and wars and so on.  And you see the “Strong Delusion” put out by the wicked one as a hoard of lies that are changes to our own history.

For it is impossible for Father to lie, He is not a man.  Repent while it is still light.


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