The Word “Anti Cement ism” Is a Power Tool of the Elite

Americans don’t have time to be “anti Cement” we have better things to do than get involved in IS RAIL EE PROPAGANDA

Due to controversial topics this article is coded, please sound out the hidden code words so it makes sense.

Pray daily that ye be NOT deceived.  Repent of all lies lest you fall under the strong delusion with the rest of the lost sheep.  Our immediate and true history of what WE HAVE DONE AND SEEN AND LIVED is precious.  Someone is stealing that truth from the sheep on a weekly basis.

RESEARCH IT: RED FLAG::: Law passes in Florida that no one can speak against Israel in any way in any Florida School. Meaning you can’t say “is rail” is corrupt” its ILLEGAL. That is an anti-American absolute BREACH OF FREE SPEECH laws.

Now sorry for the code.  But this is one topic that will get my site ousted from the few viewers I have.  Look at what the media want you to think and feel. Look at how many times they have shoved that word and its idea down our throats.  ENOUGH!

Is know more news a Pale Stine Ines shill?  It could be but guess what….at least they show an alternative to the lies I am becoming intolerant and angered of listening to.  FURTHERMORE I have FIRST HAND INFO ON THIS WHOLE “abuse of the Pale Stine Ines and the theft of their land” “bad Pale Stine Ines, good Israeli’s reterrick”  I met two genuine Pale Stine Ines back in the late 80s.  That’s right the 1989 most likely.

They told me how they were wronged attacked abused and killed.  They were distraught that me and my friend knew NOTHING of their horrible plight.  Granted I was a stripper at that time and they were two customers.

But they were customers of us who I trusted and we went to their home with them.  I won’t tell you the rest of my debaucherous story of my past life of sin. But the men treated me with respect.  Unfortunately these men were raised on death and it was evident in their personalities to a point.  They were deeply wronged and that was obvious.

I choose to trust first hand knowledge over the lies of the media regarding this mess in the M.East.

At this point both sides have sinned against humanity as has every country.

Now…..Nobody gives a shit about what happened to the Jews years ago  If they say they do, its status quo.  That is unless we have direct experience with the holocaust persons.

So therefore why would American’s have some prejudice against victims in what to us is no more than a historical event?   THEY WOULDN’T , WE WOULDN’T.  It makes NO SENSE.   YET somebody got a law passed in Florida saying no student can speak about Israel in a negative way?  This 2019 Flroida law is under the guise of prejudice and hate crime garbage.   “Look it up at the Fox News link I provided, but if you search, don’t use [black goo goul] black goo goul is biased to the teeth and hides articles.  Please, for all research use duck duck go search engine”




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