Lazareth Come Forth! An Old Bible Change

From Lazareth  to Lazarus.

Its even more suspect that there is NO residual on this change than if there were.  This change is one of the first I suspect.

What greater sin is there that men steal our very history and memories?  What greater sin is there that men steal our memories in hopes of stealing our very salvation and foundations of faith. (yes the photo is another story)

Jesus raised Lazareth from the dead for those who don’t know the story.  Three days was in dead.  His family feared when Jesus tarried that his body would already be decomposing.  Jesus waiting three days was akin to His being in the grave three days then rising Himself.  The story now is changed to four days I think.

They can steal thoughts but they cannot steal our hearts.  Facts can be erased but Love and perfect Truth cannot.  Truth is in our heart.  Guard over your heart (with the full armor of God) for out of it flow the well springs of Life.

Lazareth come forth! When did they change it to Lazarus?  It must be a very early bible change because…I just now remembered it.  And when this happens it involves very old changes.

I believe they have been changing our history since at least 2006 in smaller increments perhaps.  Now they are going full bore with the changes to our reality.  Does “Lazareth” sound familiar to you? It should if your wearing the belt of Truth, it should.

Bless you all.  They will pay for their actions.  They will pay dearly at Armageddon.

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