Post Your Dreams & Visions In Comment Section

Please post & share your end of days dreams and visions in the comments box below.  We shall interpret it if needed.   Here’s the link to my own end of days dream of the men in suits with two large golden keys, blood, and a hospital scene.

Please don’t sleep with wifi on! Proof that Micro-waves and E.M.F are Dangerous

Electromagnetic Frequencies ESPECIALLY 5g and SMART METERS are toxic especially to children and unborn children.  Don’t expect the cell phone and communications lords of hell to tell you this people!   Put on the whole armor of God that ye will be able to stand in the last days on Earth. Please, truth and The …

To The 144,000 The Time of Sorrows & Purification is Upon Us

RIVERS OF LIVING WATERS ARE COMING.  THEY SHALL FLOW FROM OUR BELLIES BREATHREN. But first the purification.  The purification of the 144 is both physical, emotional, & spiritually. For the good news skip to the bottom “THE NEW EARTH.  Rapture?” Do Not Lose HOPE in your trials of fire Brothers.  For After the Trials of …

What Is To Come in 2021 to 2024?

This is What I see—From Jazweeh to The Fig Tree Generation. If you understand this article count yourself worthy for you share in the sufferings of Jesus.  We just cannot tell blind men that the door is red.  They know not red.