Soon The Holy Spirit Will Leave this Earth (2023)

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The Last (Third) Trump Call Is Next.


Judging from the end of days events and miracles very few people will go in the rapture.  And far less people will notice the rapture or miss those who are gone.  On the most part we surmise that its most likely that nobody will even notice the raptured have gone.

Why won’t they notice?  Because the strong delusion has the minds and memory of most Christians.

Those who really did receive the baptism of The Holy Spirit will soon depart.   The Holy Spirit comes with evidence of utterances in tongues.  And new gifts.  Anyone with the gift of The Holy Spirit unto man in Jesus name knows that most supernatural gifts morphed at the start of the end of days.  The gifts were different when it was all about showing people the Way to God.  There was deep heart wrenching intercession for souls.  The travail was deep and long.  The labor was intense and continued years on end.

What changes have intercessors experienced since 2017?  Travail turned into warfare.  And labor turned into a six year plus period of “The Annunciation of His Return”.  The intercessors pour out the announcement by higher language prayer. The prayers of light fall down upon the earth.   The prayers fall into the people’s dreams and visions & thoughts all across the Earth.

This is why we know it’s harvest time!  The burden for souls have ceased.  Those with The Holy Spirit who Love God’s still hold His words in their heart.  Most know that the bibles are desecrated.  Others only see good when they read the books.  Superimposing pre-conceived notions of what the meaning of the scripture is.  They don’t pay attention to what the book is actually saying now.  Christians are vailed. (Let the reader understand but they don’t).

So many Christians are vailed.  We don’t know why so many are embracing the words and blasphemy of the Dark Lord’s Bibles.  Does it really mean that they never knew the voice of the Good Shepard.  Or will the vail be lifted at some point?

Yes we see the words changing on the shelves in real time.  Blatant magic.  Deceptive signs and wonders.  Miracles of the end of days. See EYA Supernatural Bible Changes channel.  Or check my other website to see bible changes.

Bibles used to read that in the end of the age God would take His Holy Spirit from Earth.  And since His gifts are not revoked under any circumstance (that I know of) this means those who have The Spirit are going to be raptured after all.  To be sure, supernatural gifts do not save us however we have a part to play in God’s end of days works by those gifts.

Granted we don’t know if the vailed Christians who don’t remember and are under the tower of babble’s power are saved or not.  That is not our call. We just know that we must not judge them openly just because they have a vail over their minds.

Those of us who feel the God hole.  Those who suffered all of their lives due to being on a prolonged journey away from their true home will soon depart we hope.

How do I know?  Because of an out of body vision, the combined signs in the sky, the deceptive miraculous signs and magic, and the sound of the trump, the voice of the archangel has occurred twice already.  It woke me up.  I am now more sure than ever.  I feel in my heart there will be one more call to me by the Ark Angel #3 trumpet call.

July 23 to about August 22.  All 144 are Leo but not all Leo’s are 144.  133 are those who go before the throne.  These may or may not be Leo’s we don’t know for sure.  144 are the warriors of God on Earth.  They ushered in the the end of days events by their warfare prayers.  And by the calling out of angels.  That’s right.  By the higher languages the 144 called out the very angels which bring the great tribulation to cause mankind to finally seek God in Truth.

We invited our own Jacob’s trouble.

God in His gracious blessings gave mankind a part to play in the end of days. And in the war for souls. These 144 are also called “Israel” in the books.  They all go before the throne as 133.  But not all 133 are warriors of the supernatural weaponry of God Almighty on Earth.  133 have their own calling and have the gift of Love.  Warriors are not so gracious as these with the gift of Love.  Warriors tend to be angry due to their ability to see into the beast’s works.

When a human sees the causes of genocide and homicide repeatedly and they see the lies, the temptation is to become cynical and angry full of rage.  The temptation would be to project the anger onto others.

That is why the 144 must be especially self aware.  Knowing better what to do with their emotional condition than the average programmed human.   And they know what works to process rage.  Christians crave and ask for knowledge which most of them would be unable to process or cope with if they had it.   God does not remove free will from humans.  It’s one of his rules.

Religion and Truth do not align.   Religion and true prophecy interpretations do not align.  99.9% off all preachers don’t even have The Holy Spirit much less see the end of days miracles.  Even the watchmen who are called by the sign of Jonah a call to warn the many cannot see the miracles at hand.  Secular people are being called to salvation.  They see many signs and wonders called “mandela effects”.  Christians never mention.  Father God’s irony is unequalled.

We hypothesize that a man can still be born again and never really receive the supernatural gifts of The Holy Spirit because of how the Spirit of gifts comes in Jesus name and by the laying on of hands.   Few have ever participated in Pentecostal traditional prayer.  And some who have never received the gifts version of The Holy Spirit.  We don’t know for certain.


King James Bible
“And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem (Israel the people) Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes (sockets), and their tongues shall consume away in their mouth.”(Due to the Locust).

Forehead mark is seen in the Spirit.   Right arm mark is you know what.  God warned Jazweeh to not take the final solution in 2018.

Those who consummated with the Locust (as the books used to read) are physically suffering due to it. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have demonic presence that affects also the carnal flesh by consuming the eye sockets.

Of course the Locust info is being removed from the bibles (now babbles) as well as the antichrist and false prophet.  Oddly the most preserved bibles are J.W. NWT, and the Catholic w/pictures.

The winged abomination is gone from most versions.  The Dark Lord has control of the bibles and he is not allowing Truth to be told in it anymore.  Yes he is magically rewriting all bibles…they change daily.  I apologize for this uncomfortable Truth because few will understand.  Very few.

I see more and more the dark sinking eyes.  Why?  The Locust attached to the mark of the beast on the face attaching to forehead.  But not only that.  It came in the night and had to be seen in The Spirit and slain where it tried to consummate.  Few see in the realm of the Spirit to protect themselves by God’s Spirit from that particular demonic attack.  It’s a demon what gained it’s right by one open door.  For some reason most people are marked.

There always has to be an opened door for dark spirits to enter flesh.

God warned fervently against taking the right arm mark of the beast.  And He warned that if they are not sealed by Him they are unprotected from the foul locust.  So while the Christians sit and claim that they have the Spirit of God.  What they had was the Divine presence of God which all people received initially before birth.  Its the Spirit of Life.

The baptism is a spiritual experience event that does not go unnoticed by him who receives it.  Did they even ask God what the mark of the beast is?

All they say is what it isn’t.  Over and over they claim “its not the mark, its not the mark.”  And yet.  For those who did not take the cure, they have the Helmet of the Hope of salvation if they so choose.

The mark right arm is literally Pandora’s Box.  By it Hope eternal is lost. Sad part is they don’t even notice its gone because they never nurtured it within them.  This Truth is dismal.  My job is done here.  They won’t repent because they can’t face the Truth of what the mark is.

The shot steals Hope from mankind.  The eternal supernatural gift of Hope is much more important than anyone of us surmised before.  It is the Hope of the Helmet of Salvation.  Hope not knowing.  Hope.  A gift magical and eternal.

For those who never nurtured Hope, they are seemingly unaffected by their lose.  Goats.  But if someone of Faith who nurtured Hope took the mess they feel worse than death itself.  It is a fate worse than death for a true believers to lose the sacred gift of Hope eternal.

But with God all things are possible we Hope that if they repent they will be healed by Jesus.  After all that is why God sent Jesus, and the two witnesses.  To heal believers who need it.  Can Hope be restored unto a desecrated human?  A human who made themselves gmo by choice?  Those who took upon them the image of the beast (literal animal dna) in the sanctity of their geneology, their temples.   Apparently it is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.  But all things are of God and so repent if you took it and feel the changes.



My out of body dreams happened in late 80s early 90s approximately.  I had four out of body dreams that stayed with me for life.

1# I went to purgatory and released some people from their self condemnation bondage.  We walked them out as Jesus walked those out of purgatory years prior.  How?  For the 144 the veil is ripped and has been for many years.  Death itself allows us to see into the dark realms.  There are large iron doors on purgatory.  It is the top floor of hell.  The walls are rock.  When I died I too was behind a rock just as Jesus’ story put him behind a large rock which was moved away by the angel.  The 144 also died and went into the center of a dense rock.  We escaped death by fighting our way out of the rock.  Since I did not know Jesus when this event took place it was God Himself who allowed me exit from death.  I had my own resurrection.  I allowed death’s door in my life though it was not by my own hand.  That’s all I will say.  Read the book.

2# Those who leave their body KNOW IT.  There is no mistaking an out of body experience as lead to believe in Paul’s alleged writings.  “I knew a man, whether in the body or out of the body I don’t know”.  More likely the verse is altered.  Or he really was talking about someone else.  So many teachings stolen from us.   Anyway, I ascended on Jacob’s ladder only to be startled by a comical looking skeleton with a top hat and a cane, no less.  I went through a vortex and then arrived at Jacobs ladder.  Up up up I went.  I saw the skeleton, it scared me, and back in my body I went.

3# Out of body three.  I was flying more like floating above a church filled with people.  A small church with people all unaware of me flying above the.  Not only that, I knew they were blind of many things that I could see.  Perhaps it represented ascending.  I watched them as I watch the Christians on YT now.  Blind spiritually not seeing the many miracles which surround us today.  The end is near.

#4 And then it was my birthday.  Likely my final dream though I don’t remember the order.  I went to a room where God was sitting in a rocking chair.  He was in the form of a comforting, extremely peace filled friendly old black woman.  He looked upon me with Love and care.  Then balloons fell from the ceiling of the old wooden cabin’s upper room scenario.  It was the upper room.  Once written of in bibles before the desecrations.  These dreams represent, end of days strong delusion of the church people.  And the vortex I think was a prelude of my rapture.



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