Are We Really in End of Days?

Here are two of the scripture changes that show we are in fact in the end of days.


“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”  (CRUSH is missing)  Putting the serpent on equal footing with the Lion. A lie.

“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.”  Jesus left the books.  He is the Lion of Judah who left the sheep to their choices.

To see desecrated scripture go to my website.

Are people really dying from the Lark of the Feast?  Is the chot the lark? A horrifying video came out claiming that millions on Earth have already died directly from the chot.  What confirmation do I have that this is true?  Are people really dropping like flies?

First Hand Information

My mom died shortly after she took the Lark of the feast chot.  She never took back scenes normally.  But this one CNN scared her into taking and she did die shortly after.  Dad on the other hand takes every chot the pharmacy offers him.  He is the picture perfect obedient slave who is absolutely clueless to the beast’s evil debauchery.  Dad has been disconnected from his emotions for a very long time.  I could tell him his house is burning down and he would say “okay” we shall leave then.  With NO emotional response.  He’s been that way for years.  I noticed it back about idk ten years ago maybe.  He is not present with his emotional humanity.  My guess he is the guinea pig whom they gave the first samples  of the back scene to.


Stew Peters made a horrifying video called “Sudden Death”.  It has 16 million views on Rumble alone.   It’s all over the internet.  Watch “Died Suddenly” Here.

The point of the video is to say that the “chot” is killing people in mass numbers around the world.  And that injuries are even higher numbers.  Stew P. has proof after proof which he exhibits professionally in the production.  All his sources seem to be reliable.  Though most professionals don’t want to be named because they will be austercized for it.

The Harlot Was Crushed

Seems the Pig Farmers (Pig Farma) now owns the voice of free speech.  Pig Farma has a very long arm that reaches into peoples pocket and into their lives.  The restrainer is nowhere to be found.  The Harlot has been dealt with as prophesied.

The Harlot was the lesser evil who did restrain the beast.  (the corpses) The beast is the corporations from Hell.   The Harlot was religion with all her power.  The power struggle was mighty.  But the Harlot lost the war.  The great shift of power has taken place and they showed us their one world government when the world walked lock step with the orders of the Beast in 2020/2021.

The medical professionals on Stew’s video are saying that extreme damage to the heart occurs by the spike protein.  But also Cancer.  I know they put Cancer cell lines in all the chots.  How?  I read the ingredients back when they were public.  Also they renamed “cancer cells” calling them “immortalized cell lines”.  This is why vein tumors are showing up in people who are dying of what they now call “the clotshot“.   hot clots.  Do NOT watch the video if you took the chot.  Just pray to God for healing and don’t go to any doctors.  God will heal you for making a mistake.  We have all made mistakes.

This guy will show you that you are not doomed to Hell.

The post office in my neighborhood can’t get anybody to deliver mail.  They say nobody wants to work.  But used to be the PO had the most beneficial retirement and medical employee packages the little guy had access to.

Apparently now they don’t do that for their people.  Now they hire “contractors” to deliver mail who get no benefits whatsoever.  That may have something to do with it.  But hey, they also keep saying “millenials don’t want to work”.  This may also be true to a point.  But at least one in every two millennials is working or they would all be homeless.

The millenials I KNOW ARE WORKING.  All of them!  So that isn’t adding up either.  So is their a problem with population shortages or not?  Are people dying OR NOT?  How can I gain first hand knowledge of this allegation.  goog all debunks and the freedom fighters proclaim.  There’s a war on the Inet.

If you enter into gooddle all  this independent news site they will obstruct your access in some way. At least they did mine. 404 pages show up on websites that have nothing wrong with them. Then go to another browser and the website appears.


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