To The 144,000 One Hundred and Forty Four Thousand

To The Chosen of God & The Tribulation Saints

What is written in your Bibles about the Lion who lies with the Lamb?  Isaiah 11:6 now reflects that it is the wolf who abides with the lamb, no longer the Lion.  Jesus is a Lion.  “Out like a Lamb, in like a Lion” was once prophecy written (removed from all bibles by deceptive signs and wonders.. Covered up by the strong delusion).

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

NO! The Lion of Judah CRUSHES the head of the serpent. Yes.  What’s this “bruise, bruise” B.S.?  The evil one attempting to put the serpent on equal footing with he Lion.  It ain’t happening. Not in my heart!

Jesus was crucified as The Lamb of God but His return is something quite different.  He returns as a roaring Lion.  Evil is the serpent but Jesus & His Lions CRUSH (NOT BRUISE) CRUSH the head of the serpent.  These bible changes are unacceptable.  They are supernatural and few remember.  Few see the blasphemy of the desecrated bibles.

At the second coming of Jesus He is no Lamb.  And neither is His army on Earth as a lamb, anymore.  The children of God are now Lions.  Just as Jesus left the lamb in the bible to the wolf (because of their choices by free will they chose the beast weather aware or unaware.)  So too the Lions who walk as Jesus did on Earth are leaving Earth to the wolves.

Shall I write to you as one who is writing to a brother or sister who has already been through the end of days processes for the chosen few?  Or shall I write to you as someone who may have gone through the process unaware?  Or am I writing to those believers who are left behind?

Who are the 144?  Who are “those who go before the throne of God”?  God’s army are the 144.  His human army on Earth who battle in Spirit by His words.

They sing the new song that others cannot learn.  How?  They have the higher languages of God abiding in them.  By the baptism of The Holy Spirit gifts were given unto men.  So as to accommodate mere humans with the spiritual weaponry of God Almighty.  Of course the powerful and mighty gift of tongues is the most desecrated and mocked gift of all.  But without it, God’s words do not flow as perfect from human lips.

This gift of tongues is fluent and not to be confused with utterances that are very good but limited to words of praise & worship.  The full gift of tongues allows the calling out of angels.  Both warring angels and end of days tasked angels who have one purpose.  Just as the angels pouring the viles upon Earth.

Those who call out the angels also can see them in the sky.  The Angels of God came with the viles pour out the end of days events.  The 144 can communicate with them.  And God trusts these 144 with His work on Earth.  Mankind is included in God’s plan but if a man cannot fathom the supernatural how then can he carry out God’s miracles on Earth?

The Revelations from Jesus to us, are so powerful for those who believe we can barely contain the knowledge He pours out in the days of the great revealing.  The 133 are those who go before the throne.  They have The gift of eternal Love.   That Love plays out in ways they are lead to engage in.  Love toward God and His children means gifts of charity toward the needy.

The personality of a warrior who must also be as a child before God is quite a balance. We do not know if all those with the eternal gift of Love are also warriors by supernatural gifts.  But often these titles 133 & 144 are both on the child of God.

Many religious people proclaim their belief in a supernatural God.  Yet, when confronted with the prospect of true miracles of God in real time, they run.  They run as if these miracles only occur remotely to….perhaps Mother Theresa and the Saints of old.   If someone in real life talks of miracles happening they are usually called crazy and dismissed as being mentally touched or worse.

As Ostrich they bury their heads in the ground.  They cover their ears for they lack the emotional stamina it requires to walk in two worlds at once.  Zion & Carmel.

God gave men spiritual gifts.  For instance crushing free flowing demons in real time….Some see demons and other dark entities.  Seeing spirits would be considered insane in todays society.

I have yet to see a woman cast a demon out of another human.  Of course a woman can resist some sins and demons will leave after a while.  Such as lust, sloth.  These can be expelled by resistance. Other demons of oppression require deliverance prayer from the preacher.  Men are one’s who receive this gift of casting out demons.  They also receive the gift of healing.

Prayer and the laying on of hands is how supernatural gifts are received.

Bible Worship

Idolatry.  Why on Earth Did God Mention it So Often in the Bible

Some Christians worship the Bible itself without realizing it.  Often they worship and praise the bible over God Himself.  The Bible is now competing in idol status along with Hollywood movie stars or sportsmen icons.  Father showed me back in the early 90s that the bible would be a juggernaut of idolatry to many proclaiming Christians in the end of days.  They call the bible by God’s name.  The bible now proclaims itself to be God as prophesied.

Jesus is filling His children and transforming them.

Many shall be purified and made white, clean. 

This prophecy is happening now as a natural process.  Once 2017 came the chosen few began a lifestyle change.  They stopped eating dead animals.  They stopped many processed foods.  They began using purifying essential oils.  They went from start to finish cleaning up emotional wreckage of the past.  That means forgiving and addressing their trauma issues.  It means some behavioral changes and sin eradication.  They are not who they were 5 years ago.

In the twinkling of an eye

The chosen now see the twinkling of the eye prophecy within their own eyes.  The prophecy is literal.  With visions of a star white and bright twinkling from time to time in their inner eye meaning only they can see it.

The Mark of the Beast

The chosen see the forehead mark.  It’s likely obvious to all if they look.

The Seal of God

The chosen also see the seal of God on themselves or others.  Few others.  It’s either Jesus or a cross.

Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed

This is our Hope.

The dividing of time a time and two times.

The few now see two realities due to the Mandela effects and the sign and wonders with the deceptive signs and wonders.  This means some see the M.E. and other say they are crazy.  Those who see the M.E. have a greater chance of seeking God in Truth.

Jacob’s trouble

The five years since 2017 have been troubling for Jacob (Israel) the chosen few.  This is NOT about geography.  God looks upon the heart.  By our choices we step into one of the templates that God prepared for all people on Earth.  Goats, wolves, and serpents.  Lambs, Sheep, & Lions.  All people will choose one of these templates by their choices in life.

Israel-Is as corrupt as the rest of political entities.  

However “Israel” stands for the chosen few.

Those who go before the THRONE

Are the 133

Some have gone through great tribulation in life.

Many lessons had to be learned by the 144/133.  All the 144 have died at least once already.  Hence the second death.  There lives have included the walk of the prodigal son.  With much seeking and sin.  Love covers a multitude of sin.  He who sinneth much Loveth much.  To him who much is forgiven is all the more grateful to God.  To seek God early in life due to the feeling of separation from God manifests in ways you would not expect.   The 144 have suffered attacks all their lives.  Emotional pain means alot of self destruction was likely.

Desperation prompts seeking of solutions.  God is the solution.

The simple shall not understand the prophecy but the wise shall know.

Christians just do not see the fulfillment of prophecy.  “A greedy & adulterous generation shall seek a sign but the only sign God will give them is the sign of Jonah.”  And He gave it.  In June 2021 a man was swallowed up by a whale…not all the way into the stomach but yes in the mouth of the whale.  AND SURVIVED.   The Revelation 12 sign is only understood by the woman herself of Rev. 12.

Who is she?  She is the intercessor.  Who did she birth?  She travailed in deep groaning prayer to birth God’s army on Earth for end of days.   She knows the burden of travail by supernatural prayer of intercession.  Years on end.  Deep gray groaning prayers.  All the 144 are both the child and the warrior. Hence “man-child”.

Signs in the skies

We see the angels.  We see the sun change to white.  It is changing so drastically that it will create an electrical ark and go black we think.  Clouds have changed.  Stars have changed.  Moon on its side.  Smiley face moon.  Many of the signs are covered by the strong delusion.

The four Angels

Are here and pouring pouring pouring the viles.

Trials of Jesus

The chosen are the woman at the well.  They are the woman who grabbed Jesus’ hem of garment.  They are the many who saw His miracle of the fish.  They experience in real time what Jesus taught.  And His walk they walk.

What I do ye shall do also and greater shall those who follow me also do.

dreams and visions

They are now many.

The prophecies, the last trump, the abomination of desolation, the strong delusion.

Repentance Life’s realizations, All things work together for the good to those who Love God.

Amos 8:11 &12

Zion & Carmel

The Revelations of Jesus are so powerful for those who believe we can barely contain the knowledge He pours out in the days of the great revealing.


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