1st Cor. 14:33 Partially Preserved Scripture is for Those Who See

First Corinthians 14:33 Photo “Drink the Mirror”

“For God is not the author of confusion” the rest of the script is corrupt so I omitted it.  But Satan and his demons, they are the authors of confusion.

Children of God, Let your “Yes” be Yes and your “No” be No. Say what you mean and mean what you say because re-programming of our English language is geared toward the making of lies.  Meaning common terms will not mean what they say.  Such as, “I am sick of this or sick of that”.  Or “I am so tired of…this or that”.  We must watch that we do not curse ourselves or others by our words.  Words such as “shame on him or her” are curses to him or her.

Decoded is the 133 and the 144.

Decoded from 14:33 is the 133 & 144.  The 144 are the on their face prayer intercessors turned into standing upright warriors of God-literally.  They have been prayer warriors for many years.  However these 144 who live by Faith were turned in 2017-ish from intercessors of the lost into warriors against evil spirits.  The intercessors have watched as Grace age turned to judgement by their Spirit filled prayers they know.  And they pray against evil spirits in evil men, remotely.  The 144 do not war against flesh/people/or argue. They are not in the limelight.  They are not preachers for public consumption.  They are properly valued by few if any.  The 144/133 are the peculiar people.   See my 144 articles under “who are you in Christ” menu.


1st Cor. 14:33 scripture is a confirmation for those who see the bible changes in mainly the KJV that God their Father is NOT the author of the changes (on the most part).  All bibles are changed.  And as far as I have read so are other related Holy Books like The book of Enoch and the Apocrypha, the Book by Flavius Josephus is also changed.  How do I know?  I have the text 100 years old with new word/terms that did not exist before the M.E.  Most all books have been altered because all of the English Language is altered.

Who are the 133?

Those who go before God in His throne room.  The 133 are those who know God and Jesus knows them.  They go before Him in His throne room and fellowship with Him.  Why?  Because they have strived for years to know God at a deeper level.  They have The Holy Spirit in them, they are likely celibate by choice.  The 133 are not afraid to meditate in Jesus and seek in deep meditation.  They know that meditation is by far one of the most powerful ways to meet God by listening.  One sided relationships consisting of all talk no listen is what the church promotes.

Beware of those who call good evil and evil good.  I will NOT allow my good to be spoken of as evil by saying if I strive to meet my Father in meditation that only Satan will show up for the call…BULLSHIT.  By defining “meditation” in a common sense way we know the church lies.  After all how do we seek God?

Jesus did say “seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened”.  So then if you do not meditate and pray then where will you “knock” and where will you “seek”?

Yes God dwells in the praises of His people.  This is why Pentecostal churches are so much more Spirit filled than others.

But to seek the spiritual we must go to spiritual realms in our heart and with our mind in meditation.  Meditate in Jesus to protect yourself in the realms of the spiritual.  Anybody who has had an out of body experience or those who have died and come back usually KNOW that this world is not a higher realm.

Those who have died and come back often have felt the separation of their body from their spirit and know that they are spirit first. Therefore we seek God in Spirit and in Truth.

DON’T TRY TO BULLSHIT GOD IT DOESN’T PAY OFF admit fear, confess it, ask God to remove it.

Americans are programmed to bullshit by knee jerk reactions.  Programmed lying is in our neuralpathways as a defense and must be recognized, acknowledged and rerouted to be in Truth and to wear the belt of Truth.


Humans are all the while walking in a halloween costume of who they were programmed to be depending on what era of TV/education/indoctrination they grew up in.  We just want to be Loved and are taught that our human condition is all wrong.  We are taught to never allow emotional vulnerability yet that is exactly what we need to become who we really are.  This programming causes deep emotional constipation and pain.  To become who the beast system dictates is to go against our own heart.  It is heartbreaking for a child to discover they are all wrong according to the beast.

But first we must be courageous enough to walk through the programming of “I am bad and wrong” that keeps us from going there or anywhere that triggers the “I am bad and wrong” fight or flight defense mode that does blind us.  We must walk through the fear of admitting our faults, shortcomings, sins, and fears.  Problem is the programming to avoid such measures of self examination are deeply rooted.  MOST HUMANS ARE NOT SENTIENT.

The Seal of the Beast is Already Appearing on the Foreheads of Men

Its getting real people.

We Must Side with Truth Now

For those who side with the lie and feel in their heart the lie protecting them they are lost.   I know how to side with the lie and how it feels as a protection, otherwise how would I know to write this Truth.

Though most likely those who rely on lying (as we are programmed to do) won’t consider their own relationship to the lie to shed the programming.  This concept of Truth and knowing ourselves at a deeper level is KEY and vital in a relationship with Jesus.


We MUST first get real with ourselves before we are even able to get real with God.  If we do not do a fearless moral inventory of our fears and ask God to remove them in spite of all the fear programming (chicken, pu**y, panzy, and on and on the titles go for that which is an unavoidable human condition of fear), and also consider our resentments, our sins, our guilt, remorse, regret, and OUR SHAME then we have not cleaned house of our emotional programming and are incapable of being honest with ourselves and God.  Solution:  Start confessing on paper do a fourth and fifth step, work all the 12 steps for that matter.  Do you want to know God or not?  Are you courageous enough to really look at yourself?  You will find this out…your not near as BAD AND WRONG as the beast taught you that you are.  Learn to take off the MASK.  We MUST ALLOW OUR VULNERABLE SIDE TO SPEAK TO US.  WE MUST BECOME AS LITTLE CHILDREN TO WEAR THE BELT OF TRUTH.


Old English used to be poetic, mature, respectable in every way, it was a dance into a volume of language that held no guile or sin.  The language was clean.  It was a beautiful dance to read the King James Version when it was a Holy Bible.  I admit I gave much credence to the book and it took quite the re-education along with spiritual lessons to realize I was teetering on Idolatry with The Holy Bible.  God pulled me away from it in several ways so I could finally look at it with new eyes.  Its a process of Truth and we must be as little children to inherit the kingdom of God.

What are little children like?  They RELY on their Father.  Little children are teachable, humble, and cling to and Love their parents more than what their parents can give them in the carnal or naturally world.  Children Love their Father more than they Love what they can get from their Father.  See the difference?

1Co 14:33For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.



For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

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