He who Sineth much Loveth Much.

He who is forgiven much is generally, more grateful, than he who is forgiven little


What if the Mandela effect at corporate levels (movies, titles, product names etc.) was created by numerous corporate level hoaxes rather than black magic so as to deflect the real motives behind it all?  The  motive being that the Bible changes are black magic and the primary reason for all the other Mandela effect changes, to deflect attention away from the Bible changes.  Bible changes show the motives by the elite to deny God’s existence and to promote evil all over the globe.  To create man and Earth in the image of the beast.  So if the Bible Mandela effect is happenstance it is not a HUGE TELL.  But it’s not happenstance at all and is a huge tell.

Alabaster Box by Julie Meyer credit for the artwork

This means that he who is forgiven much holds more gratitude in his heart and Love for the Father who delivered them from so much evil. The Lord God our Father, and Jesus hears our voice and we His.

The most important thing I can think of regarding salvation is will He know us when we get there? Or will He say “I do not know you”? How do we get to know Jesus? The same way we get to know anyone, we keep in touch, we talk with Him often, we seek out His precepts. We ask Him to help us do His will. We pray for Faith, Hope, Love, and we ask for The Holy Spirit & fire so we are on fire to share the truth. Not “a” truth, THE Truth.

Luke 7:47 He who sineth much loveth much.

We born again all come from a different starting place, we do not have the heart condition to judge the people.  We make judgments for safety and survival sake.  God looks upon the heart.  He sees our heart and knows our motives.  He knows our starting place and how far we have come.

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