Fairwell Chuck Missler

I am reluctant to post this as its a calling out of deception and lies told by a man well loved by the masses of Christians.  Even I once thought he was the greatest preacher I had ever seen.  I was blind.

Many shall Miss you Mr. Missler.

If you deeply Love and believe in Chuck M. you may not want to read this.

How is it that probably one of the absolute greatest most forthright preachers on TV ever was strone under the strong delusion.  He was blind to the Bible changes and he admonished those who see.

His words paraphrased:  “The KJV Bible is a document, documents are used in courtrooms because they testify in a way that a human does not, being that they are unchangeable.”   Furthermore, says Missler, “this why documents are entered as evidence in a courtroom because they ARE (emphasis) unchangeable. ”  So he said and so he thought.

Who Was Chuck Missler?

Well according to https://informationcradle.com/usa/chuck-missler/

the information cradle website he was an admitted plagurest among other things.    WAIT JUST A MINUTE HERE!  Look at the many salvation tweets on Missler’s Twitter page.  How in the hell could a man preach the gospel and then also be among the rich and famous.  He was buddies with Hal Lindsey and of course he was from California where they make productions and movies.  Hollywood where they create preachers and crush them as well.  All the world’s A STAGE, don’t believe a word of it, the stage belongs to the The Beast.  Know it!

He owned numerous tech companies, was pretty much rich as hell.

Missler has also been accused of plagiarism of New Age writer Michael Talbot’s 1992 book The Holographic Universe in his 1999 book Cosmic Codes: Messages from the Edge of Eternity. Missler has also acknowledged this plagiarism and has since publicly apologized.

The man was a millionaire if not a billionaire and we know “its harder for a rich man to enter Heaven than it is to move a camel through the eye of a needle.”

Dr. Charles W. “Chuck” Missler’s Curriculum Vitae:

(From  by · Published · Updated


Member of a globalist group since 1998, the Council For National Policy (CNP).

Established the first international industrial computer network in 1966 while working at Ford Motor Company.

Founded a computer networking organisation later acquired by Automatic Data Processing (NYSE) to become its Network Services Division. Consultant to the Board of Directors of Rockwell International for corporate acquisitions. Pioneer in computer technologies, participation in the development of some of the most top-secret military systems, including the Stealth bomber, anti-submarine warfare, worked with William E. Simon, former Secretary of Treasury on a strategically sensitive ultraviolet laser project, partnered with Boeing on P-3 upgrade, CEO for Advanced developments for Department of Defense and other deeply classified customers, Global Positioning Satellite systems, Director of Applied Devices Corporation for data processing support services for international oil industry, state lotteries, etc.

Owner of The Phoenix Group, Inc., – 1989

Personally funded the first microchip implementation of the Data Encryption Standard (DES)

Gave false prophecy of Y2K where 2 videos were released by Chuck Missler and John Ankerberg with advertising title: “The Coming Y2K Computer Crisis Will threaten Anyone Whose Faith is Not in God!”. This ‘false prophecy’ is very peculiar considering his unbelievable resume regarding anything computer orientated. Why would someone who is a genius in the computing field say such a stupid thing.

Partnership with company that will soon launch 3 Satellites that will connect the entire world in the year 2014.

Helping establish the African Union currency called the Auricâ Currency.

Participated in over 100 business ventures as a principal, strategic adviser, or turnaround specialist. Ford Motor Company, TRW, Western Digital Corporation, as well as U.S. and foreign governments.

Missler was Senior participant in highly classified projects serving the intelligence community and the Department of Defense.

Missler the Mason?

Personally I think Missler was, just as every other televangelist, appointed to his acting part by the controllers in abated in Hollywood baptised in the blood of saints.  The elite prop people up and the elite strike them down.  No man is privy to the masses without the approval of the elite rulers who most likely live in Antarctica seeing WE CAN’T GO THERE OR SEE IT.

All things are being revealed to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  The Bible KJV is but a SHADOW of what it once was.  Shadows and dust, shadows and dust.  Time is running backwards and so are the sheep, so are the sheep.

Just enter search on this website “BIBLE CHANGES” or “bible change log” for more articles on the KJV Bible changes at hand.

BUT < I have not answered the question, have I.   Why did Chuck Missler miss the bible changes?  He knew the scripture inside out and upside down  He could not have possibly mis-remembered what it once was.

But Why Didn’t Missler See what is in Front of Him?

Notice Chuck teaches and he intellectualizes GREATLY salvation.  He picks it apart and puts it in little compartments that he calls lessons.  But unfortunately there is no POWER in the intellectual.  There is far more power in a man telling by truth and gratitude exactly what God has done for him.  As a matter of fact our testimony is one of the weapons by which we overcome sin and deception.

So teachers like Chuck who don’t speak from experience but rather they speak from a high place in the mansions of men where butlers and slaves meet their ever need.  These mega preachers are propped up for the elite, by the elite for a purpose….to control the masses by mind control.

I just watched  https://youtu.be/4gT-hcAwHBk

Chuck Missler interview.  He mocked “those charismatics” he mocked those who see the Mandela effects and he mocked and belittled those who put anything over what he called “the word of God” meaning “The book”.  Clearly he idolized the book above God Himself by that statement.  He said the book should eve be put above our own experience with The Holy Spirit.  He said that “The Holy Spirit is not a phenomena” meaning you don’t notice when you receive it so you would not see it as being a great event that happened to you.  “The Gift of the Holy Spirit from God” as being a time of supernatural ellation unmatched by anything ever in your entire life.

But why wouldn’t the receiving of God’s Spirit be a great event to be remembered?  If Sex and orgasm are the best feelings you have ever had then what will you worship?  Receiving The Holy Spirit IS FAR BETTER THAN ANY SEXUAL PLEASURE yet people say its an automatic given when you say the copy and paste gospel program. Again intellectualizing salvation and God Himself as mundane and humdrum.  Obviously Chuck Missler missed the Holy Spirit otherwise he would have given his TESTIMONY of him receiving The Greatest Gift man can have save the divine presence in us all of God’s divine presence is the Holy Spirit. If you take the mark of the beast I am afraid you will lose God’s presence in you.  If you are stuck in the great tribulation I fear you will lose God’s presence in you except ye be called to minister in that time.  Men will want to die but will not be able to.  Such a horrible horrible fate to lose your Creator’s Divine Presence.  Please seek Him now.

So Missler says in the interview about a woman who questioned his views on the Mandela effect, which by the way are huge end times signs and wonders that Missler was clueless about….anyway he says with all sarcasm “I have some property I would like to show them.”  Ha ha…the man seems to lack Love and respect for fellow humans as he mocks this woman on national TV.

Mr. Missler interrupts repeatedly his interviewer, this also is disrespectful and prideful.  He goes on to say dreams are “tricks of the mind” no doubt to discredit all those who are having end times “dreams and visions”…you know the scripture…men shall dream dreams.  He was probably getting warning dreams and that’s why he felt the need to say “tricks of the mind”.   Just a guess keeping in mind the nature of the flesh that I am well schooled in.

Missler’s absence of spiritual insight concerning the bibles supernatural changes had to be more than just [him not noticing] the thousands upon thousands of changes to grammar, wording, spelling, punctuation, and corruption to the VERY precepts /principles of God The FAther (Adoni) and Jesus the Holy Son of God and what that entails.

What am I saying?   I am saying the very concepts of Good Vs. Evil are now skewed in the book.  If a sheep reads the “Is there any evil that I have not made/done?” scripture then what?  Then, we now have God doing evil whenever He feels the whim.  So how in the F**k do we define good from evil if God is evil and does evil.  We got Him cursing and damning and hating and more hating.  The word “hate” is multiplied in the KJVB.  Just the word “hate” is contrary to the Truth that “God is Love”.  Pure unconditional Love DOES NOT HATE ANYTHING PERIOD.

The Strong Delusion/The Great Deception

Those who do not see the Bible changes to the KJV are under a spell of the strong delusion prophesied in 2nd Thes. 2.  Granted this delusion is a lie and NOT sent out by God.  God doesn’t deceive us.  Satan is the father of lies. He is the “Author of confusion” who wrote the new KJVB.  Satan is an Author  and a songwriter.  If they knew the bible well and how it was written, its very temperature, and personality and the precepts therein.  And now they say [it’s the same as it always was].  Same as it ever was, same as it ever was. Then they have prefered the lie over Truth.  It was their choice to come under the strong deception that Satan has Authored.

If the sheep skip over verses of debaucherous blasphemy showing God as hateful, spiteful, vindictive, sarcastic, transgender, and wearing a bra and girdle something is wrong in their heart and mind. IF they are familiar with the term “Ancient of Days” or “Bishop of our soul”.  If they remember the The Wolf and the Lamb and not the Lion and the Lamb.  If they say “goodly” as if its a real word.  Or “believe on” instead of “believe in” then they have been downloaded with new memories and there ain’t a damn thing we can do to make them see their old history, their TRUE history.

Why? Bottom line-  “They Loved NOT The Truth”.  They don’t Love Jesus who is Truth OR/and they have sided with the lie believe that a lie protects them and aids them in their walk somehow.  They preferred the lie.

The Psychology Behind the Strong Delusion

How could such a grand teacher prefer lies over Truth?  Answer?  Either he was always just an actor putting on a show for the masses OR he was a real preacher led into embracing lies.  Most people minimize the impact that deception has on their own heart and mind because of programming.

We are Programmed by our Devices

For years we have watched on TV while the most heinous of lies are commited in ways that can be justified by circumstance and logic.   We lie to our children thinking its protecting them, we lie to our boss so we don’t get fired, we lie to the man at the store so we can return the product, we lie, lie, lie and think the lie gets us by.  Self knowledge plays into this theme of lies.

Programing Starts at Birth

The Hardest Truth of all Truth is the one that leads to LIfe everlasting.  That Truth is that a man see himself as he truly is.  Why is it so hard to see ourselves?  Because we are programmed from birth to bathe in denial and lies.  We are the sacrifice of Abel, we are the blasphemy of Caine, we are the epitome of self destruction all wrapped in a big red bow while we are destroyed from without and from within.  No one wants to look at that.  The mind is very powerful.  Once a child’s heart is broken by the lie that says “you are bad and wrong” then that child is pliable to wear any mask the beast system provides for her.  The child just wants to be liked and to be seen as good.  “OH HELL NO!  THAT MAKES ME WAY TOO VULNERABLE TO OTHER PEOPLE, I CANNOT EVER ADMIT MY INNER CHILD HAS BEEN CRUSHED BY HURT AND PAIN.”

The Broken Heart is the tilling of the soil of Contrived Perversity

The child’s heart tilled like the soil. “Above all things beathren, guard over your heart for out of it burst the wellsprings of Life and Love”

Love of the lie starts there at the broken heart.  We are all victims of the Beast’s lies.  So we end up embracing the lie instead of exposing it.  THIS my friends is why so many are under that strong delusion. The process of the epiphany of self awareness alone takes seven years of work on self.  What kind of work?  Sometimes therapy, with 12 steps work, and writing from the heart and more writing, prayer, much prayer, counsel from others.  We must recover who we were and become WHO WE REALLY ARE.  Then and only then are we able to embrace Truth the way it should be embraced.  But still we must continue to guard against siding with the lie as if it were protection because of latent mind control programming.

The Bible is no longer “Holy” it has become a book of “fables”

BUT, the scripture is skewed.  Jesus now calls for the murder of those who need “slain” according to His whims.   I know Jesus didn’t say that but apparently the blind sheep who adamantly proclaim Jesus as their savior and promote the copy and paste gospel at every turn over and over (copy paste as opposed to a true heartfelt testimony “they overcame by the word of their testimony.)

sidenote: People attack me when and if I tell them a testimony is not a copy and paste “say this prayer so you can be saved” message.  TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS.  One delivers salvations while the other is just following directions.


Seek God with your whole heart because lip service does not work when it comes to salvation of the soul.  YOU MUST BE TRUE WITH GOD AND TELL HIM YOUR HEART.  DO NOT COMPARTMENTALIZE AND HIDE PARTS OF YOURSELF FROM HIM LEST YE REMAIN IN SIN.  Lay on the bed, spread your arms exposing your heart.  Then tell God “look at my heart Father, please see all of it and both save and deliver me from death and hell”.  Do this and FAther will respect your honesty.  Jesus is The Truth…Truth is your armor.  Leave the lies to those who fear rejection and abandonment of their peers.  There is no other reason to lie except for fear of losing something you have or getting something you don’t want.  Truth is a buckler it grounds you in righteousness and protects you from evil.

How?????  Because once you lie, or sin you just gave certain demons the rights to certain parts of your life.(I believe)


Depending on your sin a scroll of permission will be given to a certain low or high level demon.  The more you sin the more exposed you are.   Sin begets sin.  Sin begets vulnerability. You think Truth makes you vulnerable?  Not so.  We live in the world of the upside down where every precept is twisted inside out to deceive YOU.

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