When Is The Rapture?


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  1. The Lion has left the lamb with the wolf.The one guy out of the bunch uses the beast sign language with his hands. He emphasizes words with every hand signal. Watch & listen. He is projecting the sshh, triangle, pyramid, praying hands, directed pointing, and so on. These symbols are trained learned behaviors. He gives homage to his god. He is practicing sorcery for mind control. What’s his agenda? No telling. Perhaps he is a babble pusher. However I could be wrong…..It’s insulting because they are saying with their hand by disrespect to us “we are in the club of those who know and you can’t join! We have a secret club and you can’t climb into our tree house. You don’t have the secret password” Well Mr. Hand signal the smile doesn’t fool everyone. Your eyes and forehead speak something quite different than your endearing fake smile.

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