Who Is Israel the One Hundred & Forty Four Thousand?

The Lions from the Trible of Judah.
Perhaps all of Israel are Leo but its likely not all Leo’s are Israel.  It’s also likely that the dates of the true tribes days of birth and signs are skewed.

To be sure- those proclaiming themselves to be “Israel” by heritage.  The bearded men who oppress women & worship a wall must be born again.  Its very late in the game.  And baby believers are not eligible at this time to go through the whole life lessons that Israel has already experienced.

Religious unbelievers who deny Jesus The Son of God….these are the Pharisees.  They betray human kind.  The Harlot is religion.  The beast is/are the corporations who poison the masses.  Are they one in the same, the Harlot & the Beast? They have joined forces and are now a one world order of law.  These traitors will soon be thrown into the Lake of Fire.  Their unity brief.   And their rule is merely a means the an end.

Israel are the chosen of God.  The beginning from the end.  They become Israel by their choices.  They become the bloodline of Israel by their life’s journey’s choices.  And ultimately they side with and Love Truth.

Years ago the lineage of Jacob went mad.  Meaning they became infuriated with God for allowing evil to rule over them.  To throw them into bondage.  The stories of Moses & Egypt are not history they are prophecy.

As most every true Bible story is prophecy.

What happened when the prophecies of the end of days were taken seriously by the evil ruling class?  Why were they taken seriously?

Prophecy began fulfilling back in the thirties and increased like birth pains from their on.  The elite got scared.  Why?  Because prophecy shows that Israel will be restored upon the Earth.  And evil men will be thrown into the Lake of Fire.  And they will.  Very soon.

Evil and powerful men live for that power.  The threat to their power is the bloodline of Israel.  All things are now being revealed just as prophesied.  Just not to the religious.  All things are being revealed to Israel.  I am the Scribe of God who writes of the chosen few.  This doesn’t mean that I myself am chosen.   Nor is that what I am saying.

Does not God appoint Scribes?  Of course He does and has throughout time.

Once upon a time their was a group of people who Loved God and fellowshipped with Him regularly.  But then what God gave them…their land, their peace on Earth, their possessions, their women, even their children were stolen from them by strong armies of evil men following Dark Lords.

These soldiers of darkness followed evil men because of one thing and one thing only….money.  They were able to provide for themselves and their families by the Dark Lord’s death call.   The soldiers sold their souls for a meal.  Esau sold his spiritual birthright inheritance for a meal.

Anyone from any race of people pretty much could have become the line of Israel. Given they made the right choices in Life.  Being chosen was not dependent upon geo-location or is God shallow?  The blood in their veins became who they are.  Not the other way around.  Hence the beginning from the end.

For this reason and a lack of understanding the supernatural ways of God evil rulers were unable to blot out Israel.   They tried to breed them out.  Breed them away by corrupting their seed by marriage to the most carnal of races.  Nor were they able to abolish the bloodline by slaughter of rage.  Because they never really identified Israel.

And at the end of the day….these evil rulers got a taste for the blood.  A lust for it.  And decided to just slaughter as many humans as they could.  Kill them all!  Was the call of the Dark Lord.

The world became a very dangerous place in the end of days.    Everything was poisoned that came out of the local marts.  From furniture to food it was all poison.  At one point Israel went mad and had no idea any more that they were in bondage or chosen.  They accepted the beast system they were born into.  They rejoiced when they “got jobs and orders” from the slave masters.  It meant they would survive for a time anyway.

Life spans grew shorter and shorter and shorter by the poisons.  But they had not clue they should be living hundred of years.

The bondage of slavery was hidden by the Image of the beast. (tv).  Their own slavery became stealth and invisible to the masses of people.  And few ever realized that they were oppressed and slaves to the dollar.

It was mankind who summoned the dark demons from the deep.   With every sin a door opened.  Soon their were masses of dark entities roaming Earth.  After a while so many that Earth become ready to receive and accommodate the Locust Creed from Hell.

But there were a few in the end of days who held on to Truth and defied the ways of the wicked.  In the end of days at a time when embracing Truth is the most unlikely these chosen few defied the odds. Israel returned to itself.  Israel became Israel again and re-united with God and with Truth.

All things being revealed their bloodline was awakened.  The children of the Sun began to awake and to realize who they are.  Father told them the whole story from Adam on.  How Israel became furious with God and went mad with anger toward Him.  How they took the walk of the Prodigal Son and nearly perished.  They died.  They were resurrected.  And they ripped the vail to see what is.

Their blood began to speak Truth to them in the night.  Teaching them lesson after lesson after lesson of all that they lost along the way.  The time of enlightenment is a time of restoration.  But it was somewhat agonizing to watch prophecy after prophecy, miracle after miracle and still be in the wilderness of uncertainty.  Their lessons were still coming by Faith and by Hope.  They wait earnestly for Hope to be fulfilled.  Yet they are watching it happen piece by piece by piece.

Gradually their troubles transmute into blessings.  After their prodigal walk they spent years becoming who they are now.  Years of learning and more learning of spiritual lessons.  They were tempered into spiritual warriors by God Himself.  They learned to fight and to become overcomers.  Got removed the veil.  And he opened their eyes.  Yet the Gentiles sleep still.

How do you tell a Christian from a Believer?  A Gentile from Israel? Christians are waiting to be glorified.  While Jacob knows that all Glory is God’s.  Never should the man seek God’s Glorification nor was it ever promised by Him.  Glory seeking is a blatant rebellion against the precepts of God Almighty.  Hence Jacob knows God.  God is in His blood.  While Gentiles are marked with the mark of the Beast.  They are infested with the Locust Creed on their face.  And the winged abomination is perched in their hair.  Jacob sees the end of days creatures of distain.  He is sealed by God and protected to the day of deliverance from this evil Earth.

Gentiles & the religious/Legion do not know their own heart.  They Love not the Truth.  Therefore they are incapable of going before God in Truth.  They are still under the spell of lies and sorcery which the Dark Lord invoked upon mankind.  We think perhaps they shall experience their own great tribulation once Jacob departs Earth.  Very soon.

The Locust came in the night and Jacob slaughtered it with its flapping wings and vulgar suction of consummation.  Vile creatures have infested mankind.  They are made in the image of the beast…unclean beings who were once human.  Now they are modified.  Gee Emma oh.

And even though Jacob has in his blood the anger of the ages toward God who allowed the evil men to rule him by bondage and poverty.  Still he knows that he never would have learned the lessons of wisdom without God’s methods of teaching heart level Truth.  For those things that come easily to men they quickly forget.  While in the flesh and by Faith Jacob learned his lessons.  And now God is restoring his blood memories.   Memories that go all the way back into the times of the beginning.  When their forefathers and mothers walked the Earth in righteousness and in Truth.  When evil men were just beginning their debauchery.

Father will annihilate with fire all of those who are not His.  The Gentiles have their opportunity at salvation apparently by grafting.  But their walk is not the walk of Israel. And their calling is quite different.  Israel will not be subservient to anyone in the coming days.  Gentiles will have their paradise if they truly believe at heart level.  But this Scribe is the Scribe to Israel. Not to the Gentiles.

We accept Father’s Grace toward Gentiles because we too are reliant upon Grace.  Though we do covet His favor.

The beast desecrated most people’s bloodlines with it’s invention.  While God made clear to Jacob to not allow such things into his blood.  By it his ancestry would have been blotted out of memory just when God is waking up His Children.  God won’t allow it.  The lessons are finished.  The plan is fulfilled.  The harvest is here.  The gathering is nigh.  And the plan of God Almighty now revealed to Israel is brilliant before them.

He will protect us from their inventions.  For once they find a way to corrupt Israel without their permission the Earth will finally become dangerous to the point which we must exit for a time.  And then The New Earth comes.  The Promise Land.  God’s promise shall soon be fulfilled.







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