Apparently Bohemian Grove and “CLIMAXED” is Now in “The Message Bible”

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“The Message” Bible Translation

NOT TO MENTION “CLIMAXED” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  This is as bad as the word “STUPID” all over other translations and “HATE” is multiplied in it.

17 “All who enter the sacred groves for initiation in those unholy rituals that climaxed in that foul and obscene meal of pigs and mice will eat together and then die together.” God’s Decree.

What’s this?  Is this speaking of those who are said to worship the owl at the Bohemian sacred grove?



Bible used to read that Jesus would return with one foot on Mt. Carmel and one foot on Mt. of Olives.  Interestingly enough prophecy of Jesus’ return was in Zechariah 14:4.(144)  The verse has changed to a complicated splitting of Mt. of Olives and a valley being created instead of the existing vally being mentioned as I remember it……

Now… memory was not certain what the second mountain of Jesus entrance of two feet landing, at the battle of Armageddon was, if it was Zion or Carmel, the first was Mt. of Olives.   I was pretty sure the second was “Mt. Carmel”.

In my research I googled maps to see how close together these two mount’s are in Jerusalem I found that the two mountains Carmel to Olives are (144) 1 hour & 44 minutes away from one another.  This pretty much confirmed to me that my memory of how His returned used to be pictured in scripture is accurate.

This whole mess contradicts the new scriptures in Revelation of Jesus entering on a white horse with that whole “bloody vesture” business and his name tattooed on His thigh…this thigh image is suspect (but I am exaggerating it doesn’t say tattoo but it does say “name on thigh” which is WEIRD and new insinuating that He has a tattoo on His thigh.   Plus the Rev. scripture says “A name no man knows and then directly after that goes into how His name is The Word of God embossed on His thigh King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  It makes not sense logically saying no known name then giving two names.   It used to be the only one shown on horses in Revelation were death and the rest of the four horsemen of the apocalypse….as I remember it.  Reference Revelation 19:16.

That supper of the great God where Jesus calls all the beast to eat dead flesh is just gory and I don’t believe it was worded as such, whatsoever before the bible changes.  People these changes are happening about every Sunday as the changes to our history multiply.  See the “Serpent’s Wheel” articles for details.

FURTHERMORE that whole “rod of iron” description should be Scepter of Gold.  Come on!  They give Kings golden scepters and Jesus gets a rod of iron.  This change is another insult to our Savior.

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    1. Yes I did an article about the “grove”. I think they put it in there to parallel somehow the bohemia. My bible change log in froze. I can’t add anymore. Its so long I had to split the page into 3 parts. They are all in the menu. Do yu think EYA could be a net to catch Christians who see the changes? You know so many people send her changes by email. She could easily do all her vids off of gifted information. It’s just that there are many changes she doesn’t know & will quote corrupt script as if its still valid. Idk. Just a thought. Its hard that we can’t trust anybody. Your absolutely right about the whip.

    2. Roman Please let me know if you see anything really weird. I expect to wake up one day on an Earth with hardly anyone else on it. I have had this dream twice where the New Earth is coming. A new nature. The new agers talk about seeding a new earth and I think they re right. God has a new nature seeds that will (once this earth is burned up by wormwood) the new seeds will have no threats like our nature does. It will grow passive plants with endless food on trees. No insects that bite or sting. A new earth with people who will not destroy it and respect it as God given. Those who seed the new earth will be protected during the demise of the Old Earth. Do you have any feelings about a New Earth? I could be wrong as always. Perhaps I am dreaming like my husband says—“wackadoodle”. Roman I know the miracle mandela effects are so people will be saved. But I can’t help but feel that Father is getting ready to fulfill the wormwood prophecy. The return of Jesus will be in those His breathren. Those who know Him. I don’t see HIm returning to Earth as some king. He won’t do it. He has already ascended. What He will do is return in us. That’s what I see. He will return & walk the Earth but not like people think. Also natures vengeance is part of His return. What do you think will happen? Of course many will go to their eternal homes or stasis to await the New Earth’s 1,000 year growth period. Many will have their own personal Heaven’s until the Earth is ready. Many will swim the lake of fire. What I am saying lines up with prophecy but not like the preachers or Hollywood or christians portray it.

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