They Laid Their Crown (Minds) at the Alter of The Beast

I Will Not Tell you of the Lambs to the Slaughter Without Explaining Also the Lions First.

Disclaimer.  This is what I feel in my Spirit written below.  I am a scribe of God.  I hope I am not wrong about any of these end of days scenarios.  I pray God I make no mistakes with the visions of the hereafter that I have within me written here.

If you already read my 144 sheep, goat, lion, lamb, articles you may want to skip the boxed in portion of this page.

Of course the analogy of Jesus is the first meaning of the lambs to the slaughter.

Who Are the Lambs for the slaughter..

In this end of days story of life eternal and death.  Hang on to your boot straps people.  God gave Jazweeh a revelation she felt she should have figured out.  But He said “It must be revealed, all the end of days story can ONLY be seen by those to whom it is revealed by The Holy Spirit.

Whether by Scribe of God or by Guides of Spirit it must be revealed.  And since Christians are taught to never meditate in Christ least they worship Satan by accident it is only those who defy Christian programming and do meditate who seek by prayer and meditation to see the end of days story in its entirety.


The scribe Jazweeh

The Lions of God Are the 144,000 Warriors

The Lions of God Are the 144,000 Warriors

These intercessors are properly judged by none.  They believe what Christians would label "evil".  They do not just utter tongues they speak fluently in the higher language for warfare and prayer.  Christians hate the gift of tongues because they do not understand it.  The bible teaches little on the topic of higher language.  And those Christians who do teach, usually have NO experience with the gift.  That's just the way it is.

Higher language is one of the absolute weapons of the 144,000.  Or is God's language in men to be mocked as some worthless spiritual gift that men should tell the women to "shut up" quit praying in that language because we don't understand it.

The lambs cannot sing the new songs that the 144,000 sing.

The 144 are warriors.  

They are not under the strong delusion which has deceived the many lambs being lead to the slaughter.

The strong delusion blinds mankind to Amos 8:11 &12 the famine of God's words that is NOW.  The Lions remember and see into the two realities.  The blasphemy of the supernatural Bible changes is God's words being desecrated.  That mean ALL BIBLES OLD AND NEW HAVE CHANGED AND ARE CONTINUING TO CHANGE MAGICALLY.

The bible change phenomena to all types all old and new.  That means your grandma's 100 year old Bible is corrupt.  This is the Abomination of desolation part I. 

What Are the 144,000

You see, the warriors of God are Lions.  They had their time as lambs to the slaughter already. They are also lambs who rely heavily on God.  Yet they have the strength of battle.  They have already been through great tribulation being the woman in travail of prayer by burdens.  They have even experienced death itself that could not hold them.  They have gone through the same spiritual cycles as Jesus in many ways.  Gaining the 12 stars by their choices and actions of courage and selflessness in the face of great opposition.

They have already visited death and hell, purgatory, the grave.  The 144,000 have the crown of 12 stars because of their walk with God.  They became the clay in His hands molded by trials of fire.  He worked them through a very long and painful process of spiritual creation.  They are not perfect while human. But they have accepted their human condition no longer being split in anguish over flesh vs. Spirit.  They embrace fear, they know what to do with shame and they confess all their heart to Jesus.  He knows them. 
 They do not compartmentalize keep Jesus at arms length.  They have confessed their fear and distrust toward God's will but courageously with full awareness prayed the prayer "Thy will be done in my life."

They are overcomers.  They have overcome the world on the most part.  They are not of the world.  They go before the throne daily.  They worship in Spirit and in Truth.  They are the woman at the well.  They rode the Sacred Donkey.  They see the New Earth coming.  They walked the perilous Prodigal walk and survived.  They proclaimed Jesus in places that brought the sword to their neck.  And the angel stopped the swordsman from cutting them down. 

Brothers, The Bible that they know was much different than this desecrated book.  They know the prophecy of the talents and the redistribution has already taken place.  In 2017God showed is army who they are.  Now they are first.  Before this 2017, they had no idea nor did they fathom to be God's chosen few.  He took them through their entire lives and showed them each choice that made the grade.  How they fought for the innocent by overcoming fear itself.  God showed them the beast and how it twisted them with lies.
And what of the second death?  
Jesus would not have mentioned it if it wasn't for a reason.  The 144 have had the first death.  So they are prime for the 2nd death that they will not suffer of if it happens.  
This could mean rapture.  Or A simple quick death, leave the body.  And then be safe in Heaven while the worst parts of the trib. take place.  This is very likely.  Why else would Jesus have mentioned it unless the 144 are also to be martyred after all they have already been thru.  God I hope not.
And I doubt it.  Why?  The 144 do not need (I surmise and hope) another trial of fire.

The Lambs Lead to the Slaughter

Part II of the Abomination Desolation is lambs being lead to the slaughter who have lost their memories & abilities to detect blasphemy (especially in bibles) lost -to the beast.  They willingly handed their crowns over to the beast.

Make no mistake.  NO warrior of God who is given a crown or helmet by God throws it away before God’s throne or elsewhere.  ON the contrary our crown is precious and we will not neglect it.

What is the crown thrown before the throne onto the floor?  Partly it is the Hope of the Helmet of salvation which is part of the sacred spiritual invisible armor of God.  It is what would have protected their memories from the strong delusion.   IF they had put their Faith and Hope for salvation in God Himself.   Instead they put Hope in the doctrines of men the fallen Bibles.  They say “see we are not appointed to wrath, see we shall be raptured.”

However they know not the mysteries of God.  Even before the desecration of all bibles the books were never absolute about a rapture.  My most applied scriptures to a rapture are these.  “two in the field one shall be taken and the other left.”  and the “pray that you escape these days of great tribulation”.

These are the two scriptures I remember as pointing to a possible rapture. Honestly I know I am protected, covered but I don’t know what that looks like in the natural.  If there is a rapture the circumstances surrounding it are a mystery.  And always have been a mystery.

“They wish to die but death (death=rapture) alludes them.”

Clearly the Christians who see the end of days do want very much to be raptured.  As do I.  God’s will be done.

“Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.”  Therefore death of the body and rapture are synonymous unless one is transfigured.  Then they do not see a second death.  They would have had to die once already as death is appointed to all men once.  Some don’t stay dead, hence the second death.

The lambs proclaim the end of days.  They see it.  They also proclaim Jesus, they say they believe in Him.  But their Faith has yet to be tried by fire.  They did not side with Truth when it was vital apparently.  Otherwise they would not be deceived.

But rather they sided with the beast’s lies.  And are now under the prophesied “strong delusion”.

Tv & Phone image & mouth piece of the beast.

The Image of The Beast

They get their prophecy fulfillments from the image of the beast (the TV-phone).  Its so obvious what he image of the beast is.  Yet Christians cannot face it though in their heart surely they must know.  If they face the Truth that the TV is the image of the beast how will they cope?  They fear they would have to change and perhaps reject TV all together.  They have not made peace with they human condition that God Himself gave them.

Judgement and Karma

God and I know that I rely on TV every day for entertainment, and I dare say, comfort, and information.  He knows and I know that I wish this was not so.  But He and I also realize that I was set in front of the TV from birth.  Is it sin?  It would be better if I did not watch it at all.   But it is not a sin unto death.  It is in me a weakness of the flesh.  I let myself off the hook.  I have no right to condemn myself.  But I do know it’s the image of the beast written of in the prophecies.

God does not need to punish me for watching TV.  All my actions have their own consequences.  Karma is the law of sin.  Sin has its own punishment.  God doesn’t need to add injury to insult.  However all men will be judged for their works or harm toward God, man, and themselves.

The Lambs for the Slaughter

And so when the lambs continually embrace the lies of the beast and their own lies without repentance their belt of Truth has fallen leaving them vulnerable to the strong delusion.  They see the beast and say the TV lies, but yet they believe all that the TV proclaims on mainstream news.

The lambs speak out of both sides of their mouth.  Claiming to see the beast, yet believing it’s every word.

Their armor dropped to the ground.  Had their heart Loved the Truth and their Faith been in God Himself, had they received the baptism of The Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands & prayer.  Then they would have been lead into all Truth by The Holy Spirit.

You will hear them speak of the bible calling it by God’s name.  “The Word of God.”  Jesus is The Word of God, not the books.

They proclaim that the bible is the Savior of mankind.  The bible itself blatantly proclaims over and over in it that it is God.  By calling itself “The Word of God.”

While the lambs also proclaim Jesus is The Savior.  They are confused and tricked.  They were tricked by religion/legion (and they are many).  The programming got the best of them.

Are they lost?  Are the lambs lost?  No.  But they are deceived.  They must endure to give the testimony of Jesus until the end.   They will suffer the wrath of the beast.  Not God’s wrath.  The great tribulation is so men will get real with God.

They must continue to refuse the genetic changes to their DNA.

They must side with Truth for the ultimate test.

Will the Lambs See the Rapture?

I don’t think they will see the 144,000 get raptured or missing (if in fact a rapture of the 144 occurs).  That would be just too much to take for them.  They would curse God if they watch others get raptured while they are left behind.

If there is a rapture mankind will have never known those who are taken.  Why do I say this?  Because this is how it’s playing out.  The strong delusion is already in place.  Making a new history for mankind in their minds memories is literally common place these days.

The Christians are under a delusion.  So much is hidden from them already that is Spiritual (prophecies, miracles, mandela effects, bible changes, signs in the skies, 4 angels).  Why then would they suddenly see with spiritual eyes if the 144 were raptured supernaturally?

Nobody will miss the 144.  God doesn’t seem to want to cause total kaos for those who cannot handle the supernatural Truth.  If Truth will spin a man into insanity God most likely will not show him that sacred Truth.  Nor does God cast pearls before swine.  By showing goats and wolves sacred events it would be casting pearls.

The 144,000 see into the supernatural because they are purified, made white persay.  It took YEARS OF BEING FORMED AND FIRED IN THE KILN FOR THOSE TO handle even seeing the strong delusion.  Much less prophecy fulfilling right and left in plain sight in real time.  We are not referring to story time, picture shows on the image of the beast.

Do you know what its like to watch all bibles changing magically before one’s very eyes?   Few do. The many cannot handle this supernatural event.  They cannot handle seeing a rapture.  I could be wrong.

My own room mate gets angry if I speak of miracles.  He cannot fathom such things.


God will likely pull them out of their bodies prior to any great suffering.  In an instant. Fire.  Men shall draw fire unto themselves is what I keep hearing.  This can have several different meaning.  Heat, inflamed bodies.  Inflammation of the heart and other vital body parts.  The beast’s poisons always cause inflammation of the body.  Making swelling and edema, and illness.  Also devices of all kinds are being systematically removed, annihilated from Earth by the changing white sun that is judgement.  The elements themselves have changed.

Water has changed.  The fires are caused by the new white sun and the four angels who are changing Earth’s dynamics.  The New Earth is fast on the way.

The blue and red kachina’s are here.  The viles are being poured.  Men will die and then the judgement.

Spiritual Trials of Fire.  The Lambs Must Walk as Jesus Walked to be found Worthy of Great Blessings in The New World.

Jesus wants to return to His garden home.  He wants to put mankind in charge of The Earth .  Now is that time of preparation.  Not rulers my friends.  “GUARDIANS OF THE NEW EARTH.”

If your heart desires to rule over & control the free will of others…something must change.  God will not allow His children to be oppressed all over again.  No!

I have seen the saved who cannot allow Jesus to change their ways and heart.  These who unknowingly prefer lies.  God gives them their paradise, their Heaven.  By their own choice.  But it is not a place of Truth on the New Earth.  It is stasis.  A continued time loop of deception.   A great paradise over and over and over.  I asked a friend if they would prefer a rocky Truth in Heaven or a totally bliss at all times type paradise of illusion.  He prefers the illusion he said.  That’s right.  And it is a grand illusion of great peace.

Jesus promised salvation to those who believe and put their Faith in Him.  In God and HIs Son Jesus.  That means there will be varieties of children of God.  If the lambs stand strong in Jesus till the death they will stand with the warriors of God at the return of Jesus when He judges and unbelievers.

The trying of one’s Faith is more precious than  gold.  All God’s children are refined.  The 144 have seen that day.  Now the refining fire is here for the Gentiles.  It’s different than what the 144 went thru.

The lambs will be coerced somehow to deny Jesus.  If they stand strong the shall be tried by fire and found worthy to see the New Earth or Heaven.  It’s a much quicker trial of fire than the years of struggle that the 144 endured, we think.


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