The Hearts of the Evil Rejoice at the Changed Corrupt KJV Bible

Our Bible’s Have Fallen, Fallen.  We cannot we must not lean on them for Truth any Longer.

Just look at these scriptures in Ezekiel 24 people.  My God this is NOT the voice of our Father or Jesus.  Jesus did not say “slay them before me who don’t agree with us.” (paraphrased.)  But now He has, look it up.

If one’s heart agrees with such blasphemy we must repent and return to Truth that the belt of Truth protect us from the strong delusion at hand.  The bible used to be precepts of Love now it is precepts of wrath.

People such as youtube channel “The Open Scroll”

are spending all their spare time waiting and anticipating a shift in time off in the future while history has ALREADY changed DRAMATICALLY.  And is still changing every couple weeks or so.  They are clueless.  They have fallen under the strong delusion induced by The Serpent’s Wheel.

I watch them go over corrupt bible changes again and again as they question certain copy and past jobs of scripture over and over, duplicate passages and other debaucheries attributing it all to some futuristic time shift meaning that will take us backwards to 2012 by Satan himself.  They claim Satan is going to CORRECT TIME.  Really?  Since when does Satan do the works of righteousness?

Many misdirected unfortunates on YT have fallen under the strong delusion ready corruption after corruption as their heart loves the damning, hating, and vengence now in the NT.

Wherein their delusion they cannot see that history not time itself but history is a lie.  This is Satan’s style, to lie.  He is the father of lies not the corrector of wrongs.

Scripture has changed to the evil words of Satan at 75%. I am embarrassed for them by the scripture that they are forced to rationalize in some “make sense of it” way.  While if you take the word for what is says, by “mean what you say and say what you mean” it’s far to evil and ridiculous to call truth at all.  Hence they explain away the words themselves never questioning the possibility that the book might be corrupt.

My god how many bible changes videos are there on YT?  A LOT.  Yet the closed minded followers of an evil book neglect to seek out the matter to verify what the breathren are saying.  They are lost sheep who deserve prayers of blessings.

They call the book “The Living Word of God” & “The Word of God” when it is neither.  However it once held some of “the words of God” and still has some left but now for long.

By calling the book The True and Living Word of God they err, Jesus Christ Himself is the Truth and the Living Word of God.  This is He whose Words will not pass away EVER.  The book on the other hand, not so much.

I made an attempt to let these guys know what they are facing and the one guy was both snide and demeaning toward me in an email.  Not surprising.

It seems the book for them does agree with their hearts.

Friends & breathren.

You will see many many debotched scripture in the KJV Bibles.  The scripture now sides with wrath and intolerance.  It sides with perversion and confusion, with revenge, hate, and damning.  The word “damned” WAS NEVER IN THE KJV Bible period.  It was a word used by people who by speaking the word give place to darkness.  Damn you to Hell is another Satanic preface.  The preface is not godly.

For Jesus desires that ALL shall be saved and come to the gift of repentance by grace.  Faith is a gift, Love is the greatest gift.  Now “faith” is referred to as a “law”.

I did notice “new & old covenants” are often changed to “new & old testament” causing confusion.  A covenant is NOT a “testament”.

“Whore” was NOT in the bible it was always “harlot”.  The KJVB was a literary master piece.

And the “son of man” IS BLASPHEMY AGAINST THE “SON OF GOD”.  It was ALWAYS “THE SON OF GOD”.  Joseph, Mary’s husband is NOT Jesus’ father Jesus is the Son of God and born of a woman but NOT the “son of man” IN ANY WAY shape or form.

“Son of man” means the son of a man.  So the phrase is a lie.

Unchecked Copy Box Rom 12:19

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
Rom `2:19 Commentary.  Think “Prince” not to mention the “prince of the power of the air” and his song “Let’s go Crazy” which I do NOT recommend anyone listen to unless you can bind the demons attached to it as it plays they are released and they are many.  Furthermore “give place unto wrath” MEANS ALLOW WRATH.  This is a Satanic precept.  The Bible is no/HAS turned into the book of Satan himself just read it with open eyes.  I am amazed at the ability of mankind to justify the words in the book.   Such filthy lucre is not of God but rather is of the dark side.
Notice “Vengeance” is capitalized.   Side note VENGEANCE NEVER HAD AN “A” IN THE SECOND SYLLABLE it was always vengence.  Many many words are being spelled differently.  If your constantly using spell check to correct your spelling it NOT YOU. The spelling of words is corrupt for a reason.  There is power in speech and words.   The enemy has hijacked the English language to benefit his kingdom.   The Earth itself was created by God’s spoken Word. Now the scripture reads that it was created by and of water.
Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.
My my my what an unkind precept.

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