Russian Backed Iran is Coming to the U.S. Prophecy of Demise

The warring enemy comes to our homeland by permission of our greatest leaders to hewn down with extreme prejudice the Christians and global agenda dissidents and freedom fighters.

How will this lopping off of Christian heads begin in America the home of the free allegedly?  One it’s coming this month if not this week.  Two the 144 are out of here, sorry but the restrainers are leaving.  The warnings will be quieted, no more watchmen on the wall, not real one’s anyway.  Times up for the first rapture.

The rapture angels are already here.  The 144 have been told to stand down and get ready to leave.  Lock the door and wait.

I have often wondered about this very concept of Christians being mowed down like weeds in the U.S. after all we have been taught about the NAZI holocaust and all.

What if a war came to our country?  What if the U.S. made a deal with another country to bring two million fit soldiers to our country to take control of categorized people.  You can bet your ass there is a list.    We have been categorized by FB and other social media.  They know who we are now.

So the soldiers come to our country, the bear and the tiger.  They round up the Christians, lop off all their heads and those left have no voice have no sense of Truth or freedom.  Those left are not a threat to the elite rulers who are bringing in their global agendas.

The elite want full mind control and TRUE Christians have the Holy Spirit who cannot be controlled.

Pray for your sins to be forgiven.  Pray that any sin that would keep you out of the first rapture be forgiven.


After the country with the Cat icon destroys the strongest holds of our U.S. army then the Bear will come.  Just when we think we have overcome the cat in victory the bear will complete the task to overcome the U.S. armies.

I fear the 1/3 of the Earth that shall fall will be in America and S. America.

You still have a chance for the 2nd rapture if you talk to Jesus in Truth and humility.





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