Rapture in the Months of Leo

Jazweeh Gets a Vision Confirmed by a dream

Have you had a vision or dream about a prayer rug?

2021 Update. It's August 22 and we are still here. Uhg. Month of Leo is soon to pass. Perhaps its best if we don't expect a rapture? Why? Because we just don't know if or when a rapture event would come. Perhaps we should focus on 2024 in the hopes of Jesus' return. We all must do what we can to keep ourselves emotionally healthy. How do we live with one foot in the hereafter and one foot in Earth's carnal realm? Hope. Faith. Keep the Faith, keep the Hope even if we have a lifetime to wait we must keep our Hope in Jesus, in God's mercy. Signs are everywhere but we just don't know what "He's returning soon" really means. Even the 2024 is just a guess.

Just a day or two ago Jazweeh went before the throne of God in a vision and asked-

“What do I need today to get through this day safely in these dangerous end of days?”

Father gave her one of those Arabian prayer tapestries with the tassels on each end. I used to have one years ago myself. It was velvety red, black, with camels pictures and so on. She knew when Father gave it to her it had to do with all the prayers she said during her life and those prayers to come. The bible quotes that our prayers go up to The Father as a sweet savor as incense with a light fragrant smell. For you once saved always saved….prayer does matter. We are saved by Faith in God and God when sought diligently usually leads men to Jesus. By the powerful name of Jesus and prayer we receive The Holy Spirit and by the laying on of hands. A kind of transference is my experience. With the Holy Spirit come the supernatural powerful gifts.

I believe Faith that is nurtured and to seek God matters in the everlasting life of a soul.

I also had a vision of being raptured, I went through a portal wormhole with streaks of light on all sides as stars would be seen as a tunnel at super speeds. Then I hit Jacob’s Ladder. I ascended up the ladder until I saw a skeleton and was quickly back in my body. I also back then had another out of body where I visited an elder black lady in a rocking chair. It was my birthday and balloons fell from the sky and I was blessed and gifted. Therefore I think perhaps, since Jesus is the Lion of Judah that we the 144 shall be raptured in July.

Perhaps this July 2021. Or we will have to wait till 2024 around April-July. These are our best predictions. Those who don’t go up with the first rapture will see Jesus in 2024.


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