Doctor States “I would rather get the Vid than take their Back Scene”

See Video by Israel News Live on Iconnectfx.

Dr. Halloway or Hathoway says he would hang out with a positive-diagnosed patient to get the CV flu and then have the true antibodies cure the flu

naturally as we have been doing for years.  Instead of nano particles that change your DNA nd do god only knows what to your body and mind.

While in New York they senate is trying to pass a bill to lock up sick people.  WTF?  I guess poisoning the food and water isn’t good enough for the NAZI’s anymore.  They want us all dead and gone so they can have the earth all to themselves.  Then they will create their utopian paradise by genocide.

Looks like Hitler may get His plan after all.

New York state senate trying to pass bill to lock up allegedly contagious people who by the way are not even SICK!  Whats really annoying is that 89% of Americans believe these bastards and fear to the point of being murderous NAZI’s.

Make Murder and Oppression Legal Legislation.  Take hostages.  Imprisonment by medical tyranny.




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