Where Did Americas Go Wrong?

The Beast Steals the Food Supply

First it was affordable…it became cheaper to buy the hearty foods the grocery stores were now offering in what?  The forties, thirties?

I don’t know exactly when nor do I believe the internet will hand me that truth.  But know this in the late 70s I heard stories of how the original seed was stolen, true heirloom seed with it’s great golden nourishment.  But it was likely from the roaring twenties to the forties that men were forced to stop growing their own food.

Of course the food wasn’t poising yet back then.  But by the fifties processed food made of chemicals and poison were being pushed on the TV and with pay and money becoming a problem the beast forced men into dependence upon the system for food.

We humans were meant to garden.  It makes me strong and I get great peace from it.  No one taught me how to grow my own food until me and my partner started our gardens.  His parents did and do still have their own garden amazingly enough.  The man down the road grows a crop of poison corn every year to feed the poor deer in our area.  God only knows what it’s doing to the blessed animals.

How to become More Healthy and Independent

If you can start a garden, grow your own organic food.  Do not believe what they tell you about needing pesticides.  We take the losses instead of poisoning our own food.

Do you know what GMO’s do?

They are often called “round up ready” that means you can douse these plants with as much poison to kill a horse and the plant will still grow.  Or it also mans that as with the gmo corn it produces it’s own poisons in the growth period to kill insects.  Horrendous.  Who are these diabolical fucking creepy scientists?


They want you dead or a robot in their control.  Who?  Whoever it is pulling the strings.  The puppet master who used greed to corrupt all things good in the world.  The love of money is at the root of most evil.  And science…well put it this way with the demoralization of all people’s emotional condition it’s easy to make puppets out of them who just parrot and follow the leader to hell.

Escape the beast system

Know that you have an enemy that has been poisoning you for years on end.   Know that we should be living healthy unto the age of 120-160 or more with no self loathing.  Know that TV teaches men who they should be. When a man follows not his own heart it makes him sick inside.  The demoralization of all Americans is the root of failed relationships.  Every TV show shows men how to be codependent worshipping the creation instead of The Creator.

Cancer is a Plague

Men are blinded and do not see that 1 in every 2 Americans WILL not might WILL get Cancer.  That makes you their kash cow.  Then they torture you with their “cures” of poison.

It’s their food that causes the diabetes, heart problems, and every other disease on the plate. This my friend is the great tribulation that is not the way you and I pictured it.  It is stealth.  And while men are taught by habit and sarcasm to demoralize one another regularly, they are taught to lie to those they Love most.  And to blaspheme the name of Jesus the name above all names.  Watch that happen at the start of every TV show you see.

First they show the lovers or family lying to one another in jest or making light of it then someone utters “Jesus Christ! in vain.




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