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“Be ye in the world but not of the world.”  I must admit I feel a little stuck.  Walking between two worlds isn’t easy.  

I got a revelation of the prophecy, call it “No PRIVATE interpretation”?  And yet that’s EXACTLY what the 144 are getting from the books.  Jesus was clearly talking to His elect and He was giving validation after validation after validation.  The deeper meaning of scripture.  Scripture that ironically only we remember.  Lion and lamb is gone.  Wolf now dwells with the lamb.  It was not always sooooo.

Do you remember the scripture was at the appearing of Jesus He would land one foot on Mount of Olives and one foot on Mt. Carmel.  Exact distance of 144 kilometers.  This 144 changed on google maps to exact hour and minutes.  Zion & Mt. of Olives

One foot in spirit one foot in the natural. Mt. Carmel holy, Mt. Olives

What does the Mount of Olives represent in the Bible?
Image result for what is Mount of Olives represent in, Israel
It separates the most holy place, the Temple Mount, from the Judean Desert to the east. We know it to be the place from which Jesus the Messiah ascended into heaven (Acts 1:11), and where He will one day return.

Well these prophesies are not as they seem or they simply have double meanings.  Meaning of this is that the 144 God’s army in the last days shall have one foot in the spiritual realms and one foot on Earth.  If your 144 you know what I am talking about.  To see what is means to be alone on this Earth.

Even the Christians cannot see what we see as God’s spiritual army on Earth.

The Earth Is In For Big Changes

In theory.  From my observations of the events of the last three years I have made hypothesis.  Also some things are facts.

Never limit God.  If you made a mistake “all things work together for the good to those who Love God” pray like never before. The scriptures are no longer 100% accurate.  The seal of Daniel for security is off the Bible.    Few believe us much less admit Amos 8:11 &12 is possible for God.

“Fear not for I am with thee.  My Staff and Golden Sceptor shall comfort thee through the times of trials on Earth. Behold I come quickly and your reward is with me. Ye though ye walk through the valley of the shadow of death on Earth you shall not suffer neglect.  You shall soon know as well as ye are known.  Then remain these three eternal gifts, Love, Faith, & Hope, but the greatest is Love.” Mixed Scriptures  The greatest commandments are this “Love God with all your heart, mind, and spirit.  And Love your fellows as yourself.”

Definition of spiritual “Love”-Kindness, empathy, compassion toward others in many ways when the opportunity arises.

Love is an action.  Not a feeling.  We do not have to like anybody.  But we should treat all people with respect and kind caring.  “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  Why?  Because of the rewards, the karma.

Times are Worse than ever before.  Cancer is man made and 1 in every 2 will get it.  Man made as are most lethal diseases that people believe are “normal” day to day occurrences.  Earth is ravaged easily 1/3 of green trees have been mowed down and slaughtered with no regard for God’s green Earth. Food is poisoned.  People have no idea how to eat healthy to save their lives.  Self sufficiency of humans is stolen.  Men are made to rely upon the beast system for survival.

Christians cannot admit that the TV and phone are the dreaded image of the beast even though its so obvious. Why?  Because then they feel they would be required to let the devices go.  And the TV & Phone are sources of comfort for myself and many.  They do not realize they are victims.  Small children set in front of the TV from birth.  Addicted by repetition.  They say they see the lies and yet…they believe the News hook, line, and sinker.  They prefer the idea of a talking statue to bow down in front of.  Preachers condemn the Catholics for this, no protestant would bow at a statue on the most part.

They read over and over “if it were possible even the elect would be deceived” meaning all the Christians will fall under the strong delusion except God’s army on Earth.  God help them.  The Locust has flown.  The scorpion has stung.  And the mark on the foreheads is placed.  As is the seal of God.

God’s Grace is Pure and His Love is beyond my own understanding.  He forgave me, I must believe that if the many turn and repent from their willful blindness that He will also deliver them from the creature and return to them their memories of the holy place.

And to obey the TV is to get the back scene when presented by media.  The antichrist is revealed just not to the many.  The false prophet put Gates of Hell in power.  Gates of Hell’s mothers name is “Mary”.  The False Prophet who by the way PROPHESIES is one of the richest men on Earth and makes regularly scheduled predictions online and has for years.  He is no pope.  Popes don’t generally make false predictions do they?  Yet the Christians cannot see what is in front of them.  It’s too simple, to easy and so obvious.  God help those under the strong delusion who idolize what is now desecrated and was holy.  Why is it that the Christians call “Holy”?  Again its too obvious.  “Let the reader understand”.   “Do you not remember when you were with me I told you these things”?  “Remember” indeed.

#1 Fact-The back scenes were and are genome therapy.  Side effects being Cancer, and myocardial problems.  Other effects.  Core level genetic changes to the human making them GMO Humans.

#2 Hypothesis- Judging from the Georgia guide stones & the behavior of Wm Gates of Hell in Africa etc.  Population annihilation has already commenced.  The elite have very likely used their DEPO research/experimentation and sterilized 80% of humanity.

#3 Fact- We know the back scenes used animal proteins.  We know they also have the keys to the cells nucleus.  We know that they like mixing men with animals.  I have recently seen many people on YT with Opossum or black rat eyes.  As if sterilization was not enough they have likely turned 50% of mankind into part animal of some sort.  Chimpanzee proteins (genome) are in the A.Z brand.

#4 Fact   We cannot prove or say for sure what genetic changes they put in eat back scene.  We CAN say that with the Cancer cell lines (immortalized cell lines) injected, the changes will be rapid as a fast growing malignant tumor.

#5  All we can do is sit back and watch.  Don’t believe the B.S. videos on rumble and so forth making serpent claims and other sea creature claims.  Why?  The truth that is know of the science (that I studied for over 2 years by the way) is bad enough.  The rumble vids are to make truther appear ignorant so others disregard all Truth about the back scenes.  Arm yourself with the belt of Truth.


#6 Fact- Quantum computers that are problem solvers solve problems that would take normal computers eons to figure out.  THEY MUST BE KEPT AT SUB ZERO TEMPERATURES DUE TO THE atoms they are storing temporarily.  (Some say “dark matter)”.

#7 Fact-CERN is crashing protons again and will ramp up full scale and exceed previous crashes in June & July.  The dark matter they are allegedly acquiring during these crashes….such as “The God Particle” also require SUB ZERO TEMPERATURES TO STORE.

#8 Fact – And finally, the back scenes especially the Pie Zar back scene MUST also be kept at SUB ZERO TEMPERATURES to store in viles.  Perhaps the back scenes themselves have dark matter nano particles in them, perhaps.

According to CERN Representing Physicists

“Since the Higgs boson has the role to generate the mass of other particles and the fact that dark matter can primarily be detected through its mass, the Higgs boson can be a unique portal to finding signs of dark matter.”

Fear not, the New Earth comes.  God will not hang his children out to dry.  This is the hard part because we know something is coming but we just don’t know exactly what is coming.



Will the genetically changed GMO humans turn on their fellows?  We don’t know.  It depends on just how much animal is in them.  Will they know they are changed?  They will likely lose the Divine Presence of God that is given to all of mankind.  A precious pearl in a clay pot to be nurtured and cherished.

And men instead reject His presence, never nurturing The Spirit within.  And so it appears that the masses don’t even know they have lost the most precious gift given to mankind…God’s Divine Presence.

The Divine presence is in all of mankind..or WAS.  Animals do not rate the Divine Spirit.  Please do not confuse the Divine Presence of God with the Baptism of The Holy Spirit.  The Baptism of The Holy Spirit comes to those who diligently seek God.

The Baptism of The Holy Spirit comes by the laying on of hands and prayer at alter call.  This is my experience with it.

The walk of the chosen few.  First they walk the dark path.  They die at least once so as to experience the ascension.

Then they escape the dark path with God’s help.  They are born again.  Their life changes drastically.  Some have joy unspeakable for long periods of time.  They seek God in every way they know how.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.”

Then comes the Prodigal walk.  The deadly prodigal walk supplies these born again with all the experience they need to understand the depth and very breadth of God’s Grace and Love toward them.  They turned and yet God delivers them.

They must pray the prayer to be saved from themselves.

They die.  Some say all the 144,000 must die at least once and ascend.

They do not stay dead but they ascend just as Jesus ascended.  They walk the walk of Jesus in many ways.  They receive miraculous deliverance and healing from God.

And then at some point God pours out His Holy Spirit into them for spiritual gifts.  This is the purpose of Pentecost.   To receive gifts of God to be shared with mankind.

Is it possible for mankind to receive the Holy Spirt without prayer and the laying on of hands?  That is not my experience.  Everyone I know who received The Baptism of The Holy Spirit did so by prayer at alter call.



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  1. Would it be really strange if it turned out the false prophet were an anti pope that everyone considers the true pope because to question him requires going against the crowd and media? Many Protestants assume the false prophet will be the pope, but then God fulfills the prophecies in an unexpected way.

    1. I am pretty certain its warren buffet as I said in code. He put bill gates in power giving most his money to the foundation. It already lines up. And he is the Oracle of Omaha because of his predictions. But preconceived says “Pope” that’s programming. In turn bill gates puts out the sting infecting and killing yet more children ect. He killed a bunch with his b(v)ack scenes in africa as well. I read African’s run now when he comes with his band of needles. He fits they fit. But really its those who they represent who are the true ac fp.

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