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Jesus “OUT LIKE A LAMB IN LIKE A LION”  Leo from the tribe of Judah is the Lion.

Sometimes the scribe needs to be encouraged himself.

So I will remember some of the many signs and wonders God gave me regarding end days prophecy fulfillment.  I told Him very recently that “the waiting is getting to me” even though my own dates that I set (as guesses) are still pending. (DATES BELOW)

He assured me that just as the bible has changed to “the wolf shall dwell with the lamb” and the Lion has left the lamb to the wolf.  As the lamb must make their own choices he will NOT erase free will.  If the lambs choose the wolf it’s their prerogative.  However He assured me that many of the bible changes are reflecting in real life.  Therefore The Lions of the tribe of Jesus from the house of Judah will also LEAVE EARTH.

When I realized the parallel of the Lion & Lamb from bible to real time I saw the number H738 and looked it up in Strong’s.  It was “Lion”.  A stark confirmation to me.  This happened recently as encouragement.

What is a Lion?  A type of warrior in the army of God.  There are many types of warriors.  Scribes.  Videographers. Street preachers. Healers. Miracle workers. Intercessors by prayer in The Holy Spirit.  Preacher who deliver the sheep from oppression.

Him who The Son of God has set free is free indeed.  What Truth shall set men free?  The Truth that God Loves all His children.  And that if you seek Him with your heart you will find Him.  And if you need Him He will help, heal, deliver, and protect those who are His.  Jesus is The Savior. He Saves men who seek Him.  He said He came for the sick.  The well don’t need a healer.  Those torn under duality who say “why do I continue to do that which I do not want to do?” Are made whole by Jesus.  This is how He sets men free.  Free from the guilt and shame of sin.  Free from oppression of sin.  Free from the bondage of duality.

So if your not ripped apart by your own behavior you may not seek Him with your whole heart.  If you have other solutions to duality of flesh vs. Spirit (and make no mistake the divine presence of God is given to all men but blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the only unforgivable sin, a desecration of the temple is to take in animal nature willingly trusting the beast system with your life.”  Maybe God will also forgive this blasphemy if one can repent of it.

If you did not ask God how to recognize the mark of the beast then how will you know it so as not to take it?  God showed me this when I asked Him that question.  The only time ever God spoke to me audibly ONE WORD…..”Zebra”.

What’s a Zebra?  An animal of two colors.  I researched Zebra tech.  They not only make state of the art track & trace tech but they also distributed in 2020 the first (all) the piE Zar bACK SCENes with their cold chain storage technology & temp. monitoring packaging.   Making the distribution of the sub zero Emma aRe An aYe matter/particles possible.

God told me this word “Zebra” to recognize the sNark of thE Feast in 2018 long before any C. by RuSs started.  I hope you read code. Code here is oddly capitalized.

MY Guesses for Date Setting.


Meaning Jesus returns in 2024 between April & the end of August.  And my rapture predictions are ongoing but I recently guesses most assuredly but not positively THIS 2022 JULY between the 18th & 26th.   Why 2024?  The great eclipse.  Why July rapture?  A vision I had of an old black woman in a chair.

In short some of my visions are here under chapter heading “dreams & visions”.

Or Click Link to See Just the End of Days Dreams

However I did not put all my dreams & visions in the book.  After my Baptism of The Holy Spirit in the early 90s I had 4 visions that were out of body dreams. If you have even left your body you KNOW that you know that you know it was real.  There is absolutely no mistaking an out of body.  If people say “in the body or out of the body I don’t know” (as Apostle Paul allegedly wrote)  then they were IN the body.

Dream #1 End of Days Idolatry

I went to Purgatory to tell Grandad that he had no right to condemn himself.  I saw a man clutching his bible yet he was locked up in the first stage of Hell.  I later realized that idolatry was attached to the bible and men worship doctrine over God Himself.  He knew every quote every stanza.

Dream #2 Vortex Jacob’s Trouble.  The Waiting is the Hardest Part.

I went through a vortex and ended up on Jacob’s Ladder where a skeleton scared me and I was thrown back into my body. I later realized it represented “Jacob’s Trouble” on the ladder of ascension.  I hope and pray I have overcome this hardship.  The waiting.  The temptation to attack those who cannot see what I see is testing me.  The message from God that even though we shall be taken from Earth so as not to suffer tribulation we will still have troubles in the waiting times.   It’s very hard watching people worship a desecrated bible unknowingly.  But they have their walk and we have ours.  We must respect their choices.  To see what others do not see is a great temptation of false pride and testing.  But Jacob has already come out of his own tribulation.

ABRAHAM CAN’T SAVE LOT.  Abraham must let Lot go.  Lot must make his own choice.  I can tell my loved one’s over and over and over what is coming.  But still it is their own heart that will be their judge. Why didn’t the bibles point this out?  Even before the changes?  It was not about Lot’s sin.  Salvation was always about his heart and where he put his Faith eternal.  I cannot save Lot.  Every man must choose his own eternal home.  He must face God in Truth and transparency.   Will God save anybody by family ties?  That is possible.  With God all things are possible.  It would be a full on age of Grace phenomena for a man to escape the plan of salvation.  See the testimony of Laura E. on Youtube at  of God’s amazing Grace.

#3 The Black Lady in The Rocking Chair

I saw the comforting old woman who told me with her eyes “everything will be okay”.  Then balloons fell from the sky black and white if I remember correctly.  Now it reminds me of a vision I had seeing God’s bible as a scroll rolling up to Heaven.  This is why I think the rapture may happen around my own birthday date. 2022 Late July.  (Like the new potato chips “Late July”). The month of the Lion through August.


#4 Out of Body Dream Four. “The Sleeping Church”.  Uhg!

Father warned me that I would be floating above the sleeping church.  They would not remember so as to see the supernatural bible changes.  And they–many of them would not even know the end of days are at hand.  In the dream I floated above the church watching them in their “business as usual” posture.

None of these dreams made any sense to me until 2017-2022.  The most disturbing of the dreams is being knocked off Jacob’s Ladder prevented from ascending to Heave.  That one scars me the most.  But I am hoping it only depicts Jacob’s trouble in waiting for the ascension.   Why?  Because the “It was then my birthday” dream tells me that I have overcome. And that if I put myself in the hands of Jesus I will ascend.  I must rely on Jesus.  And for a human who has always taken action that’s not always easy.  Trust God.  Trust God because the ascension is in HIS HANDS.






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