God Help the Christians

This is What We See by End of Days New Supernatural Gifts

In 2006 the new supernatural gift in me was given though I had no idea what it was.  It started with an odd perception.  Suddenly shapes, abstract shapes began to tell stories.  By 2017 the gift was evident.  For me to gaze upon an abstract shape was like reading a book.  God showed me prophecy by reading the abstract and those prophesies came to pass one after another.

But what of the “mark of the beast” mentioned in Revelation on the FOREHEAD?

The gift allows us to see the mark of the beast on the forehead of men.  But not just that.  We see several things now on the faces of most of mankind.  The locust.  The mark.  The evidence of the scorpion sting.  The consummation of the locust is vile to see.

God’s gifts are not always hearts and flowers.  For instance the Rev. 12 woman.  Intercession by travail is no easy gift.  Yet its rewards will be many no doubt.  Seeing the locust from the pit is a dark and vile thing.  Seeing serpents or double serpents perched on the foreheads of men is a vile thing.   Seeing wing of abomination bedded down in a man’s hair & head is a vile thing.

Why would God show His children all these vile things?  Well because we have been deceived by people for a very long time.  We judged our own insides by their false deceptive outsides.  We judged ourselves by their portrayals of benevolence.  We thought by comparison that we were “bad & wrong”.  We were ignorant of the devices of the dark lord’s children.


Now we the children of God must deal with this fact.  We were comfortable being the one’s who were “wrong & bad”.  We surely never thought we would be God’s elect.  And so the fear of success must be worked through by those who now know they have no right to condemn themselves.

God has clearly show His children just who they are.  Fear of failure lurks behind our revelation of self.  But we bring all our fears to God in a box and set them before Him.  He turns our fears into blessings.

Meanwhile what in the mighty name of God do we do while watching the multitude of Christians be consumed by the Locust?  If they don’t take the scorpion sting they can be redeemed and only then.   This is what we are getting.

Problem is they are mightily self deceived.  They do not know their own heart.  How then will they go before God in Truth?  Truth that God requires from them?  I don’t know.  We struggle with prayer for them.  We are done being angry at them for their deception toward us.  We realize they are victims.

“Since ye say ye have no need of a savior and are well Jesus does not fix you”.  Jesus came for the sick.  We knew we were sick.  He fixed us.  Now we are perplexed by watching the many as we read their foreheads like a book.  A sad story of vile infestation.  There is nothing we can do.  Why?

They have a God, a Creator and we are not Him.  #2 They have aright to their choices.  They are not our responsibility.  We did not birth them nor did we create them.  All we have is prayer and our testimony to them.  Problem is Truth is blocked on YT and these people don’t get our comments to them.

So then all we have is the prayers we offer to God for them.  And God says “they have a right to their choice”.   Not all are goats. Not all are sheep.  Not all are children of God. Not all put their Faith in God Almighty.

It was one thing to intercede for the lost remotely.   It’s quite another to see faces upon faces upon faces of the majority of Christians wearing the mark of the beast, goat heads, horns, double serpents and serpents perched on their faces and heads with the wing of abomination that we were compelled to draw when it first appeared.  So many, so many.  Thank God we are not the only one’s who see.  Thank God for validation by others on YT.  The few.

This isn’t easy for Jacob.  They are blind and don’t seem to be in any pain while the locust sucks their faces and eye sockets.

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