But For The Elects’ Sake These Days Are Shortened

The Knowledge The Elect Carry is Not Easy

Alabaster Box by Julie Meyer

Written by a 144.

To See clearly the end of days is Difficult 

Yet we prefer it greatly over being consummated to the Locust and it’s vail of blindness.  Most Christians are under the vail and have consummated with the Locust from the pit of hell.  If they resist the mark they shall be saved.

But what of the 144.  God’s army felt the Locust’s disgusting attack.  We saw it in Spirit.  God trained us for that moment.  Personally I was asleep when the Locust landed on my head.  It woke me up.  I saw it and ripped it to shreds as we do.  The vail is somewhat of a protection for those who must endure to the end.  But we too are running our own endurance race.

“They have come out of great tribulation.”

The great tribulation of the 144/133 are behind them.  Our life before Jesus and the prodigal walk for us was hell on Earth.  We have seen our hell and won’t need to endure another.  Why?  Because we have already chosen Jesus.  We already called to Him in great anxt of heart and He delivered us from Hell.

If you are truly born again and received The Baptism of The Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands and prayer (or some other way perhaps that we have not experienced) then you do not need to be pushed to your limit by tribulation.  The great tribulation is about Love. God created this perplexing trial for the many so they would finally call to Him with their whole heart.

Great Tribulation is Not About God’s Wrath

The great trib isn’t about wrath.  It’s about Love.  Choosing Jesus is not hard.  Being without Jesus is the hard part and something I never ever want to feel again.  God help those who choose the beast.  God help them.  How can those who took the mark even function without the Divine presence of God?  Being separated from God is the only true Hell I fear.

What is Hard to See?

Why are the elect taxed emotionally in these days?

We are watching men choose the soul’s annihilation by the lake of fire by choosing the beast system to trust in.

We are watching as blind Christians read from a bible that changes daily by supernatural means.  And they do not remember.  Not do they recognize blasphemy. All bibles are changing as prophesied, old and new.  Amos 8:11 &12.

God will no longer tolerate His sacred words to be twisted and used by manipulation.

The sun is becoming so intense it’s intolerable for humans.  UV is so high it’s causing the breathing issues.  Virus?  Pish posh.

Yet “Destroy not the green trees and grass” says God to the angels.

We see four mighty firey bright beautiful sacred angels circling Earth every night dropping down the viles of fire and of whatever plague and pestilence is called for.  Yes we can see them now with binoculars and even with the naked eye to a point.  While men speak of a fairy tale “Nibiru” the cause of Earth’s celestial & terrestrial changes are right above them.  Yet the angels say “Only the sacred can see the sacred”.  Even if they looked they likely would not be able to see them.  But surely they can see the bright and morning star unlike anything ever!  It is so bright a 4-6am its like a small moon.

We are living the prophesies of Jesus’ words in ways that Christians cannot understand.  Each prophesy has become alive to us.

Visions and out of body dreams that God gave us long ago were for this time now.  We saw a vortex to travel away from this earth.  Still we can only Hope for a rapture.  We do not know for certain.

The 144 have a great desire to leave the fallen Earth and to see The New Earth.  We have asked God that we can go home.  But we say “thy will be done”.  God says His will for us is to seed the New Earth.   We know God’s will is best always.  I will not ask God to go against my best walk in His will.  At least not today.

We can see the mark of the beast on the foreheads of men.  They are unaware.

It’s like watching a blind man walk toward a cliff to fall off.  And we know he won’t believe us.  He just cannot see the cliff and doesn’t believe anything we say.  He is unteachable.  And stubborn.

We know that mRNA is and does.  Not by videos of people proclaiming wild accusations.  NO.  We have studied the scholarly articles of science and tech.  The mRNA is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.  Its not that God won’t forgive, oh He always forgives if we come to Him with a true heart of repentance.  Its that once a man changes into part animal (beast) and becomes inhuman at core levels he won’t repent.  He cannot connect to his once human heart no matter how horrible the tribulation gets.   The gift of desperation will not bring him to repentance.

And so we walk the story of Abraham and Lot.  As we watch all of Sodom and Gomorrah fall to deception and lies handing over their own soul to evil men.

This is why the 144 have Jacob’s trouble.  All these things that we see and cannot change.  And yet we embrace God’s plan and want it to quickly come to fruition.  To grapple with watching the demise of the soul’s of millions test’s a man’s heart and mind.  But what is to come will likely be even hard for us to watch.  We really don’t know exactly how The New Earth will be brought about.  But we have ideas.  So the not knowing is also hard.

We see the Mandela effect, reality changing, history skewed, what was now was not and what is was not.

The wolf truly lies with the lamb.  Not all the bible changes are lies.  Many of them are lies and blasphemy yet the Christians embrace the wolf’s rewrite.  That has been a very hard change for me personally to accept and let go of.

I would not change a thing.  I am grateful to God for every trouble on Jacob’s Ladder.

God showed us who we are.  This is a miracle and by it we are blessed.  God trained in warfare unlike we ever expected.

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